Why You Should Invest


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We are taught to save money right from childhood. But mere saving is not enough. It has to be invested in the right instruments too. View the presentation to know 5 reasons why you should invest.

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  • Have you ever been thinking why you should invest wealth, if yes, Then Kotak Securities brings you 5 reasons why you should invest. Kotak Securities is one of the largest share broking firm in India. Visit http://www.kotaksecurities.com for more details
  • Why You Should Invest

    1. 1. Why You Should Invest
    2. 2. Joys Of Investing • Indians are taught to save money right from childhood. It is well ingrained in our daily lifestyle. But mere saving is not enough. • It has to be invested in the right instruments too. Here are five reasons why you should invest:
    3. 3. #1 Make Money • Saving is when you keep aside a portion of your income after paying for your expenses. This money can then be kept as cash in lockers or invested in different assets. • Investing in the right financial instruments will help you make more money. This is called capital appreciation. Suppose you put Rs 1,000 in a stock, a year later, the stock price rises up to Rs 1,500. You can then sell, and earn Rs 500 as profit. This means, your capital has appreciated. Merely keeping aside money will not make you any profits.
    4. 4. #2 Beat Inflation • Inflation is the biggest threat to our financial health. The steady rise in prices decreases the value of money. So, today if you save Rs 1000 aside, it will not buy you as many goods and services a year later due to inflation. Investing can help beat this. The money you earn as returns from investment can make up for inflation. It, thus, helps in capital preservation.
    5. 5. #3 Save Tax • No one likes paying taxes and giving away your hard-earned money. Investing in choice assets helps you reduce the amount of tax you pay. By opting for Section 80C and 80D of the Income Tax Act, you can reduce your taxable income by Rs 1 lakh by investing in many options, including the stock markets. Moreover, any money you’re making in the stock markets is non-taxable after 1 year. Thus, you earn money while simultaneously saving taxes.
    6. 6. #4 Meet Financial Goals • We are always taught to plan for the future. This usually involves buying a house, a car, getting married, having kids, their future education, and so on. All this needs money – lots of it. Investing in different kinds of financial instruments right from the start will ensure enough funds are available for the future. This helps avoid opting for loans and other means of debt.
    7. 7. #5 Save For Retirement • Old-age seems scary. You retire, and thereby lose the primary source of your income. If you do not save enough money, you may have to limit your lifestyle to a great extent or be dependent on someone else for funds. Investing helps you get ready for the post-retirement life.
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