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Life As A Fraudster: Fraud University


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Fraudsters work to make money and run their professional criminal organizations just like we do with training and specialized roles.

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Life As A Fraudster: Fraud University

  1. 1. | Request a DemoShare on Welcome to College, Kid. Life As A Fraudster: Fraud University
  2. 2. | Request a DemoShare on Decided on Your Major, Yet?
  3. 3. | Request a DemoShare on Common Types of Fraudsters Malware Writer Phisher/Spoofer Skimmer Card Counterfeiter Underground Marketplace Seller Mule/Shopper
  4. 4. | Request a DemoShare on Hey, I Love Fishing! Last Weekend, I Caught a 12-Pound…
  5. 5. | Request a DemoShare on Wrong Kind of Phishing, Kid. Yeesh! You Need Training.
  6. 6. | Request a DemoShare on Let’s Review Our Online Curriculum.
  7. 7. | Request a DemoShare on Fraudsters train on nomenclature to understand techniques Online access to malware, skimmers, and more Zero cost of entry for fraudsters ACTUAL FRAUD COURSE ON DARKNET / CRYPTONET
  8. 8. | Request a DemoShare on Great. Now, How Do I Make Money?
  9. 9. | Request a DemoShare on Easy Kid. Next Is the Finance Unit in the Course.
  10. 10. | Request a DemoShare on Multiple articles describing different techniques for turning fraud into cash ACTUAL FRAUD COURSES ON DARKNET / CRYPTONET
  11. 11. | Request a DemoShare on Sweet! Anything Else?
  12. 12. | Request a DemoShare on Communications and Security Units Are Next.
  13. 13. | Request a DemoShare on DARKNETS AND CRYPTONETS EVEN HAVE ONLINE ADS! VPNs keep communications secret, hide financial transactions, and more Proxy servers mask IP address and hide true location Online training and recruiting by criminal gangs
  14. 14. | Request a DemoShare on Think I’m Ready for the Big Time. Something in Management?
  15. 15. | Request a DemoShare on You Gotta Start at the Bottom and Work Your Way Up, Kid.
  16. 16. | Request a DemoShare on Organized, professional criminal organizations Executives Financiers Trainers Operators Managers Mules Shoppers Even Internships! Coders
  17. 17. | Request a DemoShare on If I’m Going to Be Entry Level, Phishing Sounds Like Fun…
  18. 18. | Request a DemoShare on “[It’s] ridiculously easy to do. Anyone with a computer and $100 could start making money tomorrow.” Dan DeFelippi (convicted of credit card fraud and ID theft) Suspicious From: address Actual logo Trojan: JS/Agent malware payload Official- looking copyright Real phone numbers, even TDD/TTY info!
  19. 19. | Request a DemoShare on Ridiculously Easy? That’s My Kind of Work!
  20. 20. | Request a DemoShare on You Can Make Some Decent Money, Too, Kid.
  21. 21. | Request a DemoShare on $1,237 Average monthly wage in countries with highest card fraud $579 $710 $189 $603 South Africa Russia Romania Venezuela Brazil $575Indonesia Average CNP fraudster spends $900 in 5 days $5,400 per month
  22. 22. | Request a DemoShare on All That’s Left is the Advanced Placement Unit: Synthetic IDs.
  23. 23. | Request a DemoShare on Sounds Hard.
  24. 24. | Request a DemoShare on Not To Worry, Kid. Data Breaches Make It Easy.
  25. 25. | Request a DemoShare on total data breaches (2005-2015)
  26. 26. | Request a DemoShare on Stolen personal data... Enables new fraud types… Account Takeover: banking, credit card, Amazon, airline miles, and more. Open New Accounts: credit card, insurance policies (file false claims), and more. Synthetic ID: order tickets with airlines miles, take out loans, and more. Where you work What you earn SSN Email address Mobile phone number 000-00-0000
  27. 27. | Request a DemoShare on 1. Fraudster buys one of 113 million stolen Social Security Numbers (SSNs) 2. Combines SSN + fictitious names, emails and addresses, to open credit card accounts 3. Fraudster maxes out first “legitimate” credit card account, moves on to next 4. No real person affected, so no fraud reported, continues maxing out accounts Synthetic Identity
  28. 28. | Request a DemoShare on What About The Cops?
  29. 29. | Request a DemoShare on Don’t Sweat It, Kid. They’ll Never Lay a Finger on You.
  30. 30. | Request a DemoShare on 76 countries have no extradition treaty with the United States
  31. 31. | Request a DemoShare on Dude, I Ain’t Living In Moldova!
  32. 32. | Request a DemoShare on Even if You Work Inside the U.S., Nothing’s Gonna Happen, Kid.
  33. 33. | Request a DemoShare on CNP fraud not #1 priority • $250,000 threshold PER INCIDENT before Feds get involved • Counter-terrorism efforts take up most of cybercrime resources, manpower, and expertise • Interagency/interstate conflicts make enforcement tough for local authorities
  34. 34. | Request a DemoShare on However, Kount helps fight bad guys by providing data to build a case… 1. Crime Prove criminal intent 2. Victim Show you are victim of credit card fraud 3. Evidence Tie fraudster to fraudulent transaction 4. Jurisdiction Contact police where goods were shipped
  35. 35. | Request a DemoShare on So the Only Thing Left to Stop Me is the Merchant?
  36. 36. | Request a DemoShare on Yep.
  37. 37. | Request a DemoShare on
  38. 38. | Request a DemoShare on HA HAHA! HAHA HA HAHA HA HAHA! HAHA HA HAHA HA! HAHA HA HAHA!
  39. 39. | Request a DemoShare on He Spent the Last Week Studying Fraud. Have You Spent the Last Week Studying Fraud Prevention?
  40. 40. | Request a DemoShare on Good One, Kid. You’ve Graduated.
  41. 41. Fight the Fraudsters with Kount Complete™ Share on Request Demo|