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Toyota Marketing Case Study


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Manufacturing industry represents Japanese superior character. Even now, leading Japanese market fundamental, gaining competitiveness on the global business stage. On the high volatility market condition, it had been considering the best way to produce most comfortable experience for the driver. From this chapter, we’ll show you the trace of Japanese automobile industry.

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Toyota Marketing Case Study

  1. 1. Toyota Marketing Case Study
  2. 2. Overview of Industry Manufacturing industry represents Japanese superior character. Even now, leading Japanese market fundamental, gaining competitiveness on the global business stage. On the high volatility market condition, it had been considering the best way to produce most confortable experience for the driver. From this chapter, we’ll show you the trace of Japanese automobile industry. Toyota Story 1 Toyota started their business as a maker of loom. They had been sitting on Nagoya city, approximately middle of Japan, for a long time ago, it well-known as in dense of cotton fabric industries. You can see bunch of components, why Toyota representing Japanese business style, moreover it reflects our hunger to gain prosperity out of the poverty circumstances after WWⅡ.
  3. 3. High quality output Since their business evolved, highly reputation of elaborative work. It embracing original automatic function, as soon as there almost left no thread for sewing or cutting, putting it off by themselves. Came it from users needs to avoid the case in trouble for working to complete manufacturing work. Automatically suspending Loom
  4. 4. Automatic Risk Management One of their management word, “JIDOKA” coming from its origin to cope it automatic function. It enables whole employee working with some machines simultaneously, also made it highly productivity. It including tons of secrets on Toyota’s walked journey, it brought them get prosperity.
  5. 5. Tremendous idea For reducing the loss of energy, they invented the rotation of shuttle alternate to working generally style on round trip. It consist of their original idea, and contribute to manage their less cost advantage than any other competitors, furthermore patent strategy brought huge obstacles for others. Adaptive Service Patent Competitor Needs Detection
  6. 6. Physical Approach Co-founder of pre-Toyota enterprise, Sakichi Toyota is full of wit in physical working. His insight in steam engine, applying for creating circular working function. All his conceiving for circular approach more effective than any other tips to manipulate their resources to produce. Piston
  7. 7. Technology sought His intrinsic curiosity involving in not only for function, but also motion. He had been brought many invents into the market, and once visited German to purchase the model of automobile for scrutinizing it to recognize structuring. Their whole catering of electric energy is on their own. How’s this components?
  8. 8. Overview of Industry The history of automobile was driving on the significant rails. Outstanding growth, around 1960- 1989 in Japan, brought the enormous wealth to public citizens. The era contributed our lifestyle innovation, in particular, had it quite precious notion with driving own car. Not only for the fame, but on their self-esteem, it was cherished to embrace as their assets. Toyota Story 2 The founder, Toyota Sakichi started business with his highly vision. Cotton spinning industry had dramatically consolidated around 1900, excessive supplying, is directly affected. Toyota was also inevitably change their business style, effectively producing the products, highly valuable contents.
  9. 9. Effectively output It was hard time for all cotton spinning industries, over supplying required to change their long-time scheme. For surviving, somehow need to take any advantageous with other competitors. Toyota is not sufficient cash stock, lasting their business model, for compensation, invented originally productive way. Supplying Demand
  10. 10. Tips squeezing Through traveling to US, Sakichi learned cutting-edge for adapting Toyota’s Way. He was confident of the vision on his business trip, visited around agglomeration in cotton spinning industries. Further, he moved around the world, UK, France, Belgium, Russia, Netherland, German.
  11. 11. Japanese Manufacturing Toyota Sakichi’s son, Kiichiro spent his childhood close to father’s manufacturing work. His identity, bottom up to management, one of the components brought up Toyota, to the global leader. Not only as a expertise engineering, but creating innovation is on his profoundly insight. What is manufacturing?
  12. 12. Risk predicting For avoiding critical fault is everytime disturbing managers. Toyota’s original predicting ways is referral for all business owners. Experimentally examining whether is out of order, or not with minimum numbers, after then, adding step by step on rotation. Through this way, it enable them to avoid the risk, even if tons of breakdown came suddenly at once. Experiment Numbers Car numbers Gradually accustomed
  13. 13. Team Innovation On the tough circumstances, team work brings innovative idea, moreover help it execution. Toyota’s also undergone it as well as any other business go through. Their team knowledge sharing communication would maximize the potential beyond their ever limited. Table Where we should go? How we should do?
  14. 14. Overview of Industry These days, we’ re talking about IoT, Automation drive on the coffee. Back to the origin of automobile, it was for comfortable transportation, with baggage or any material etc. Since it had shifted to the personal driving, valued as a status or privilege, only for among highly layers. Accordingly penetration, it had been close to our daily life or business, one of the central pillars for economical prosperity . Toyota Story 3 Toyota had overcome quite severe conditions many times. In particular, enormous earthquake occurred in 1923, directly affected their management. For regain from this distinctive disasters, Sakichi Toyota encourage themselves into automobile market for transpoartation. Saved the tons of lives, useful for revival, through these contribution it admitted for publicity.
  15. 15. Revival from Disaster In 1923, Tokyo was suffered from enormous disaster. That disrupted, not only for the building, but their lives, system, almost the fundamental of citizen’s habit. Automobile contributed to revive the circumstances, so more imported from US. Automobile industry had evolved since then. Food GoodsPerson
  16. 16. Industrialization Fuel the domestic automobile development, government initially consolidate the specific industrial expertise, centralized into one designated area. At this moment, such as Toyota city, flourished with consisting of originally resource, moreover it exported the products to the world. Designated area
  17. 17. Recreation Japanese strong point, imitate for recreation. For recreating new model, referred to US “NASH”, and divided the role, through the whole manufacturing process among industrial community. Even though, this first trial never succeeded, despite of high quality, it was too expensive cost. B C A
  18. 18. Combining tips Kiichiro Toyota, elaborately examined the detail of US automobile, and reconstruct with combining it partially. Adapting engine of Chevrolet, chassis of Ford, etc. Scrutinized whole feature on it, effectively integrated each parts with mutually outstanding advantage. Brand A Brand B
  19. 19. Recruiting Strategy For synergizing, recruiting distinguished staff for manufacturing new automobile. Toyota signified the past experience, some of came from industrial project, others also local small company. Somehow they combined Japanese manufacturing skill with US unprecedented technology. Toyota US technologyJapanese Professional
  20. 20. Overview of Industry Driving innovation brought us much distinctive prosperity, not only having a fun, but carrying, communicating, further lifestyle, business scheme. In terms of marketing experiences, automobile has been usually arguing among the professionals. Elaborative marketing plot is intricately injected into the mutually blood. We can see respectively character on their history. Toyota Story 4 You can see, how Toyota fueled Japanese economical growth, through their survival. This moment, it not only for representing Japanese industry, but global distinctive giant. Enormous members embarking on their mission for driving their dream, to contribute the whole our life. Their intrinsic valuable for the society had been supporting Japanese trunk.
  21. 21. Improvement of Productivity For improving their productive way, Toyota learned some expertise in famous University, research institutions, anywhere in dense the professionalism globally. At this meanwhile, working for established new factory with equipment to improve the productivity. 3 people working along line 1 person working on the same line Improve
  22. 22. Developed Drivers Most significant fuel of automobile is engine. With learning from US style, developed their original engine sample. Even though the first example not worked that they’ve expected, went it through with alternative head parts, beat estimates of most engineering members did. Ex Change the parts
  23. 23. Take into the fashion Examining the trend of internal parts, for keeping their mind for adapting the cutting edge technology, Kichiro Toyota said, prospect of the market fashion is significant point, not to be delay of that. For avoiding to take waste the time, focused on only new trend that will definitely come to Japan. 1930 1940 1950
  24. 24. Free competitive pavement Once Toyota got notified by Japanese government for creating any tracks, with some subsidiaries, but the president stubbornly decline the favor, and eager for free competitions to all challengers. He was anxious for it disturbed their philosophy, to improve the productivity, owing to consideration. Government
  25. 25. Happy Birthday to sales team Japanese General motors abandoned to continue the business in Japan, caused with some reasons, so Toyota succeeded in their sales retailors for selling Toyota’s automobile. Government regulated to authorize to sell the external brand for public, and it affected to GM critically to toke it to Toyota. Japanese GM Toyota
  26. 26. Overview of Industry Robot automatically intelligence will change transportation regions in near future. Preparing for that crunch time, Japanese outstanding industry also innovative their scheme for taking action with Internet business. Eve accidents numbers decreasing, comparatively past years, still remains as the mess among far numerous problems. AI innovation will improve that in not so far future. Toyota Story5 Toyota’s some researching center in US, aggressively concerning into innovation, not only dedicating past components, but recreate embracing cutting edge technology. Last year, released for cooperation with Stanford, MIT for embarking on AI development. Robot is also vacant points for their next investment, self-driving car perhaps will came it out much sooner.
  27. 27. Kaizen mindset First releasing of G1 trucks was out of order, some breakage perceived, reason of vulnerable against the pressing. From this failure, Toyota learned for revamping the process of welding, and reinforced the mechanical procedure, room for dealing this cases. And established assembly factory for dividing the roles. Broken Assembly the products
  28. 28. Entrepreneurship Since then, Toyota is learning the specific knowledge from US, or Europe. Kichiro Toyota declared, beyond this cozy relationship, and progress on our way for innovation. Only creating innovation allowed to create innovation again, is in their mindset at this time, led the to the top player among global market. We should create our own innovation!
  29. 29. Technology Asset Kiichiro Toyota signified the practical technology, and much invested to this area. He claims to combine practically, academically is inevitable for progressing. Recruited some famous researcher, professors, and concentrated on that with Japanese highly intelligences. Practical Academic
  30. 30. Casting Skill To create the casting, to strengthen highly solidity, tensile, brought the electric furnace. Owing to their striving, it enables them to endure against mechanical property. Their adoption was first cases in Japan, so professional artificial was amazed with their deed. Create the casting
  31. 31. Originality Those days, not enough suitable steel materials in domestic market. For the weapons, it was produced, but not for automobile of mass production. They originally start the project for creating the resources, it stepping up from beginners to be more elaborative skill. Accordingly highly production, reinforced their internal provision. Research Pressing
  32. 32. Overview of Industry The industrial Revolution was surging around 1970, 1980. Dramatically innovation came to us, beyond our living before we met, since then, generally convulsion made us much comfortably shifted with some sacrifices. Also in Japan, polluted had been arguing those days, against that, most of us struggled to find the solution. What’s the business innovation next? Toyota Story6 Diligently striving is one of Toyota’s spirit, owing to embracement, their tremendously achievement will come to effect, not only for domestic landing, but globally. In terms of development, aggregated some expertise into the team, through intensified, more the business ranges widen. All of their mindset is talking to us, what’s the Japanese mind, and seed for success.
  33. 33. Abbreviation Additionally function stick to their system those days, not meaningful producing that effectively, it enable to adapt for various orders. Referred to imported machinery, abbreviated the role, only for the necessity, when it came to the numbers for productions. Eliminated surplus, achieved the most effective works. A B C E Adoption! Adoption!
  34. 34. Why importing? Predicted future internal development, Toyota adopted external expertise. Gaining own development skill cost much time, until that, alternate means needed for them to sustain presence on domestic business. Importing is not only for gaining the method, but as paving the fundamental of automobile beginner.
  35. 35. Launch pad assessment Realizing mass-producing, new factory established on the comfortable space, with factors, acquisition with low price, adamant indigenous layer, transportable, electric abundant, etc. In short, started new project for machinery of aviation. Hydroelectric power Low Price Transportation Proper Layer
  36. 36. Just in Time To avoid the excessive production, or wasted time, Just in Time philosophy was born, through the mind of Kiichiro Toyota. Produce it within the necessity is significant for administrating the resources. Please produce 100 parts today Ok, it works 100 parts
  37. 37. Adoption For adopting new management technology, between raw blank department and processing, put the arrangement team for transiting into new system. Measuring sufficient production numbers per day, and bring to processing team for producing minimums. Finally take it to constructive factory. How much needed today! Arrangement Ok
  38. 38. Overview of Industry Among the new industry, up-to-date the words often came out. Back to our life at the time of automobile evolved, we’re excited with cutting edge technology. These days, Google, Apple or other players joining this turmoil, since online realm stretching out to conventional transportation. When it comes to the innovation, usually expects any new surging, what about for our mindset? Toyota Story7 Since invented “Just in Time”, Toyota’s management system ordered effectively. That was big innovation, caused it for reducing cost, mistaken, further it contributed their philosophy of Japanese. “Just in Time” is not temporarily improvement, eternally working for changing a bit, little by little. These accumulation, someday emerging as a big succeeding, and competitiveness as a competitiveness.
  39. 39. Rapidly Corresponding In the case, alter the parts on some errors, inevitable rapidly correspondence. Minimum loss is required, not more oversupplying, so “Just in Time” system is very responsible for dealing the matter occurred. For shrinking the term of improvement, and reducing, “Just in Time” was best words. Change Minimum Stocks
  40. 40. Future Vision Once 1924, the government adopted for measuring standard with meter, not inch. Toyota needed to whole cost, and method to reconsidered. Even thought it was huge investment, Kiichiro Toyota nodded to this offering, and hopes it will invest to the next generations. How long is this? Inch Meter
  41. 41. Alternative Fuel Since the Tokyo earthquake, automobile demands surged among the citizens. Even thought, on the supplying side, all the fuel, gasoline relying on the overseas market. The strategically material, petroleum was in short on tense relationships, among the Manchurian incidents. For that, Toyota recreated with combining alcohol with gasoline. Overseas Japan Petroleum Tense Create new fuel
  42. 42. Recovery from Shortage Not sufficient material usually supplying to the market, sometimes on the war, it never equilibrium with demand and it was. Toyota took immunity for all the case, internally creating new resource, redevelopped that many times. Through their education, it was became stronger, to beat the difficulties. Create the resource Overseas Non providing Japan
  43. 43. First Exportation Responding the demand in China, Toyota was firstly exported to Manshu, and prepared the mechanic for repairing. Accordingly the growth of demand, located their factory and foundation to boost the productivity. Whole the process was localized for each response, not only for selling but, researching, development. Japan China
  44. 44. Overview of Industry Industrial development inherit on their culture, life style, and solution. Fintech is buzzword among the tech enthusiasts, although each condition stick to their growth velocity, affected tolerance. Technology is rapidly progressing, as soon as it coming to disclosure, even though, penetration not sometimes unacceptable on the different character. We can detect the future industry with yourself. Toyota Story8 Toyota is getting growth with Japanese economical affluence. Not only for the producer, but their unmeasurable contribution is remaining in the Japanese mind. Toyota’s road is always on the lackness of resource. It strengthened their philosophy, furthermore technological intelligence, Japanese manufacturing addicted mindset.
  45. 45. Under the regulation Economical regulation under the war, directly surged among the manufacturing business. All the participants, distributed with minimum resources on governance. For the sake of market liquidity, divided it with per industry, owing to this claiming, Toyota could overcome on the stagnant. Government Industry A Industry B Industry C Industry D Resource
  46. 46. Macro Fluctuation The steelworks, and factory of machinery launched for automobile manufacturing, but on the enacted new regulation, it obliged to be divided. Moreover, gum division also spin off caused with some intention. For ramping up their productivity, steelworks was independent of whole project, and started to work more flexibility. Steel work Gum product machinery others Steelworks Independent
  47. 47. Reconstruction More than one-fourth of factories was disappeared on the non- undergone air raid, 1945, Aug 14th. Predicted Japanese recovery, executive vice-president, Akai determined to allocate resource to product the truck for carrying materials or provisions to all citizens. In parallel, Toyota took into account of risk aversion, prepared new project in the case of prohibition of products. Provision ・Food ・Material ・Preliminary ・Other needs
  48. 48. Made up their mind Toyota burned their boat on the wilderness. Even it authorized to produce trucks, their resources, factory, members, materials etc, extremely short, and need to encourage them to bring recovery. After death of Akai, caused on the traffic accident, Kiichiro Toyota proclaimed 4 policies. Recovery Factory Reconstruct Fostering expertise New technology Supply Management Sales
  49. 49. Open to Public GHQ ordered to untie some cozy systems, opening it for public. Not all enterprises authorized with producing, some of them under regulation, Toyota was also. Until the cease of control, Toyota was forced on limited range of business, and weakened their productivity at that time.
  50. 50. Overview of Industry On our predictions, no longer any past existing industry of manufacturing will alter to the next stage. Data consolidation surely change the process for producing hardware. Likewise the PC experienced, deprived by Smartphone, automobile will be made on the innovation, from hard to soft, and finally all on the cloud. How’s your prediction of that industry, and moreover it makes more happy to us? Toyota Story9 Tech innovation will surging toward the BtoB business In near future. That means, even on the big capital, never promise to be avoidable on the Internet extensions. Toyota originally keep their culture, or system, since recovered on the recessions, nowadays that overwhelmingly influencing other automobile industry. At the same time, inferior to shift on the rapidly growing. This is crunch time for overcoming.
  51. 51. Reparing One of the landing policy, Toyota ordered to repair, or maintenance of US military automobile. It so-called “Procurement Demand” derived of their purchasing orders. Under that circumstances, Toyota continued to deeply research of the engine for small cars. What’s engine? Repair
  52. 52. Dodge Recession Owing to global new transition, seriously shortage of cash flow, caused of restrain the amount of currency. Tons of bankrupt was surged on that condition, also Toyota oversupplied on 4 millions of stocks. Worse, material prices increased on demolished of subsidiaries, so inevitably reduce the cost on the process. Bank Yen Material
  53. 53. Critical issue Consumer stood on the advantageous condition on the transition of free trade. Even though Toyota adapted monthly payment on bill, some of them was failure to honor. It weakened the Toyota’s capital, not sufficient to redeem the cost, that burdened on their fundamental. YEN Consumer Toyota
  54. 54. Never firing In spite of quite severe conditions, Toyota never give up to working with existing members. Kept negotiated with banking or any funding organization to lend sufficient cash flow to maintain. Toyota and labor union working together overcome this situation hand in hand. Union BANK Toyota Funding VISION
  55. 55. Divide Sales with Product Reinforcing the sales management is one of the embracing issues, so separate it from the coherent process, and independent sales established. Not only for redeeming the cash flows, but paving the system, sales, prices, concerning everything on Toyota delivering. New technology
  56. 56. Overview of Industry Even it were, highly global brand, required to sustain their position on rapidly changing the trend. Sometimes to invent originally managements system, others, innovation, like Apple or Google. Manufacturing core value obsessing to their inherit status, back to Japanese step, it accelerated after the World War Ⅱ, once ceased, and it simulate ours to bring prosperity. Toyota Story10 As soon as modernization surging to our citizens, automobile is not only for designated people, but to the publicities. People would hope to possess, high class model, showing off their own status, other times, it working for business alternate to another options for riding. We can see tremendously Japanese growth, as well as automobile industries went through.
  57. 57. Labor dispute Even regulated on the sales process, it worse of their business outcome. Because of higher price on their material, in spite of striving, Toyota made a big loss on the accounts for 4 and half months. Labor Union was opposite of this status, moreover dispute was occurred on this turmoil for arrangement. Company We hope…
  58. 58. Burn Toyota’s bridge On this turmoil, more and more deteriorating of result, Kiichiro Toyota resigned the role of CEO, and determined to carry out 3 strategy. First, admit the retirement, if they hope, Second, reducing the wages, Third, renovating personal assignment system. Admit Retirement Reduce WageNew Assignment
  59. 59. New alliance As soon as settled on the dispute, Toyota tried to cooperate with Ford Motors beyond the seas. It seemingly to be hard to whole agreed on the Korean War, but partially Ford allowed to welcome trainee from Toyota. They learned of the distinctive material goodness, the same time, disadvantageous of national makers. US Good material Learn it
  60. 60. Special Procurement of War The Korean War had started on 1950, to provide the sufficient military reinforcement, Toyota produced the truck for this momentum. Growing demands pushed up of their sales, and broadened contributed to their recovery. Special demand added their fundamental for regain. Korean War
  61. 61. Renovation of Facilities Scrutinized into whole facilities, examined their effectiveness, determined it to be continuously operating or demolish. To reinforce, and paving the circumstances for improving productivity, on that time, adapted up-to-date technologies into their line. AC B New System
  62. 62. Overview of Industry In recent years, surrounding condition of Japanese manufacturing industry has outstandingly changed, badly affected their revenue scope. Toyota sustaining their position among this turmoil, but it no longer sufficient to control on the global dynamic movement. Economical volatility, directly manipulate their determination under the weaker or stronger currency condition, more tackling necessary. Toyota Story11 Accompany to the boost of sales, scientifically management system required. Toyota historically innovated to overcome these issues, inventing on the imitation of out-expertise, sometimes internally fostered. That’s one reason, why keeping their position among highly developed on the automobile industry, moreover it maintaining the motivation with members.
  63. 63. Supermarket method Learning from Lockheed, operated in the factories, solve the issues to deal with product management. Supermarket means, encourage the latter process, to bring the necessary goods from former, basically divided with former and latter and allocated each roll. It enables to reduce the loss of stocks, and corresponding flexibly to any alternation. Latter Process Former Process Ask for the needs
  64. 64. Creative idea That was tough to overcome the massive issues. Toyota proclaimed to administrate the entire process, to coverage it effectively. Machine standardization, Instructive similar working process, Risk Prevention, Reduce the loss. This momentum includes Toyota Way to ramping up their systematic factor. Standardization Risk Prevention Instruct Forecasting Reduce the Loss
  65. 65. Transforming Adaption Reinforcing the new system, reducing the loss, generated between disposal process. It getting to bring into the Toyota management system, for mixture of these tips driving their business acceleration. New tech Adapting Process
  66. 66. Quality Management For keeping highly quality penetration, consistently administrating each process, and strictly paved the step of the flowing. Realizing broaden scope of management style, involving in the sales, administrative, further concerns on this process for finally completion. Excellent Need Improve Bit readjust
  67. 67. Electric Calculation To ensure the efficient process, need to add technologically solution for abbreviating some wasted time. Office simple works burden each member to make themselves for taking it, and personally measuring the result, so it bothers heavily. Toyota seeking the adaptable tech, promptly install on their process. How much?
  68. 68. Marketing Case #42
  69. 69. Overview of Industry Just surging big wave of decreasing child in Japan, our consuming style directly influenced of this social huge issues. Compare to our bubble era, youngers tend to be reluctant to pay attention for physically precious things. Automobile is heading also inevitably toward this social fragment, and force them beyond there recession for grasping their flourish again. Toyota Story13 Toyota‘s new era would have opened for BtoC public service. That’s distinctive factors, getting more presence, with highly brand awareness among citizens. Thus learning from this, Toyota nurtures Japanese mind to be confident of global presence as well as domestic market. Their marketing structure is distinguished components, why it could realize the vision for all world citizens.
  70. 70. Development for public Since it had been prohibited to develop automobile for public, at the June,1947 allowed to produce passenger’s car, forecasting future consideration. After this point, aggressively keeping invented many models to penetrate their presence with much variety sources. That event, fueled their business presence for BtoC market. What’s cool!
  71. 71. Empower core competence Devoting their strategic resources into the engine creation, and improvement. Reinforcing the engine potential, and make it applying for some various projects. Know as a famous model, Land Cruiser was appeared on these days, robust to climbing even toward perpendicular slope. Climbing up!
  72. 72. Japanese Standardization Since public passenger car had landed on Japanese market, there perhaps some suspicious, that is bigger for Japanese life style. Toyota initiatively to invent originally Japanese adaptable public cars, to enable entire Japanese citizens to utilize their own automobile.
  73. 73. Flexibly Correspondence It was hard landing for Toyota, selling it to their customer. Dealing with this issues, change their promotion, not use for daily life, but into sales traveling. Owning for this rapidly decision, sales result went well for the usage, alternate to walking, but driving. We can learn from this marketing case, what’s your customer use? Driving Sales
  74. 74. National Brand Project For making it highly automobile brand among the citizens, government lead new policy to develop national brand, most of us enable to join this movement. It widely contributed to establish that Japanese rapidly flourish, and arranged fundamental to evolve innovation among the public components. Which is..?
  75. 75. Marketing Case #43
  76. 76. Overview of Industry Present manufacturing system stands on the vulnerable soil. Even suffered many times on the huge catastrophe, we’ve overcome these momentum. It might be the time to reeingineer entire system to produce the vehicle. In a short time scope, it would not be easy, but we’ll discover epoch-making structure, for own flourish to be surviving upon these turmoil. Toyota Story14 Overall, entire ecosystem of automobile industry has keeping to change into highly effective level. How we could add the value is more significant, rather than we talking about what’s the next car. Back to the history, accordingly to increase the sale, most of the citizens became to willingly purchase their own car, which sufficiently fulfill their desire.
  77. 77. Concisely Retailing System Response to the needs for living on capital regions, established lighten shops as front of customers. It expects not cannibalized among other retailors under the Toyota management. For meeting the trait on highly residential area, designated stores paid profoundly attention to being match. On the capital area…
  78. 78. Commence for exporting Since 1955, Toyota start exporting to the Latin American region. Land Cruiser acquires highly valued, meeting for their regional needs. Even it volatilize the risks on unsustainable economical condition, aggressively cultivated frontier toward southern.
  79. 79. Local Produce Authorized by Brazilian government, rent the factory to deliver localized products to the market. In spite of exporting termination from Japan, never suspending, and established localized factory on Brazil. Pulling up localizing rate, embarking on pavement for producing.
  80. 80. Knowledge Education For increasing the Brazilian sales, Toyota attempted to adapt their own knowledge of system for productivity. Not only for educational processing, but additionally paved entire system to reinforce of effectiveness. Even the whole sales in Brazil deteriorated, Toyota positively invested, finally contributed to arise of revival on Brazilian automobile market. How to create it effectively …
  81. 81. Worse begining start Upon the exporting into US market, legitimate burden would imposed Toyota to change on US market condition. As it not sufficient market examination, thus Toyota was forced to scrutinize the exporting process, whether legally or not for heading whole strategy. Market Research
  82. 82. Marketing Case #44
  83. 83. Overview of Industry Automatic driving potentially swallows the entire industry. Japanese makers hold their superiority to create the manufactures. Even that highly competitiveness, perhaps no longer sufficient to keep position as leading whole market. Domestic sales seems to become stagnant, worse it dwindling, means not only for increasing the primitive profit, but combine with up-to-date tech into that. Toyota Story15 Toyota had been exporting their presence into the global market. Not only for selling their products, but dwelling each region, likewise sitting on the same table. That’s the one perspective, Toyota highly signified to manage their global marketing system. Beating the recession over the bubble, it embraces core competence, to contribute on the each social circumstances.
  84. 84. Specific Product For achieving the monthly over 10 thousands, embarked on the reinforcement of facilities. Coincidently, opened the second model of Corona, brought it to the market. Once undergone the trouble, so the next, improved the entire process to prevent it again. On the capital area Improvement
  85. 85. Total Quality Control Learned from their past failure, process management is necessary requirement for continuously producing high quality vehicles. Adding the more strictly, entirely control their system, carried out two proclaims, thoroughly penetration of high quality, and cooperation beyond each divisions. Should be the quality A
  86. 86. TQC Management Reducing the bad claims, tighten of administrative each fundamental. Through the examination, remaining the issues on the process for supervising. Educating the all managers to monitor the process, and should instruct the method to stably keep high quality product management. A + B + C
  87. 87. TQC function Entirely adapting TQC system, enacted whole direction, embracing the 5 years project, and QC establishment. Each functions respectively, disciplined the process across onto the different board. Thus, all divisions enable to see the confirmation, how it overlapping the role, on the whole project. Q M Pr M O M Pe M Products Design Prepare Supply Produce Sell
  88. 88. Deming Prize Following the public reputation, applied for the Deming prize. Incrementally penetrated, their sense toward entire improvement. As a scrutinized survey, the committee judged to authorized Toyota for that standard. More strongly to adapt on the management, to manipulate originally quality control. A + B + C Give them Prize
  89. 89. Marketing Case #45
  90. 90. Overview of Industry Internet will getting closely union with transporting solutions. Positively, big data giant approaching to physical producers, respectively aiming for the flourish to create innovation. Data assembles sits as the entire brain to control naturally carrying our presence. That’s terrible sign for primitive industrial leaders, it surging new wave for whole data innovation option. Toyota Story16 Japanese economy ever experienced, overwhelmingly growth from 1955 to 1970. In compare to other developed countries, that was by far notable momentum. Coincidently, domestic automobile sold quite well among affluent citizens, here and there, highly penetration rate to possess each own cars. Which brought excessive pavement for public railway or other new projects.
  91. 91. Free Trade Enact Since 1960, Japanese economy had been opened to the public market, alleviate the friction for exchanging rate to in-out. Approximately the same time, government proclaimed to ramping up the whole globally competitiveness, categorized the genre to heavily focusing the resources to beat the game beyond the severity. Genre A Genre B Genre C
  92. 92. Strategic Cooperation Expanding their region, prepared the opportunity to cooperate with Hino, Inc. Mixture with the knowledge for track, and synergize it, combine to Toyota Production System. Furthermore, strategize small car producing system onto their new market, besides usual sales.
  93. 93. Driving Motorization Causing the big motorization wave, invented public type “Carola”, intent to convince the family usage, improved the entire system, included engine, driving experience, seat, comfortableness. As soon as it appears, brought the outstanding boom, and it was greater outcome. Original Engine Driving Experience 1 2 3 4 4 types gear
  94. 94. Motor Sports Developing the up-to-date engine, start to participate in the motor sports competition. Rather than to exhibit new models, racing for pursing renovating their technologies to catch up with the global standards. Accordingly getting more popular, it resized more smaller to gather the attention of audiences.
  95. 95. Trend Saturation Since it penetrated among the public, ordinary driving the car, it requires to correspond the customer demands. Per user layer, it separated each strategy, and responded to their direct voice, meeting for the comfortableness. Around these times, marketing was core resources to gain the attraction. A B C
  96. 96. Marketing Case #46
  97. 97. Overview of Industry Government arbitrary bring up specific industries for revival. Automobile is one of the promising business to regain of empowerment, wake up on the severe circumstance. On the developed pavement, concentrated authorization is no longer meaningful to stimulate whole industry, but recovery on the zero, similarity watering to ruined scenery for hoping landscape. Toyota Story17 Toyota boosted their business presence to the international market. That represents of Japanese aggressively expanding with promising landscape. Massive investment sometimes bring us bad impressions, nevertheless bubble economic whispered to us, no limited for our growth. Toyota overcame quite severities, again and again, with fully hoping to the Japanese revival.
  98. 98. Resource Allocation Preparing for the free trade opening, pursuing the high productivity, to catch up with the global standard. Effectively manipulation, allocated all resources into specific process, to correspond the market needs. According to this movement, established some organization to support these system. Parts A PartsB Parts C
  99. 99. Systemic Management Controling entire system, proactively adapt the new system. Through automatic conveyor process, effectively constructed whole parts into the car. Uniformly painting, adapted cutting edge, reduce the wasted for lubricate entire processing. Electric calculator worked as managing productivity, and cost reduction.
  100. 100. Dealing System Distributing stably on entire domestic market, learned from US style, established originally retailing system. It regulates, 1, based on local capital, and resources. 2, small vast, but much numbers. 3, Concentrated on capital area with multiple stores. 4, Pre-payment system 2, Small vast, but much numbers 4, Pre-payment system 1, Capital area domain 1, Local resources, capital
  101. 101. Knock down exporting Embarking on the international market extension, adapting knock down exporting style, it construct entire parts in each local area. It enables to optimize with respectively condition of the country style or nationalism. Flexibly absorbed each condition, and it applied for whole productivity.
  102. 102. Go for Europe First landing in Denmark, and gradually expanding their network to entire European market. Their target was non-producing automobile countries. Owing to the low cost operation, and maintenance, further minimum breakdown is also contributed to their highly sales result.
  103. 103. Marketing Case #47
  104. 104. Overview of Industry Japanese outstanding superior points, to learn the professionals, and recreate it on our self branding. Modestly, we’ve studied so hard, to catch up the cutting edge, and expanding for entire flourish. Our predecessor left the gifts for next generations, strive for others, to contribute their success. Owning to that, beneficially spending our ordinally lives, but as so to succeed in the next to us. Toyota Story18 Recall is one of the disturbing problems among the automobile industries. It always obsessing to their head, occasionally it took a critical wound for the management. Furthermore, motoring innovation caused some issues, traffic jams, accidents, sudden troubles. Toyota was also running through quite huge turmoil, and recovered it their own way.
  105. 105. What’s the Recall As well as Japanese phenomenon, it coming in US to be cautious of car accident, especially 『Unsafe at Any Speed』, wrote it down for alarming of safety. Firing from this actions, the similar regulation was execute for keeping the consumers right to claim for the recalling. Something Wrong? Scrutinize
  106. 106. Hidden Recall In 1969, Japanese publisher, Asahi addressed that American Newspaper criticized with issue of Toyota, Nissan still retrieving under their way without announcement. Recall campaign changed among automobile fundamental, strictly examination required in the public. Why never disclosure ? What’s the safety?
  107. 107. Countermove Reducing the fault recall, Toyota stringently examined entire process, altered specific parts, preventing to produce the loss, further related issues. Respectively, each development, set the administrative institution to monitor the progress, whether it attains the spot, standard for manufacturing. A Supervisor
  108. 108. Quality Progress Improve for Standard As a public company, raise their goals to contribute the public safety, beyond pollution, accidental tragedy. Eliminating the reckless safety, plus improved the quality control, to assess the entire standard. Enhance the fundamental for nominated the awards of Deming again, to honored stages. Minimum Line
  109. 109. TQC management Toyota originally invented the QC standard, TQC(Toyota Quality Control), and attempted to penetrate under the partners, creating the parts, handles, motor, etc. Not only the Toyota, but any relatives, cooperated to make innovation stepping up their whole standard.
  110. 110. Marketing Case #48
  111. 111. Overview of Industry Driving experience almost turning into tech oriented direction. Sharing economic impact has been arising since huge Internet rookies corroding. Sleeping the car vacancy will potentially surpass the updating productivities. New automobile war has about to open, which giant going on holds the adequate weapons to beat the game, somewhat will lose on this turmoil. Toyota Story19 Toyota announced to cooperate with Uber, upcoming winner on the sharing taxies. Any competitors, VW, GM or others will also catching up this cutting trend to embark on the same board. What means of this surging, the time on the unexpectable experience will welcome us to transport. Telecommunication is going to innovate ride sharing, but includes internal communication with cars. Unable to stop exciting for the future predictions.
  112. 112. Traffic Annoyance So far, developed the traffic penetration among the citizens, upcoming the argument for jam, or accidents. To prevent these issues, Toyota originally investigate the reason, and promote the public to avoid such a tragedy. These inspires another concerns to do the same for safety experience.
  113. 113. Save our Life In 1967, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard had established in US, it contains to instrument seat belt, energy absorbable steering, other tighten regulations. According to this issues, Japanese government also enacted the law, comprehensively embrace the structured to avoid the traffic accident.
  114. 114. Experimental Safety Vehicle To explore the prevention of accident, Us, Western German, and Japanese cooperated to develop the testing cars. Japanese consist of capabilities to endure the collision with 80km velocities, and alleviate the impact to defend the riders. Finally attempted to adapt the entire public cars, their effort evaluated as a best sold with high safety. Examination Pole
  115. 115. Telecommunication monitoring Toyota participated in the project, develop the devices to remote monitoring system, to avoid the highly dense traffic jam. It attached each automobiles to navigate the proper routes to prevent for. It aiming for metropolitan issues to solve through the cutting edge technologies, assembled with professional engineer or researcher, to invent the new innovation. A A points crowded
  116. 116. Proclaiming Toyota stated to whole members, making the good society through the cars, to contribute the public welfare, safety, convenience. It means to be proud of working as one citizen to take an important role. Automobile is no longer the vehicle, but almost the public legs for the people.
  117. 117. Marketing Case #49
  118. 118. Overview of Industry We’ve been arguing with self-driving car, automatically set the goal for direction. Renowned Internet giants addressed, embarking on this boards. Apple’s hidden R&D might be able to bring the something to upset. Japanese car maker, Honda also established AI research center in Japan, to seek the trend, behind to other Internet enterprise. Ride share is no longer the issues among designated area. Toyota Story20 We had experienced one critical issues, such as eliminate gas. That suffered, particularly in dense around capital area, caused some infections, diseases. Rapidly unexpectedly growth, usually brought us bad aspect. Learning past reflection, walking on the progress story, thought it was nuisance, back it from the presence, inevitable hardship for all citizens.
  119. 119. Gas Elimination Caused of exhausted gas, air pollution had been critical issues. Comparatively in the capital area, bad contamination would suffer to our internal body. Learning the US regulation, government enacted the standard to reduce the elimination gas, and aimed to cleanse of circumstances for living. Reduce CO2
  120. 120. Practical Action Toyota actively adopted the dealing with this issues. Not only for the authorization in Japan, but challenged it in US, so that to prevent air pollution for driving experience. Scrutinized the reason, established the research center to observe the entire condition of this problem. Examine
  121. 121. Pursue the best Way Preventing the eliminating gas is frontier for all engineers, so it was magnificent challenge to all the teams. 3 components, CO, HC, NOx was disturbed them to diminish at the time. Learning from US aerospace method, FMEA, scrutinized the entire parts, how it influences of gas affection. Further established specific factories to seek the critical factors of that. Parts A Parts B
  122. 122. Specific automobile Toyota conducted the function on the public car to reduce the eliminate gas. These system called TTC(Toyota Total Clean System), settled to focus the resources of these momentum. For penetrated to whole retailing, educated the maintenance method, and allocated the professional leaders on each places. Leader How to ….
  123. 123. Technical Asset Concluded, Toyota attained their goal of reducing the elimination gas on the technical progress. That was not only challenging, but asset for entire the company. Beyond the inhouse network, cooperated with externally partner, and seeking to reach the frontier to solve critical human issues.
  124. 124. Marketing Case #50
  125. 125. Overview of Industry Concerns about sharing drive experience, Uber, Lyft, Didi Dache and more players come appearance these times. Conventional structures will be upset, surging on the Internet connection. We’re boarding on this game as a consuming, not transportation, but it partially movement. Dynamically next industry transition will go on near moment, and never be retrieved. Toyota Story21 Energetic crisis is one of the big issues for human being. Not only our fundamental structures, but represents of flourish system, non-leakage for driving experiences. Toyota has been seeking the best way to attain their mission, provide the driving experience. Whether new alternative options will widespread to us or not, it depends on the future technology innovation.
  126. 126. Energetic Crisis In 1970’s, people be cautious of oil shortage, and price was raised much higher. It was in danger of any automobile enterprise, on the massive ingredients cost, should be required to deal it with deduction. Sales condition was affected under these circumstances, but it recovered on their striving. Seriously Shortage
  127. 127. Energetic Efficiency For reasons of rumors, Toyota disputed to reduce the total energetic consuming on the process. Hold the meeting to reduce the elimination, and took their effort for minimum cost. Moderately, reviewed the wasted matters, furthermore adapt the knowledge to another modeling.
  128. 128. Revamp the entire system Learning through the oil shortage, explored the method to updated administrative system. Involved over all concerns in examining the whole condition, to improve if it was burden to make the efficiency. And prepared the system, to succeed their way in the next generation. Administrate..
  129. 129. Market Transition Caused of energetic crisis, since then, consumers incline to purchase moderate cars, to reduce the cost. Japanese automobile makers rode on these waves, cultivated new frontier in US market. Their consecutive effort would work on that time, not only overcame the crisis, but cutting into new market.
  130. 130. Comfortable Driving According to changing the trend, consumer tend to prefer the cheaper fuel cost, and comfortable driving experiences. Light and smaller style, high efficiency, low emission, fewer noisy, and comfortableness. Strive to review the entire parts, and correspond to the user voices for inventing new engine. Use r
  131. 131. Marketing Case #51
  132. 132. Overview of Industry AI is the buzzword, that widespread, not only among Internet geeks, but penetrated on the new streams. Data accumulation will become the ingredient for composing of every physical visibilities. It says calling the time to react largely with new motorization. Google pronounced by far technlogical approach, that never permit to catch the path for others this moment. Toyota Story22 Automobile histories told us some importants factors of successfully business development. Channel extensions is no doubt, that empowers potential to run it on the path to the goal. These days our channel, encounter the products, shifting from online to offline, that embrace meaningful answers, we should carefully go through that way.
  133. 133. Strong Salesforce On the economical recession, Toyota allocated the resource to hire the more sales person, as well as education. Promote the retailing presence, independently funded for the new stores. Not only financial support, but systemized entire opportunities to meet consensus. Having the event to share the each idea, or made deeper mutual communication. How to increase the sales..
  134. 134. Extension in United States Under the Nixon Shock, extended the distributing network in United States. Moreover concentrated the specific models to localize American style, on the fundamental relations between retail dealing and headquarter, behalf to compensate the risk of stocks. Cause the surging of small car booming, it attains unexpected sales.
  135. 135. Western Strategy from Japan As well as into the eastern part, launched their business among European high competitive required market. For the England, under the lower consuming tax for the car, for France, cooperated with Swiss agency, for German, working with local distributors.
  136. 136. Overcome the disadvantage Oil crisis directly damaged European sales, under the some emergency risks. Recovering these conditions, Toyota cooperated local German bank, and injected the resources for spreading the sales distribution. After the statically crisis ceased, locally promoted their presence, with customer support, and so on. Bank Toyota
  137. 137. Local yielding Each countries, politically propulsiving to yielding system in domestic market. Driving on this trend, Toyota participated in some opportunities to localize manufacturing system. As behalf of education, injected not only capital join, but technological assets, or human resources.
  138. 138. Marketing Case #52
  139. 139. Overview of Industry Since first industrial revolution, huge amount of products emerged, eftsoons disappeared. Internal appetite to move it smoothly, or unburden, call to react on these consumer needs, automobile world had been changed our surrounding, enable to attain the goal. That might be crunch time around European Union, but there the birth place of seed for original evolution. Toyota Story23 1980s, Japanese automobile yields surpassed that of United States. Exports had lead this momentum, simultaneously smaller car demand effective on the market trend. As well as on these tremendously growth, but we can seen some friction between international transaction, that stands opposite of both relations, beyond the seas.
  140. 140. Bad courtesy of reputation Behind the goodness of Japanese export, slip it down the sales among domestic US car makers. On the court, criticized as it downsized entire market sales, but Toyota stated of justice. Even it good relative with local car dealers, though it inevitable to enact something to regulate their carrying powerfulness, that settled to political matters.
  141. 141. Avalanche for limitation Demand for equilibrium, each region addressed to save their domestic yields, not only for productions, but employment. The positions, comparatively incremental from eastern Asia, pressed back to their home lands. Export fundamental moderates the status, and kept ordinary consensus both relations.
  142. 142. Seed for success Under the regulations, struggled to grab the ray for hope. Invented new rule, seek the profitability, intention to keep highly motivation. Examine the disposal components to take more cash creating, and founded own facilities to enable reduce the cost ,much less nor wasted.
  143. 143. Way for leaving the mess Again and again, require to migrate another options, corresponding the customer voice. Small Truck is seemingly new frontier for them, but should not be. Raising duties were severe impact, but beyond these turmoil, as a challenging, inspired local dealers to praise their achievement, in accordance, hiring admirable paycheck. ToyotaManager Good Payment Good Outcome
  144. 144. Shake hands with sales Primitively, separated sales team with makers. For catching up the trend, approaching mutually, and finally meet the goal for merged to forward the game. Global competition is much severe, that Toyota landed on international stream, but almost behind theses trends, so this statement will contribute the entire decisions to push their products
  145. 145. Marketing Case #53
  146. 146. Overview of Industry Both aspects of danger, and usefulness, automatic driving experience will arise these affections. Our argument for the frontier, is not always included good references, but we should overcome upon the issues. International market drivers would be shift to critical risk management. Not only for securities manipulation, consist of data aggregations, but entire fluid averse. Toyota Story24 Economy is such as studying mankind, thus Toyota experiences radically global transition, it could not be avoidable, change their whole landscape. Export had been growing region, though it was inconsecutive durations. Toyota reunited to pursue the rebirth for the future international market leader, that was mission, not statement of all members.
  147. 147. Market Friction Is always, market condition fluctuating on unexpectable cells of human reacted. Even on the tout relations, peer-to-peer deals, sudden exclusions arose on the severe consumer trend. Oil crisis again, damaged the transactions over the continent, EC, or US gradually rejected mutually, and dived into technologically wars.
  148. 148. Sophisticate manipulation More and more, polish their advantageous, so called QC is core signified components. Established the bureau, proceeding union of sales, and manufacturing. Improving the evolution, coincidently reputable is rapidly widespread among automobile, fortunately it evaluated around them. Examine
  149. 149. Sharing knowledge Do you know, that Toyota and GM ever done the joint venture for counterpart flourish?GM side would to know for small car concept, additionally manufacturing process, Toyota did learn the market conditions. Beyond bunch of anxieties, met the both agreement for cooperation. Toyota GM
  150. 150. Local Contribution In accordance with sales growing, take into the potential account, concluded to establish the original local headquarter at the North part in United States. Intended to serve for indigenous hiring, and economic extensions around countryside. That was pleased to welcome by the president of Kentucky.
  151. 151. Open Door Strategy What we could speak for Toyota’s genius, aimed to become the citizen in United States. Not as Japanese, dwelling like same residents, with opening mind and relations, so that to contribute local culture, moreover economical development. In terms of supplying structure, select the best partner close to them, evidently Toyota wanted to do it with them. Toyota
  152. 152. Marketing Case #54
  153. 153. Overview of Industry Global market circumstances, undoubtly changing for Internet innovation. Most of all physical devices will connect to the online communication, by far future distance, unusual to talk about AI, IoT, other buzzwords. We’re busy to catch up high velocity wave, in other words, globalization is to update our own machine for learning everything, even if were not stick to ourselves this moment. Toyota Story26 Starting from US fundamental, Toyota deed aggressive broaden international presence. Coincidently, deeper consciousness for local community. Making the relationship with each thrive, literally seeking the both flourish is key factors, not only selling the vehicles, but mutual works their own way. We could learn from the past days of Toyota walked along.
  154. 154. For Taiwan So far did invest mainly among English speaking area, but further looked into Asian, Taiwan no doubt enough. Accordingly to the policy for pursuing highly industry growth, once do progressed with injection into resources. Even though it was not going well, change their landscape for joint-venture. Toyota 国瑞汽車
  155. 155. For Australia In Australia, the same time for integration of sales and manufacturing, established the branch to associate with entire structure. Not only financial, but whole sales, products, moreover that enabled to reduce the time cost. Even though founded joint-venture with General Motors, but finally disbanded in 1996.
  156. 156. For Asia Between Japanese companies and ASEAN regions met agreement for BBC scheme. It permits, each enterprise’s brand respectively free-trade among them, that ingredients locally procured over 50%, alleviated the friction. It enabled them to spread entire ASEAN areas, as well as established indigenous factories. Toyota ASEAN
  157. 157. For China For pavement of service hospitality, Toyota educated the procedure, how to welcome the customers. This network widespread to the whole in China, even it went well, but the condition gradually worse. It because, regenerated national markers flourish on warmly support.
  158. 158. For Africa Since Nelson Mandela has become the president, in Africa, widespread to the international market. Toyota promoted on the campaign, called “Rising Sun” for South Africa, and delivered the knowledge for skill to manufacture the process. Furthermore injected to the local agency through their branch.
  159. 159. Marketing Case #55
  160. 160. Overview of Industry Industrial development usually stick to indigenous history, further local inheritance. Genetic succeeding will affect, in Japan, educational principles critically took part in our visible consequences. Japanese established past story-telling validates these apparent causes. When it comes to thought of new innovation, we should deeply take into account of every options for respectively. Toyota Story27 International cooperation was the key word, at the time, turning-point of Cold War between United States and Soviet. Friction is also brought the crisis to the automobile industries among the relations on Japanese – American. Overcoming pressing issues, compromised their inssist, not only pushing it, but tolerate accept both condition forward mutual flourish.
  161. 161. Counterpart Settlement For mutual settlement, incrementally importing the products from America, as well as extent of manufacturing capability. Intent for alleviated circumstances, seek the high liquid transaction, peer-to-peer, pursued the landing spot. Plus, aiming good connection with local supplier, that produces further amount of fundamental.
  162. 162. Global Comprehensive Plan Accelerating business expansion, built the comprehensive landscape for exporting products. Furthermore, raised the proclaim, increase the import, local supply-chain network, and additional cooperation. Purposing the boosting ration of yielding outside Japan.
  163. 163. Decentralized demand Since consumers to be accustomed with updated model, that made puzzled for all car makers. Favorite trend of youngers, and elders much different, so that to call their resonation, it requires to list originated types. Reduce the eliminate gas, woman drivers, automation system penetrations said to be the significant factors.
  164. 164. Engine Effectiveness Catching up the trend, smaller formal engine is key topic for Toyota at those days. Running behind the Nissan, thoroughly miniature, and thinner would brought the competitiveness with other companies did. Toyota pronounced with appearance copies for promoting their new model. Engine
  165. 165. Renewal the Channel Attaining the over 2 million supplying, launched the new project. Named after the landscaped, it called “Vista”, opening on Sunday, sales hospitality, moreover started some new options. Committee positively accept automation tools for labor working time, stock, any supplements. Data Management
  166. 166. Marketing Case #56
  167. 167. Overview of Industry Mechanical innovation often seen during the world turmoil. In particular, automobile surged with historical war widespread, as long term conflict as it was stronger. Automatic driving experience might not assert to bring new type of collision, but technologically bad intent. Whether it used for the flourish or collapse, all depends on our purpose, somehow to convenient for us. Toyota Story28 Plaza Accord, shivered Japanese export project. Since then, Yen exchange rages overwhelmingly plunged, deprived the huge amount profit of Japanese international business. Overshoot brought the down trend for Toyota, once refrained the entire strategy, to rebuild the wholly story-telling. The negotiation with labor unions continued for a while, eventually that settles among the each consensus.
  168. 168. Emergent Option Beyond these critical issues, promptly systemized the department, to review the each cost for returns. Document, official work, or any other eliminable stuff, aggregated to examine. Cost reduction said, why Toyota could remain even on the severe circumstances. Reduction Reduction
  169. 169. Customer Satisfaction Even comparatively highly level of customer correspondence, chased of their rival, Toyota changed their rail to the consumer retention. Under the committee, administrated every process, from the bottom of manufacturing to top for sales. Not only the domestic market, but called to global fellows. C M Listen to the voice
  170. 170. Factory Establishment From the first foundation, mainly resides on the narrows space, s o that to maintain effective productivity. For the extension, built the new factories per different Japanese estates. That because of various companies took a role for establishment, to do contribution with each local culture, and economic growth. Toyota AToyota
  171. 171. State of the arts project As soon as attainment of short term goal, Toyota founded original development center, it accelerates entire story for invents new model, that integrated technologies with product creation. Conducted includes some skill for CAD, CAM, enabled to detect at the point of development with tout relations of cooperators.
  172. 172. Classic Model 1989s, Toyota’s first classic model, LEXUS cut the red tape for opening new ceremony in United States. Consolidated entire technology for seeking high luxury brand, furthermore adapted new manufacturing process “Assembly Line Control”, that control wholly system per model.
  173. 173. Marketing Case #57
  174. 174. Overview of Industry Driving components inherit to each local condition. In Japan, capital region Tokyo is so crowded, many residents, high buildings, not be highlighted to become good experiences for manipulation. On contrast, countryside with fruitful scenery or amazing natural phenomenon. Automatic attention will change our drive style, but it never bring alternative stunning memories. Toyota Story29 Not only for centric their resources into automobile invented, but seek the entire fulfillment of our life on the Toyota journey. Since started to do the business, manufacturing and sales, under the Toyota’s umbrella, project to embark on some new plans. After a few decades later, involving core businesses, as well as it compensates the lack of their internal resources.
  175. 175. Birth of Project Following to automobile project, residential issue would arise for them to solve the next. At the same time, cut the red tape for launching some projects simultaneously. To create it independently, segmented the division who concerned with each matters, enable to go through more swimmingly. Project A(Residents) Project B Project C
  176. 176. B2B residents story Toyota is also well-known as a residential company in Japan. First commenced the project for B2B business, rent the office to client. Shifted to the B2C commerce, since that well going, accordingly high population growth. It includes from public to classic models, extended the variety of options to suggest the visitors. Toyota
  177. 177. Communication issue At the time of deregulation, predicted the future synergetic, get into the telecommunication market. International communication was next trend those days, so that, caught it as start-of-the-arts, cooperated with Japanese enterprises to spread network on domestic market.
  178. 178. To the Sky, to the ocean For diversification, marine project also started with cooperated entire partners. Not only academic research, but includes resort business spread. As well as took into the new region for developing the small plane. Unfortunately it was not good landed, but nurtured new typical technologies in it.
  179. 179. Toyota Green Way Contribute to critical issues, invested in the biologically approach. “Toyota Green Way” means, Toyota driving clean activity, and lead it to the flourish on earth. For the development, assembled some teams, even not concerning with automobile technology, positively adopted. Social activity is good option for their mission.
  180. 180. Marketing Case #58
  181. 181. Overview of Industry Uber and Didi, huge turmoil among ride sharing economy, and might put an end to these conflict in China. Still arguing the position of automation driving experiences, Tesla is also crunch time, oblige to confront toward customer voice. Technology develops new ecosystem to combine the efficient resources, not only includes beyond the chasm, but pursuing to overcome. Toyota Story30 1990s, consist of series on severe hunger for economic recovery, since it burst the bubble growth. Downsized estate rate caused huge panic, and gradually deteriorating. Toyota was also in turmoil, necessary to do the business beyond pressing cash flow negative. Banking was reluctant to take investment, strictly regulated limited Net Worth Ratio.
  182. 182. Demand Shift Since the bubble ceased, consumers preferable move to personal or smaller type automobile. Classic, or Large size was not match demand those days, so shifting the models were first issue for all makers. Entire car trend walked toward, cheaper and compact box to casually driving.
  183. 183. Ecologically Effort Initially established committee to considerable method, comprehensively take into every options for next future. Relative cooperation between stakeholders, and proceeding omitted elimination gas, developing new technology as a leader. Afterwards proclaimed for globally ecologically peace.
  184. 184. Greenhouse effect reduction Not only for improving fuel consumption, but includes extension from logistic effectiveness, and sales. Toyota raised the planning to attain top layer goal. Paved the development process, consist of reducing CO2, and refrained to utilized the material that bad affection for environmental condition.
  185. 185. Circulating Effectiveness Social environment gradually shifting to the recycling, or reuse the energy. Toyota strived to reduce the wasted material as fewer as it could attain, and established the committee for achievement. Ecology oriented plastic used for their contribution, further adopted new cycle for energy effectiveness.
  186. 186. Safety Driving Prevent the incremental traffic accident, secure the driving is impressed issues for all car makers. Government published for committee, required to put the air bags, to alleviate the impact of collision. As a regulation process, Toyota developed whole system to monitor the manipulation works, seat belt also penetrated.
  187. 187. Marketing Case #59
  188. 188. Overview of Industry Cognitive technologies will be taken on the driving experiences in near future. Not only it as for communication pipeline, but prevent for crucial accident. The time is going to change every primitive options, that believed it as our basically sense, doubt for future flourish will erode the new market. If it were connected all the devices online, that moment would empower our potential. Toyota Story31 1990s, generated new value into automobile industry. As a leading model, classic, compact, responding to the demand. Channel strategy is about to move online to connect supplier, and consumers. It enable to reach more visitors, that means window shopping.
  189. 189. Next 4 Steps Since the 1990s, have been opening the several projects into stages, that accommodates to consumer fashions. First is Classic brand, LEXUS. Second, American market extensions. Third, Changing the brand awareness for green environment. Last, Internet promotion channel. It stepped up their business toward the future optimization.
  190. 190. Prevent the Friction TMMC, yielding agglomeration in Canada, extending to produce the new field. Canadian government stated to eliminate the duty tax, if produces as a local business, so that filed international landscape, established the factory.
  191. 191. Local Management According to the extension for North America, Toyota integrated entire process, authorized to administrate, includes PR, promotion. Logistic, yields, supplying, wholly systematic proceeding was brought to indigenous branch, so far 1993s, ratio incrementally to 45%, widely expanded their presence. Toyota
  192. 192. European Stagnant The early of 1990s, the Gulf War, Yugoslavia conflict, and currency crisis, these economic deterioration hit the sales in Europe. Bad infection spread to the other areas, as adding insult to injury, Lehman crisis brought rapidly decreasing profit. Even though it once recovered, Greek impact was overwhelmed. Bank
  193. 193. European Style Since that, change the model for European oriented style, vigorously proceeded marketing campaign. In 1990, hold the contest at Barcelona, on promoting new model Yaris, opinion influencer loudly pronounced to the audiences. As yield results for these striving, highly presence saturated to the public. Good styling New experience
  194. 194. Marketing Case #60
  195. 195. Overview of Industry Ford announced to create the automatic driving in 2021, that perhaps comes future realistic experiences. Heated invested race will go up next stages, it congested too much traffics from different businesses. Driving shared platform would appear to plot for eroding presently market, at the same time, conventional vehicle dived into dense turmoil. No matter what would come, era shifting to personal. Toyota Story33 In 1980s, exports regulation, and stronger yen pushed themselves to determine for settled own yield resource in European regions. Comprehensively shake their hands with local big company to realize highly productivity. That means to pronounce of their presence in Europe is very significant mission, not only for selling, but cover the everything for economical growth there.
  196. 196. Core Technology In 1998, founded product management hub, TMEM, and extend to strengthen network in Poland. Joint venture with PSA revealed to develop the core engine technology. Through cooperation, been taught the savvy for distribution pipeline in Europe. Afterward, anticipate of future growth, moved to Russian region to widen their potential activity.
  197. 197. Marketing Optimization Not only for established the spot for development, additionally also includes sales control tower, marketing or Public relations division authorized for local statements. In 2002, alleviated the regulation of territory occupation, accordingly to this transition, deals comprehensive brands for consumers. Toyota M M M M
  198. 198. Learning from Experience Due to the Asian currency crisis taught them, once leave to export, restart to build local yielding network. Targeted for classic layer, Corolla aggressively promotes with copy of “Break into Style”, consistency to other 6 countries. Founded Management organization in Singapore, that administrates “Made by Toyota” Toyota
  199. 199. Asian Key Role Thailand is one of the important role for global expansion. As a gateway, put the entire manufacturing system, as well includes local designing, sales reinforcement. Centralized the resources in Thailand for exporting among Asia, and broadened to Middle East or further ranges.
  200. 200. Effective Consolidation Respond the radically demand, consolidated the segmented functions into one organization. Took a role for managing entire process, yield, distribute, development, logistics. Supports the localization, and promote the Toyota brand for each regions. It accelerates their sales outcome ASEAN countries. Toyota
  201. 201. Marketing Case #61
  202. 202. Overview of Industry Singapore raised their hands to become laboratory for bridging the technology and human needs. Automatic driving leads stepping up to the next stages, that will bring us non-human operating platform. Sharing conveniences, Uber, Didi, or other challengers have been battling with these issues, which pursuing to beat this games includes development of technical method. Toyota Story34 International strategy is aming for local flourish to spread the car presence outside Japan. Government policy regulates the market potential in China, and huge impact of Toyota sales, that requires diverted pipeline to get into the business opportunity. Learning the good method, how to go through each market, so that enable to expand it.
  203. 203. Severe Regulation In 1994, Chinese government stated, that permitted to found joint- venture, prohibited over 2 partners. The project with Tianjin, the end of 1990, Daihatsu and Tianjin Automobile do the business on the same table for developing both technology. At that time, Tianjin FAW XIALI Automobile cooperated with Toyota to produce Land Cruiser, and Prius.
  204. 204. Entire sales system Intent of paving entire salesforce, TMCL and Toyota Tsusho collectively founded company. That because to arrange the supplying pipeline, under some service systems. Afterward put the retail stores at Beijing, ruling marketing strategy. Until the opened the regulation, participating in WTO, also sold the LEXUS brand. ToyotaToyota Tsusho
  205. 205. New Frontier Central and South America will be the new frontier, according to the rapidly economical growth. Such as Mercosur, consistent market vertically community, eliminated duty tax, free trading. Toyota take on this waves, founded it to accelerate the profit around Argentina, Brazil branch to manage coherent process. Toyota Toyota
  206. 206. Vertically South Landing In Brazil, recovered sales with changing the new model of Carola, beyond the diminishing profit to Argentina. Sustaining as sales channel, even though it was critical issues of bankrupt, which was good news for local citizens. Venezuela also demands local oriented car landscape, so that to corresponded their needs. Different Target
  207. 207. Complement the big deals Mexico is key place to supplying the robust logistical issues to US market, moreover promising high growth. Signified points to permitted by the government, but it worked so well. Absolutely other side of the world at the time, on going to strengthen the potential for African yields in South area. Toyota Toyota
  208. 208. Marketing Case #62
  209. 209. Overview of Industry Automatic brain function will apply to another options to fuel it as next innovation. Artificial intelligence is core competence, not being ignorant of adaption, for all businesses. It compels to pursue the new object, that Chinese development perhaps surpassed these games, Alibaba also raised the hands as exclusive candidates for this turmoil. That’s notable competitions. Toyota Story35 Since the bubble was broken, as well as ceased of flourish on rapid growth, Japanese economic condition was deteriorating. It infected among automobile industry, gave an additional blow, raising the consumer tax hit the totally sales, in consequences, decreasing new comer on this market. From these terms, we had our life under the deflation circumstances.
  210. 210. Emergency for New Sales In 1999, the number of enrollments defeated over 4 million, in other words, it means less demand for purchasing new automobiles. Not only for economical transition, but high durability is also, reluctant for consumers to change the mind. On the other hand, small car needs incrementally, that because, social environment affected.
  211. 211. Brand Renovation Respond to the woman demands, recruiting new members from outside, mainly youngers on coherent strategies. Because Toyota’s brand had been avoided among them, would launched project for setting different target. Through this terms, cooperate with Panasonic, some travel agencies.
  212. 212. Small Car Demand Since the era has been shifted to the small car needs, includes woman oriented model, named “Vitz” marketed to new demands. Accords to the market penetration, Honda or another rivals also revealed exclusive models, people was immune to purchase it. Toyota raised the injection of ratio, accelerating to develop this business. Toyota Daihatsu Inject
  213. 213. Sales Strategy Renovated channel strategy, comprehensively service provided to customers, insurance, used car, other services. Reuse automobile sales surpassed the new models, and made huge impact for Toyota’s market, competitors erodes this potential regions. Solve issues, owns division to operate these channels. Toyota Used Car
  214. 214. Recognition Network Referring Internet Technology, launched image cognitive censors, squeezing customer resonation, and improvement. Extensively, online shopping, entertainment, moreover financial networks, on purpose to amplify the fulfillment service through new technologies. Shopping Finance Entertainment Logistic
  215. 215. Marketing Case #63
  216. 216. Overview of Industry Foxconn started to cooperate with Didi, that means excess competition among this industries. Soon it will be revealed the answers, who would win this turmoil. Not only technologically progress, but it exceptional heated surroundings, team up with appropriate partner in each location. Apple is seriously losing the way to earn the case on the automatic driving, but also not sure how it works. Toyota Story36 International automobile market, the latter of 1990, the wave has come to migrate with cooperation of global competitors. Joint venture includes Daimler, and Chrysler, for developing each resources, Nissan and Renault also cooperate to invent new models. It was representative that surging new era to restructure the market.
  217. 217. Entrepreneur Mind Beating severe competitiveness, stated the goal for fostering internal entrepreneurship, to embark on spontaneously approach to squeeze market needs. Even though the outcome was so positive on the US market, but never been working submissively, change it themselves, appetite to take on the innovation into the automobile industry. Entrepreneur
  218. 218. CCC21 Toyota was embarking on the project, CCC21, the name of Construction of Cost Competitiveness 21, intent to reduce the cost to meet sufficient goal of customer satisfaction. Per parts, common used across the products. Thoroughly improved the entire process to deduct the cost, and enhance the each value to contribute the customer resonation. Toyota Efficient Process
  219. 219. Digital Engineering Internet revolution would bring the huge impact among automobile industry. Data engineering is rapidly growing, to connect the cars and human action results. 3 dimension data visualized system would construct on the virtual space, to create the images. Since then positively adapted digital process.
  220. 220. Fostering the system Diversified staffs, is necessary to meet consensus on the same values, further to foster the global members. Toyota raised their own ways, named “Toyota Way”, to reveal the mission for all employees. Stated the mission is penetrated into the all divisions, remind them own philosophy. Toyota Way Toyota Way Toyota Way
  221. 221. Global Management As it broken the account rule had occurred many times, strictly regulated international law system. Because of the international level account management induced, prevented the loss of stably stock ration, and keep it as personal holders, raised on the public market. Additionally robust stock price to deliver the dividend for stockholders. Account
  222. 222. Marketing Case #64
  223. 223. Overview of Industry Panasonic also announced to invest automatic driving technologies. Japanese company following these momentum beyond the specific business development. Existing electric player, Sony, Panasonic potentially applying internal team to referable new opportunity. Not only for automobile companies, this controversy includes out of consecutive knowledge, accordingly getting into. Toyota Story37 Since the Toyota was born in Aichi prefecture, embrace the mission for appreciation, leading industry, positive economical condition push their back to invest of volunteer activity. Nowadays, social responsibility is core value to sustain the business, but at this time, the latter of 1980 is almost coming the trend among Japanese business.
  224. 224. The forest of Toyota To contribute the social issue, took on earth problem, make it use effectively to improve their nature surroundings. That’s said, Toyota forest project, activate to foster the new seed for future woods. Not only to volunteering action, but educate the participants to learn of playing in the green environment. It shows their presence, not as company but citizens. Toyota House Toyota House Forest
  225. 225. Art, Culture, Safety Driving Cooperate with retailor, supporting community to perform the orchestra, and concert. Further assist of safety drive penetration activity. Through the lecture, or donation to all Japanese kindergartens with picture books for all kids. Since the 2005, facilitate the space for teaching thousands of drivers. Forest
  226. 226. Global Vision In 2007, 70 anniversaries came out with “Toyota Global Vision 2020” includes mission for eco-circulative harmony with technologies, with entrepreneurship mind, pursue the Toyota way, moreover to aim the best company as global citizens. Renewal of their brand values, emphasize with eco responsibility.
  227. 227. Hybrid Technologies Toyota supplied the hybrid car ”Prius” to the market, before 21 centuries, that cultivated the frontier to adapt eco-oriented technologies. Hybrid system is core value for next generation, coincidently stated to provide for all countries with no time limit. That’s consist of indeed localized strategy.
  228. 228. Electric, Fuel-cell Vehicle Future lack of petroleum resource is serious problem, as well as on the table with eco issues. At 1990, in California, enacted to supply the minimum 2% with no emission. At the first, challenge to apply with the lead, but it’s not afford to fully runs with charging, so that practically working on nickel hydrogen motors in Japan. motor AirHydrogen
  229. 229. Marketing Case #65
  230. 230. Overview of Industry Cartech is evolving in each area, that everywhere in the world. It inherits the old stream of primitive manufacturing pipeline, not only meaning of development process, but includes internal parts or something essence. Even the brand is coming from designated region, the knowledge of creating accessories on the different soil. Looking into that, reaching the resource of next innovation. Toyota Story38 Toyota has been challenging for their future to create the leading pipeline. Not only as an automobile business, with comprehensive insight, acquiring the huge potential technological development. Since the birth to today, coherent striving to become the global number 1 car company, as well as one of the exclusive outcome among the Japanese.
  231. 231. Bio Technology Bio technologies was came out around the latter of 1990, prevent the shortage of petroleum, or global warming phenomena. Meanwhile of this momentum, invented the component of bio plastic, as resource for wholly parts. It broadly accepted, not only for the partial structure, but applied for green project.
  232. 232. Intelligent Transport System Traffic jam is one of the biggest loss, less yield, stressful. Alleviate with this issue, embarked on the project with small EV, manipulate the system to operate reservation schedule. As for middle distance management, developed the IMTS, Intelligent Multi-mode Transit system, it detect magnetism marker in the street, telecommunicate it enable to running in a line.
  233. 233. Car information technology Internet device can connect the automobiles through the devices. Gazoo is the project to navigate the passenger for the appropriate destination. Moreover it connects online to deliver the updated information, traffic, place, hobby on the fundamental car driving. Recommend Place Traffic Condition Email Weather News
  234. 234. Consolidated safety Since the 2006, purpose for safety development with technology, Toyota stated new proclaim. It supports to predict the accident beforehand, and it prevents to confront it. Cooperate with the surrounding devices, mutually communicate of each position, and recognize the distance, take a room for preliminary.
  235. 235. Universal Design On the good accessibility for all passenger is next issue, and started to discuss of incremental aging layers. As a solution, Toyota suggested to them or some people who embraces something disadvantage. Incremental personal needs, oriented it for nursing care to utilize on the home carrying. Carrying
  236. 236. Marketing Case #66
  237. 237. Overview of Industry Future technology always taking us to the dream, it connects the Internet with primitive business today, embedded each gaps to help the both negative points.Online world show us none limited potential to stretch their scope for your project, in other word, lead us to the next stage. Existing king is no longer enough to spread their realm, but inevitably to diving new highly competitiveness. Toyota Story39 Restart is the keyword for Toyota. According to the rapidly development in the recent gaining growth region, incrementally spread their international profit. Superficially, even it going so well-predicted, but actually bad waves were sneaking into their foot. Finally, Subprime hit the automobile industries, it worse and worse obsessed to entire the market.
  238. 238. Positive Condition 21 century is good call for domestic Toyota business, once alleviated the bad trend, and shifted to preferable condition. India, or China, overwhelmingly been growing, it contributed to this historical sales, so as to catch up this wave, accelerated to invest as productive reinforce in each local region.
  239. 239. Sneeking the Risk Behind the good condition, surely evolving the phenomenon, rising the energy prices, that was huge impact, even it sold well, still not reflects to their profit. That because of their components mainly occupied by small cars, that directly means, sold numbers is not positive for the sales. Well sold but not profitable
  240. 240. Seriously down trend Continuously higher oil prices hit their profit, and development countries excessively need that demand. Add insult to injury, Subprime issue occurs from United States , that causes stronger yen, it made huge impact of exporting sales from Japan. Especially operating profit converted to the red at this moment. YenDollar
  241. 241. Negative outcome In 2008, Subprime issue broke out, and pandemic to entire the world. Credit crunch induced bad effect to the stock market, at Japanese, down to 7,054yen, that close to the after bubbled. Car loan would be strictly assessed, and stronger yen was critical impact for their sales strategy. To call this problem, improve the cost structure, and once suspended new project.
  242. 242. Toyota Shock Almost medias report “Toyota Shock”, that includes meaning of even Toyota would going down trend, still decreasing the total sales, and loss the big profit opportunity. It was among the all car industries, since the autumn, announced to less producing to deduct the stocks. At this time, start to share working, or flexible time schedule of each style. Toyota Shock
  243. 243. Marketing Case #67
  244. 244. Overview of Industry Unveiled the new technology, ARM Inc, recently acquired by Softbank group, would pronounce their significant process, internally components to pervade automatic driving. These impacts, not only for the physical business, but software, consist of each bodies, or brain to manipulate new innovation. AI will be good working for surrounded industries, involved it dynamically, and call the huge wave again. Toyota Story40 Since the hit, Lehman shocked around 2008, it was crunch time for Toyota, to change the entire vision, strongly proceeding new wave. Past days, less concept to create the fun driving, but back to their own start, pursue the professionalism to create the car experience. Beyond some difficulties, Toyota will be reborn on robust fundamental.
  245. 245. Renewal Management In the confronting crisis, Toyota hired new president to overcome this situation. Back to the origin, for the customer, localization, and additional new innovation injection has executed since the initial presentation. Furthermore, closest president to the real consumer stance, with diversified insight. Customer First
  246. 246. Global Vision Since 2009, Toyota revised the vision, not only for the company, but it widespread global condition, that notified to all members in Toyota corporation. In order to realize the oral vision, thoroughly practical working for localization to each consumers. Next President, Akio Toyoda, revealed to make it robust axis for creating the good car. Squeeze the voice
  247. 247. Sales Logistics Integrated Management Cooperated with Guangzhou Automobile Group in China, joint venture GTMC induced the cutting edge, SLIM, that managing sales process, consecutively monitoring the process from produced to service. It effectively reflect the status of stocks, sales result, related the entire pipeline for business. Result image
  248. 248. Seeking the best car Toyota officially revealed the new LFA for sports type to pursue the fun for all driving enthusiasm. Sold it overseas with 350,000 dollars, limited for 500 candidates, and started to shop from 2012. Established the Toyota Award means to seek the best car, additionally make the culture. Limited 500s
  249. 249. Desperate Evacuation In 2009, Toyota announced to evacuated, to keep going operation for NUUMI, under the GM, for restructuring themselves. NUUMI has been representing the relations between, GM and Toyota. Symbolically, last one Corolla would be stocked at the Toyota museum as commemorated numbers.
  250. 250. Marketing Case #68
  251. 251. Overview of Industry Car usability will change our remote transportation, still not driving the vehicle on our brain, but time passing, mandatory to scratch the unexpected conception. Communication would be supposing the next key issue, disruptive of existing obsession, we could be using as robot alternate. If you’re able to talk with your device, how’s planning to cover of your ideal idea?. Toyota Story41 Recalls is a critical issue, VW also took undergone of apparently breaking the rule for elimination, and it sufferred to non-description. Takata, that Japanese maker to yield the air bags for fatal instruments for all drivers, opted it out a misleading statement, at this time, in conclued to commit them to financial crisis would lose their credibility, and nor Toyota never witnessed the same impact.
  252. 252. Recall Impact In 2009, replacement car in San Francisco, would involve the family with losing their control, and tragically all the riders were died on huge systematic problem. It published, that caused of the something wrong with accelerator of the pedal, by far it alarmed to prevent the interfering the floor mat, once it recall for examination.
  253. 253. Public Presentation Response to the customer concerns, Toyota apologized to the series of this critical issued, promised to the public for scrutinizing entire qualification, further improvement, and set the committee to proceeding global anxiety. In US, the claims arising toward the unintentionally problem, at the chamber, hold the public hearing to pursue the fact behind the accident.
  254. 254. Undiscovered the fault Owing to the comprehensive research, by US Ministry of Transport, cooperated with NASA, NHTSA revealed, that undiscovered the fact of electric throttle, potentially call the unintentionally accident. In conclusion, settled the agreement that also admitted by US scientific academy.
  255. 255. Recover the trust Toyota Spirit is for genuine customer oriented business, it urgently hold the meeting to revamp of wholly attention toward this matters. Strengthen bond with international team would enhance to recover their fame, back to the No.1 automobile company to seek the customer satisfaction