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  1. 1. Students will learn: • Art Creation • Art History • Art Criticism • Aesthetics This course is designed to open new doors and opportunities to your children; offering culture, education, new experiences, creativity, and limitless potential. My students will be taught how to create art physically, communicate through their artwork verbally and visually, and be able to share what they have made with others. I consider each one of my students a very important part of my classroom. Regardless of their interest in art, they receive equal respect, understanding, and quality of teaching.
  2. 2. • Technology is forever changing and in today’s time it is important to associate the children of our future with the necessary tools to make our society the best it could be. In my classroom I will instill a 21st Century Skill into the minds of my students. Learning and innovation skills could be applied to every student in different ways. • Students should not only learn their core subjects in schools because they are there, but also learn how to live life and prepare for working environments. • Every student in my classroom will be encouraged and taught how to prepare a portfolio. Also, I plan on posting images of the students work to a safe and easy to communicate website so that they could comment on fellow classmate’s work and works from other students in different schools. • My classroom will demonstrate how fun and exciting art making and viewing really is.
  3. 3. Learning and Innovation Skills It is important to show students how to be creative. It is healthy for them to express themselves in the best ways they know how and giving them the tools and skills in order to do so is a process. Students will be recognized in my classroom not only on what they create but how they create it. I want them to believe in whatever they make and feel a connection between art and artist like no other. The skill is important but it is also crucial to be able to communicate your thoughts in ways other than verbally. I want my students to truly believe their artwork comes from the heart and is appreciated.
  4. 4. Students will learn how to: Think Creatively(by themselves and with others) • Use techniques in order to create ideas • Refine and analyze their ideas and others in order to best communicate their thoughts Work Creatively with Others • Be open and also responsive to all types of ideas and perspectives • Demonstrate their idea(s) to the best of their ability • Communicate their ideas to others Implement Innovations • Act on their ideas Critical Thinking & Problem Solving • Reason Effectively • Use Systems Thinking • Understand how parts of a whole come together and help each other produce an outcome Make Judgments and Decisions • Evaluate and analyze their own work and others respectfully • Reflect Solve Problems • Ask questions
  5. 5. • There will be 5 paintings to choose from hanging from the board (1 Abstract, 1 Expressionist, 1 Realistic, 1 Contemporary, and 1 Modern). • Students will be in groups of 5 and be able to choose (as a group) on one painting. • The task is to come up with ways to express verbally, visually, and even physically how the five senses could be applied to that particular piece. It could be that looking at the piece reminds you of a certain scent because of the scenery or time of year. Another example would be maybe due to the dimension of the painting it may give you the feeling of hard, soft, sticky, smooth, etc.
  6. 6. • I want the students to work collectively; they need not agree on how their five senses are effected but I want them to be able to communicate with their group members their feelings. • They need to share with their group and once this is done they may have different ideas or feelings about the piece based on others reactions. • In the end I would like them to share with the class what they individually thought and then what they thought collectively. I think they will find it comforting to know that some of their peers will feel the same way they do and it will teach them to look at art differently when others do not agree. • The assignment will take 2 weeks to develop. One week to gather their ideas individually and collectively and the next week to share what they have gathered. • I think this lesson will teach students to think creatively, critically, appreciate others ideas, and express their own.