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Cold email writing tips


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More than 30 tips to help you increase your ROI when reaching out to prospective new customers. Compiled from

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Cold email writing tips

  1. 1. 30+ email writing tips for Cold emails. A collection of tips compiled from insights by today’s top email marketers
  2. 2. Focus on your subject line Your subject line is the most important written piece of your email. Theme #2
  3. 3. vv Make your subject line relevant and enticing Take your time when writing a subject line - it’s the first thing that your readers will see... TransactionalColdBulk
  4. 4. vv Test out different formats Figure out which format your market likes best. TransactionalColdBulk
  5. 5. vv Try varying lengths of subject lines Different lengths of subject lines will also suit various emails differently. TransactionalColdBulk
  6. 6. vv Try the casual approach If your subject line is casual and personalized, your readers will be more likely to open your emails. TransactionalColdBulk
  7. 7. vv Use sentence case Using sentence case in your subject lines makes them look friendlier and less formal. TransactionalColdBulk
  8. 8. Write great content If your reader is impressed by your subject line, the content had better not disappoint them. Theme #3
  9. 9. vv Make a good first impression! When somebody signs up to join your mailing list, make sure that they receive your best content straight away. ColdBulk
  10. 10. Your writing style How you write your content is just as important as what you write about. Theme #4
  11. 11. Have you seen the original guide where these tips are described in more detail? And the samples? See it now: P.S. you can download actionable checklists for bulk, cold & transactional emails in the guide.
  12. 12. vv Focus on one clear idea Thanks to the average attention span, you only have about 40 words to get your message across before most people lose concentration! Cold
  13. 13. vv Use writing formats backed up by psychology Use techniques that professional copywriters have been using for ages, like PAS and BAB. Cold
  14. 14. vv Should you introduce yourself? There are benefits to introducing yourself at the beginning of an email, at the end, and even not at all. Cold
  15. 15. vv Write as if you are speaking to one person Write like you talk - avoid using words like 'inquiry', 'correspondence' and 'herewith'. TransactionalColdBulk
  16. 16. vv Straight talk “I'm sure that you receive plenty of emails from strangers, and that you delete most of them before you finish reading the first sentence. But here's why you should read this one - hear me out…” Cold
  17. 17. vv Prove that you can deliver on your promises Reference your biggest, happiest customers, or get a referral from one of your current customers. Cold
  18. 18. vv Close with a question Cold “I've noticed you don't have a Live Chat box on your site - is this something you've considered before?” Bulk
  19. 19. vv Have a clear Call to Action For the most part, an email without a Call to Action is a waste of time. TransactionalColdBulk
  20. 20. vv Use your P.S. wisely! Most readers start by reading the subject line, and then skip to the bottom of your email, reading the P.S. TransactionalColdBulk
  21. 21. vv Put all of your contact info into your signature Cold Just not your email address! Bulk
  22. 22. vv Include a small image in your signature Cold The best images to use would be your company logo, or a small profile shot of you. Bulk
  23. 23. vv Use an AI assistant to write better emails Boomerang has an extension that helps you to write emails that are more likely to get a positive response from recipients. Cold
  24. 24. Have you seen the original guide where these tips are described in more detail? And the samples? See it now: P.S. you can download actionable checklists for bulk, cold & transactional emails in the guide.
  25. 25. Personalization Personalized mails have a 29% higher open rate and 41% unique click-through rate. Theme #5
  26. 26. vv Use their name! Instead of starting an email with 'Hello', why not try 'Hello, John!' TransactionalColdBulk
  27. 27. vv Mention something specific to show why you reached out “Found you on LinkedIn.” Cold
  28. 28. vv Put yourself in your readers' shoes Cold Try to avoid using 'I, we and me' too often, and focus on using 'you and your' instead. Bulk
  29. 29. vv Sell the benefits Instead of 'My company increases sales by personalizing communication', try 'We can increase your sales by helping you to build a better relationship with your customers.' Cold
  30. 30. vv Contact the person who will make the decision Cold
  31. 31. Practical tips In order to get accurate open rate results, there are a few things on the technical side that can help you out. Theme #6
  32. 32. vv Send emails from a personal email address Cold Hubspot sent emails from 'Hubspot' (0.73% Click Through Rate) vs 'Maggie Georgieva, Hubspot' (0.96% Click Through Rate). Bulk
  33. 33. vv Avoid spam filters Avoid common spam and 'sales-pitch' words and phrases, like 'No questions asked', 'Limited time only' and 'They're just giving it away'. TransactionalColdBulk
  34. 34. vv Optimize emails for mobile Over half of all emails are opened on mobile devices. TransactionalColdBulk
  35. 35. vv Avoid using images Cold Including images in cold emails just makes them seem overly planned out and very impersonal.
  36. 36. vv Resend unopened emails Cold Resending unopened emails has a chance to improve their open rates by about 50%! Bulk
  37. 37. vv A/B test EVERYTHING In order to fine-tune your emails and make them the best that they can be, you need to test which variations come out on top. TransactionalColdBulk
  38. 38. Timing & scheduling Emailing people at appropriate times and scheduling emails to go out at a comfortable pace plays a big role in getting your emails opened and read. Theme #7
  39. 39. vv Timing is everything Cold Multiple studies show that the best time to send email is Tuesday at 10am. Bulk
  40. 40. vv Stick to a consistent schedule with your emails Cold Offer your readers the opportunity to change the frequency at which they receive emails. Bulk
  41. 41. vv Follow up at different times and days Cold When sending cold emails, it takes an average of 5 emails to get a response, but most people don't even send one follow up email!
  42. 42. Have you seen the original guide where these tips are described in more detail? And the samples? See it now: P.S. you can download actionable checklists for bulk, cold & transactional emails in the guide.