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Top Investing Strategies For 2014


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The stock market is being called the engine of growth for the economy. If you’ve been looking for a way in, it is now time for you to act. View our presentation to know 2 strategies to help you begin investing.

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Top Investing Strategies For 2014

  1. 1. Top Investing Strategies for 2014
  2. 2. Time to Act • Everyone talks about the stock market being the engine of growth for the economy. Investors look to make money by investing in companies that make profits. You have been reading financial newspapers and watching business channels for information related to the stock market. It is now time for you to act. Here are two ways you could begin with: 1. Buy an ETF 2. Buy Dividend Yield Stocks
  3. 3. Buy an ETF • An Exchange traded fund or ETF could be the right financial instrument, which represents an asset that is traded on the market. • The value of the ETF instrument tracks the market price of that asset. You can buy an ETF for stocks, bond and commodities like gold. • It would be a good idea to start a systematic investment plan or SIP. You simply need to select the asset of your choice and invest a fixed amount of money each month.
  4. 4. Various ETFs • Gold ETF is the most popular ETF category. It allows the investor to own and earn on gold without owning it physically. • Index ETFs have also done very well recently, as they offer the investor to trade the index at a relatively lower risk. • Liquid ETFs are for those who want to invest in the money market and yet want flexibility.
  5. 5. 5 Ways to buy ETFs • Here are 5 easy ways you could use your Kotak Securities account to buy ETFs: 1. Call your relationship manager or dealer and place the order over the recorded phone line 2. Login to Go to Equity and click on ‘Place an Order’ 3. Call 30305757 to place an order over phone. 4. Invest through mobile using Kotak Mobile Stock Trader (MST) 5. Invest through KEAT PRO X, real time trading platform
  6. 6. Buy Dividend Yield Stocks • Most companies set aside a portion of its profits for distribution as dividends. Often, dividends are single or double-digit figures in rupees per share. • Dividend yield is calculated by dividing the dividend with the share price, and then multiplied by 100. It is written in the percentage format.
  7. 7. Risk Appetite • Typically, investors buy and hold shares of multinational consumer and pharma companies that are known to pay a high dividend. • Such stocks are considered a safe option for investors with relatively less appetite for risk. This is because high dividends mean the company is making profits, and also sharing it with investors. • However, consistency is a key factor to be considered here.
  8. 8. Tax Saving • Dividends are also a tax-efficient proposition as investors are not taxed. This will come in handy for short-term equity investors, who are otherwise taxed for capital gains when they sell stocks within a year of purchase.
  9. 9. Companies To Watch • Government owned companies like Coal India and ONGC pay high dividend. Similarly, foreign multinationals who own majority stake in their Indian subsidiaries like Unilever, Nestle or Merck repatriate profits through a dividend payout. This benefits small shareholders.
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