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KPIT is a trusted technology partner to the automotive ecosystem providing robust services and global suport around the AUTOSAR basic software stack. Partner with us in every stage of AITOSAR based vehicle development process. Know more:

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  2. 2. iii! ‘ q¢g— ~~. .. Your Partner for Comprehensive AUTCDSAR services SWC-1 SWC-2 SWC-3 SWC-4 Runtime Environment 1-5 c E . . .2 E . . E 5, , _ System Communication 0) in 2 9’ Services 5e| ‘V| CeS -5 % ,3 5 '5 I/ O 8 E E -,3 E Hardware 9 Q T. 3 8 _g -i- Abstraction 2- 3 O 2: '5 3. ° 2 E O is H 0 In “’ _ U 9- X M n. in < '3 Microcontroller I/0:Input/ Output | SWC: Software Component With proven experience in AUTOSAR Basic Software (BSW), KPIT is a trusted technology partner for development 8L execution of AUTOSAR strategy. At KPIT, we offer migration solutions, end—to—end development and integration of MCAL, Bootloader and OEM specific modules with BSW. Solutions across Automotive Sub-systems Body Electronics Chassis/ Safety Engineering Design Functional Safety Infotainment Instrument Cluster Powertrain Vehicle Diagnostics For more information: email: autosar@kpit. com - website: www. kpit. com About KPIT KPIT, a product engineering and global IT consulting partner, is focused on co-innovating domain intensive technology solutions for corporations specializing in automotive 8t transportation, manufacturing and energy 8L utilities. A leader in technology solutions and services, KPIT currently partners with 180+ global corporations including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), semiconductor companies and Tier 1 companies. ‘I’ Brazil | China | France’ | iGermany | I -» , _ Singapore | Southflrica | UK | USA