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Webinar Presentation- Typical Challenges Faced by Tier 1s in AUTOSAR Tooling


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Check out this presentation of webinar conducted on Typical Challenges Faced by Tier 1s in AUTOSAR Tooling.

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Webinar Presentation- Typical Challenges Faced by Tier 1s in AUTOSAR Tooling

  1. 1. Sugandar Swetharanyam Typical Challenges faced by Tier-1s in AUTOSAR Tooling 25-Jul-2013
  2. 2. © KPIT Technologies Limited7/25/2013 Strategy Focus on Select Verticals Automotive Manufacturing Energy
  3. 3. © KPIT Technologies Limited About KPIT 7/25/2013 8,300 Employees USD 410 M Revenue in FY13 Recognized Leader • ERP • IT Consulting • Product Engineering 31 Offices 16 Countries 7 Development Centers USA: Portland, OR Detroit, MI Iselin, NJ Santa Clara, CA Sacramento, CA Irvine, CA Columbus, IN Richmond, VA Houston, TX Austin, TX Boca Raton, FL India: Pune Mumbai Noida Bangalore Hyderabad Chennai Europe: London Paris Munich Frankfurt Amsterdam Stockholm South Africa: Johannesburg China: Shanghai South Korea Seoul Japan: Tokyo Singapore Australia: Sydney Brazil: Sao Paulo Middle East: Dubai
  4. 4. © KPIT Technologies Limited Your Speaker for the day! 7/25/2013 Sugandar Swetharanyam  Working as AUTOSAR Expert at KPIT  Based out of Germany  Responsible for AUTOSAR Products at KPIT  Extensive experience in AUTOSAR Methodology
  5. 5. © KPIT Technologies Limited AUTOSAR Methodology 7/25/2013 XML ECU1 ECU2 XML System Configuration Description ECU Extract XML ECU Configuration Description SystemConfigurationECUConfig Information and work flow in AUTOSAR OEM TIER-1
  6. 6. © KPIT Technologies Limited AUTOSAR ECU V Cycle 7/25/2013 Network Architecture ECU Application Development BSW Integration and Configuration BSW Generation BSW Build BSW Integration Testing Application Migration Application Configuration Application Integration Application Function Testing Application Design Application Coding Application Integration Testing Vehicle Validation Vehicle Requirement System Validation Vehicle Calibration System Design ECU Calibration OEM Acceptance Testing of BSW OEM Specific SWC Integration OEM Integration Minimal Testing OEM TIER1 + TIER2 BSW Development Base AUTOSAR Development TIER1 + TIER2
  7. 7. © KPIT Technologies Limited Time to THINK..! 7/25/2013 In AUTOSAR eco-system what are the major challenges faced by TIER-1s??
  8. 8. © KPIT Technologies Limited Typical Challenges in configuration 7/25/2013 Port Connection of Software Components Data Elements to Signal Mapping Runnable to Task Mapping BSW Stack configuration Composition System to Software ECU ECU TIER-2 TIER-1
  9. 9. © KPIT Technologies Limited 1. Port mapping of Software Component 7/25/2013 SYSTEM Extract ECU1 ECU2 SWC1 SWC2 SWC3 SWC1 SWC2 ECU3 SWC1 SWC2 P R P R P R P R P R R P R OEMTIER-1 P P R RTE Provider PORT RTE Receiver PORT
  10. 10. © KPIT Technologies Limited A typical Editor Window 7/25/2013 Too many to choose from!
  11. 11. © KPIT Technologies Limited Port mapping of Software Component 7/25/2013  Challenges  Difficult Navigation  Undesired data flow in case of improper mapping  Time consuming due to repetitive Validation and correction Probable Solution  Advanced GUI  Filtered Options  A drag and drop to connect ports  Runtime Validation
  12. 12. © KPIT Technologies Limited 2. Data to Signal mapping 7/25/2013 Data Mapping Problem • Absence of Data to Signal (AUTOSAR Data Packet) mapping in System Extract • Many objects to be created - Traditional method is too time consuming • Tedious to do for 1000+ signals Probable Solution  Import data files in the AUTOSAR Environment through DATA editor  A Data to Signal Mapping tool  Reduce Manual creation  Map associated elements internally
  13. 13. © KPIT Technologies Limited 3. RTE runnable to OsTask Mapping 7/25/2013  Actual ECU functionalities are mapped to RTE runnables  For a complex ECU this number would be quite high  Easy way out - One RTE runnable to one OsTask  Not an optimal way – High CPU Load!  Multiple runnables to one OsTask will be desirable  RTE Editor to map many runnable to one OsTask  Optimal and easy to debug  Support for mapping of Data Received Events and Timing Events in an AUTOSAR environment ProblemsDesirableFeatures
  14. 14. © KPIT Technologies Limited 4. BSW Stack Configuration 7/25/2013  Manual Configuration  Vendor Specific Parameters  Difficulty in configuring correct values  Demands exhaustive BSW Configuration knowhow  Time consuming to configure the entire BSW Stack
  15. 15. © KPIT Technologies Limited What could be the solution? 7/25/2013 • AUTOMATION!!!  Intelligent Configurator Tool  Reduce manual configuration  More reliable
  16. 16. © KPIT Technologies Limited About 7/25/2013 • The AUTOSAR Tool Platform (Artop) is an implementation of common base functionality for AUTOSAR development tools • Advantages for OEM’s and Tier-1’s – Better interoperability of tools that share a common base platform. – Large user base of common platform ensures higher maturity and quality of tools – Effort invested into base platform development is spread over a large community
  17. 17. © KPIT Technologies Limited KPIT AUTOSAR Credentials 7/25/2013 10 Years of delivering AUTOSAR Solutions Active Engagements with leading OEMs Engineers on Vehicle Networking Premium member of AUTOSAR since 2005 KPIT’s BSW available for R 2.0, R 3.1, 4.0 20+ 450+
  18. 18. © KPIT Technologies Limited Questions 7/25/2013
  19. 19. © KPIT Technologies Limited Thank You 7/25/2013