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Kotozna Chat, breaking language barriers, connecting people and cultures


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Kotozna, Inc. is recognized as a top startup boosting Japan’s inbound tourism. Its products are known to ensure smooth travel experience in the country and cut costs for tourism businesses.
Kotozna Chat is made for every traveler and every diverse group of people. It is now possible to chat with anyone in the world using one’s native language. Guaranteed higher translation accuracy than any single machine translation engine, convenient to use, and most of all ~ it’s free. Kotozna In-room provides hotel guests a more convenient and more reassuring way of speaking to hotel staff. Language barriers are eliminated and hotel services are improved. Kotozna In-room is the most innovative hotel solution that realizes a seamless and automated communication between hotel staff and guests. It breaks language barriers and makes hotel services a tap away. (

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Kotozna Chat, breaking language barriers, connecting people and cultures

  1. 1. Breaking language barriers for a different guest experience
  2. 2. Problem
  3. 3. Please call a taxi. タクシーを 呼んでください
  4. 4. Foreign Guest Hotel Staff 100+ Languages 100+ Languages
  5. 5. Outcome
  6. 6. Competition Kotozna Phone Google Translate Message App In-room Tablet Remote Access Interactive No App Download Familiar Input Translation Chat-bot Low Cost
  7. 7. Accomplishments during the Development • Partnership with JTB (Japan Tourist Bureau) • Singapore Tourism Accelerator Amsterdam Timeline Jan 2020 Proof of Concept Start (10 hotels) Apr 2020 Deploy in Japan with JTB Jun 2020 Globally Deploy (TBD)
  8. 8. Subscription + Additional Services USD 3-5 /Room /Month USD 0-5 /Room /Month Business Model SMS Push In-hotel Sales Advertising etc. Revenue Share with Distributors
  9. 9. We are looking for ・ ・
  10. 10.