Four Principle Factors Affecting Stock Prices


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Ever wondered what makes stock prices move the way they do? Take a look at the four factors that have a major impact on stock prices.

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  • Stock market is dynamic and volatile in nature and can go up and down any time. Below are principle factors that impact stock prices:1)Stock Demat and Supply2)Company Market Capitalization3)Stock’s Earning Per Share4) Market Company NewsKotak Securities is one of India’s leading share broking firm <a href="">offering demat account services</a>, mutual fund & IPO investing service’s along with a research division specializing in Sectoral Research and Company Specific Equity Research. We also provide you latest <a href="">share market</a> happenings to keep you updated.Express your views on their Facebook Page and Twitter Handle (@KotakSecurities) or you can also visit for more information.
  • Four Principle Factors Affecting Stock Prices

    1. 1. Demystifying Stocks Four Principle Factors Affecting Stock Prices
    2. 2. Are you new to the share market? • Ever wondered what makes stock prices move the way they do, sometimes even to the extent of displaying extreme fluctuations? • Here are four factors that have a major impact on stock prices.
    3. 3. The Stock’s Demand and Supply • This is probably the most important factor that impacts stock prices. • If you have an online trading account, you get to look at the volume of shares bought or sold during the respective trading sessions. • When you have more people buying a particular commodity and if there is a general scarcity, it automatically has an impact on the price of the commodity. • Same thing happens when there are more number of people buying the share versus the ones who are selling the stock. • The reverse happens when more people are selling the stock as against the ones who are buying it.
    4. 4. The Company’s Market Capitalization • People generally make the mistake of determining the worth of the company by referring to its share price which is not entirely correct. • The right way to determine a company’s worth is to understand its market capitalization which will help one determine the true worth of the company. • The market capitalization of a company is a key indicator in determining its stock price.
    5. 5. The Stock’s Earnings Per Share • Earnings per share simply means the profit a company has made per share. • The EPS becomes a fairly good indicator to gauge the company’s performance as well as its present financial status. • A higher earnings per share is a positive signal that leads to increased buying of the company’s shares which again has an positive rub off on the company’s share prices. • The best time to look up EPS related data is when companies release their quarterly reports.
    6. 6. Market/Company News • Mere speculation via news and media reports might cause prices to plunge or even skyrocket. • Company or industry news that has the potential to either go in favour or against the company can have a major impact on stock prices. • It is, however, advisable to stay clear of speculative news the objective of which is to either break the prices or inflate it for short term gains. • Access to real time news and information on market trends & access to super quick online trading has vastly changed the dynamics of stock market investment. • Every bit of information needs to be carefully scrutinized before one chooses to act on the same.
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