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A full PDF Made of the DrDrumSofware.com website. Loaded with information about the DR Drum Software and an honest review from a real user. Enjoy!

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Dr Drum software Review

  1. 1. Dr. Drum Software Review - Learning How to Make Beats HasTruly Never Been Easier. Do You Want To Learn How To Make Sick Beats In No Time Flat? Then The Dr. Drum Software Is The Beat Making Software For You. With No Music Experience At All You Can Begin To Produce Quality, Professional Beats Like Dr. Dre, Swizz Beats, Eminem, Da Runners, And Many More Famous Artists Like Them. The Dr. Drum Software Can Guide You Into Making Beats As Well As Anyone In The Business And You Can Turn Around And Sell The Beats You Make. It Is Almost Like A Small Investment In Yourself. Best Of All The Price Is ONLY 39.95! Dr. Drum Software Features Include: Unique beats Made With The Dr Drum Software Dr Drum Hip Hop Beat Dr Drum Software Hip Hop Beat Produce Hip Hop Beats In 5 Minutes The Dr Drum Software Was Used To Produce The Elegant Hip Hop Beat You Hear Below In The First Video. Youll Notice It Is Brilliantly Put Together By A Simple Combination Of Drums, Bass, And Piano. A Great Piano Chord Gives Intro converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. Followed By A Few Drums 30 Seconds Later. Of Course, What Would Any Hip Hop Beat Be Without The Bass? During The Climax Of The Beat You Can See The Bass Bars Going Strong. A Great Piece Produced With Nothing But What The Dr. Drum Software Has To Offer. Dr Drum DubStep Beat Dr Drum Trance Beat Hip Hop Beat DubStep Beat Trance Beat Hip-Hop BeatWhy Choose Dr Drum Software?Among The Plethora Of Reasons To Choose The Dr Drum Software Above All Else, I HaveListed But A Few In The List That Follows. Please Keep In Mind That There Are Many MoreBenefits Listed Throughout The Article Written Above. All You Need To Do Is Read It! But IfYou Want Yo Just Skip To The Logistics, There Is A Comparison Chart Right Below That YouCan Refer To Along With My Own Personal Reasons For Loving Dr Drum Software. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  3. 3. Quick Turnaround Time - Produce A Professional Beat By The End Of The Day! 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav - Export Your Newly Produced Music Beats In Only The Highest Industry Standards Vast Pre-Loaded Sound Database - Thousands of High Quality Industry Sample Waiting For Your Artisitic Touch 60 Day Guarantee - You Can Try This Software With An Amazing 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee. Literally Nothing To Lose! Free Video Tutorials - Some Beat Making Software Charge Obscene Amounts For Their Software And Expect You To Learn It Like Magic. Dr Drum Software Comes Wtih Very Easy To Follow Video Tutorials That Are Always Being Updated. Work For Both PC and Mac OSX - Some Softwares Work On Mac OSX And Others Work Only On Windows. A Rare Few Work On Both And They Cost A Ton Of Money! Dr. Drum Software Works On Both PC and Mac OSX For Only The Price Listed Below. Easy Sound Alterations - Easily Change The Frequency or Resonate On Any Sound You Are Using To Create A Unique Sound Of Your Very Own Last Not But Not Least..Its ONLY 39.95!Extremely Easy To Learn - I Bought This Software And Really Had No Idea How To MakeBeats. The Dr. Drum Software Has A Large Built-In Database With Many Different Types OfPre-Made Sounds. With A Large Collection Of Sounds For Every Type Of InstrumentAvailable, All You Have To Do Is Point And Click. Drag And Drop The Sounds And Then ClickFor Length And Chord. Its So Simple!!!! Plus I Read The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee So IFigured I Didnt Have Much To Lose. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  4. 4. On Top Of The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Dr Drum Provides Training Tutorials That ShowYou How To Make Any Type Of Beats You Want. From West Coast To Dub-Step, House, Hip-Hop, Jungle, R & B, Trance Or Techno, Dr. Drum Software Will Make You Sound Like AProfessional In Any Category.Dr. Drum Software Tools16 Track SequencerThe 16 Track Sequencer Offers A Very Simple, Yet Effective Interface Which Allows The UserTo Use A Sample And Tweak It To Their Needs. One Can Alter The Low, Mid, And High TonesOf The Sample Track As Well As What Some Would Refer To As The Balance Or Pan. ThisAllows You To Shift Sounds From Left To Right Speaker To Have A More Vibrant AcousticAffect. The Control Panel Has But 3 Steps To Make A Beat, Then You Simply Rinse AndRepeat With A Few Changes To Make The Beat Truly Unique. Step 1: Select the Pencil Tool Step 2: Draw The Bars At the Length You Desire Step 3: Choose Your Sound From the Bass, Keyboard, or DrumsAfter You Have Chosen Your Sounds, Made Each Sound Come Into Perfect Harmony WithThe Others, And Given Your Creation Life You Have A Couple Options. You Can Export YourNewly Produced Beat In The Highest Quality Of 44.1 Stereo WAV Format, Not A HighlyCompressed MP3 File That Has Been Stripped Of Its Artistic Quality. In Addition To TheProfessional Sounding .Wav Exports,Dr. Drum Has An Extremely Convenient YouTubeUploader That Will Automatically Share The Video With Your Own YouTube Account. Point AndClick, Now You Can Share Your Uniquely Created Beat With The Whole World. It Will Be AnIncredible Feeling When Someone Offers To Buy It. Maybe If You Decide To Sell The BeatsYou Could Link The Videos To Your Website For More Traffic ;)Click The Picture To See Larger View12-Pad Drum Kit converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  5. 5. The 12-Pad Drum Kit That Comes With A Pre-Loaded Database Of Thousands OfProfessional Sounds Just Eager To Be Twisted By You, Its Creator. Dr. Drum Software AllowsYou To Get The Most Out Of Your Music Producing Experience While Making It ExtremelyEasy To Use. The Same 3 Simple Steps That Are Consistent Throughout This Whole SoftwareApply, In Slightly Different Order Depending On Which Tool You Are In The Habit Of Using. Step 1: Select which Drum Track you would like to use Step 2: Select The Penci Tool Step 3: Draw The Beat Patterns On The GridIn My Opinion, The Greatest Part Of The 12-Pad Drum Kit Is The Ability To Import My OwnBeats. If I Was Ever Able To Somehow Get Sick Of The Thousands Of Tracks I Have At MyDisposal, I Could Just Import Some Fresh Ones And Continue To Pump Out Bangers!Click The Picture To See Larger View4 Octave KeyboardEveryone Knows A Keyboard Is Necessary When Making Music. However, The Dr. DrumSoftware Doesnt Give You Just Any Keyboard, You Get A Professional Sounding 4 OcatveKeyboard To Give The Real Feel Of Mastery Of Your Sounds. Youmay Be Wondering What A4 Octave Keyboard Actuallyz Is. No, Its Not Just A Keyboard That Plays 4 Different Tunes. TheDr Drym Software 4 Octave Keyboard Allows You To Play 4 Different Types Of InstrumentalSounds With Just A Keyboard Controller. Of Course, The Piano Is Included With TheKeyboard But You Also Get A Guitar, Synth, Strings, Saxaphone And Many More FX For YouTo Enjoy! On Top Of The Thousands Of Sounds That You Can Simply Point, Click, And Use,You Can Also Alter The Frequency, Resonance, LFO R And LFO A To Create Those SickDubStep Sounds That Are So Hot Right Now. The Best Part Is, If You Hear A Beat You ReallyLike, You Can Import The Sound And Have The Dr. Drum Software Sample It And Give You ALayout Of What It Sounds Like And With What Instruments It Was Made. I Was AbsolutelySmitten With This Feature.Click The Picture To See A Larger View converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  6. 6. And Dont Forget That Your Sounds Will Always Be Exported In The Highest, ProfessionalQuality. All Exports Will Be Formatted Like This: 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .Wav ONLY 39.95! converted by Web2PDFConvert.com