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Empowering Women


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21st century women should take keen interest in the financial planning aspect of their lives in order to secure their future. View our presentation to know the instruments they should look at.

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Empowering Women

  1. 1. Demystifying StocksEmpowering Women
  2. 2. Indian Women’s Outlook • Indian society is changing at a rapid pace. The clear discrimination of gender roles are blurring. As democratic philosophies sneak into the social system traditional family roles are also changing. •Better education and a global outlook have opened up a new world of opportunities for women in India. Economic necessity is also forcing women to opt for a career.
  3. 3. • Women have nowadays become an integral part of a family in making key decisions related to life and family’s well-being. Working women need to find a balance between their career and family. There are huge expectations from both sides and a fear of neglecting either one. • Today, women are making most of the household decisions involving money and are actively participating in contributing to family’s wealth. Thus, women can no longer neglect the importance of investing. Current State
  4. 4. Money Matters • Money is fluid, something worth a few hundreds today could cost significantly more the next day. In the current economic situation, inflation is a constant. • In order to ensure higher returns and financial independence to maintain a standard of living, disciplined investments are a must. With a little bit of smart planning and investing, one can cushion, if not ward off, any crisis.
  5. 5. Investment A Must • The key is planning AND investing. • Investing your money is not just about parking some money in the bank every few months. • A good investment plan needs both, awareness of various avenues of investment and money to invest.
  6. 6. Approach Towards Investment • Women have a more balanced approach towards investments, making them ideal investors. • Thus, it is very imperative for women to have a proper investing plan – be it equities or real estate or commodities. • It is very important to have a diversified approach towards investing, thereby hedging the risks associated with equities or commodities.
  7. 7. Approach Towards Investment • Women should have their money allocated towards low risk provident funds and fixed deposits, medium risk debt and income funds and also towards high risk equity and commodities, depending upon their risk profile.
  8. 8. Investment Planning • Allocating a fixed amount every month in FDs, PF/PPF, mutual fund SIPs should be a right approach. • Further surplus in the money should be used for creating real estate assets – be it for own use or for investments. It is also advisable for women to have regular investments in gold ETFs or gold bars – instead of bowing towards temptations of buying gold jewelry.
  9. 9. How & Where To Invest • Above all, most important is to have an insurance plan for yourself – life insurance as well as health insurance. All these investment strategies will not only help women become self- sufficient but would also help them attain financial independence. • These systematic investments also help in providing a regular stream of income during old age as well as build a healthy portfolio for children that can be used for their education as well as marriage.
  10. 10. Investment Issues • Investment addresses the acute concern of the 'sandwich' generation who looks after their aged parents and takes care of their children's needs today, but can't depend upon their children to look after them in their old age. • It's quintessential that they make the most of their earning years and invest for their future needs. • If that sounds intimidating, take heart. All you need to get started is a primer on investing.
  11. 11. Final Note • Dear friends, the chief principle here is that investment is all about making your hard earned money earn more money for you! Simply put, it is the practice of making your money work for you, while you work for more money.
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