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Writing Content That Sells


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This deck is a summary of my free 37-page eBook "10 Secrets to Writing Marketing Content that Sells & Grows Your Business" Visit my website to grab your free copy today.

Thanks again for checking out my deck!

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Writing Content That Sells

  1. 1. Writing Content That SellsThanks for dropping by and checking out my Haiku Deck.This Deck is a short summary based on my 37-page ebook "10 Secrets to Writing MarketingContent that Sells."
  2. 2. Writing Content That SellsUnderstand who your target audience isWhat’s the key to getting more sales, social media shares and followers? Simple. Give peopleexactly what they want!
  3. 3. Writing Content That SellsMotivation to buyWere motivated to buy things for different reasons. Your job here is to find out whatmotivates people to buy your product. It can be different things, but you need to pick themost important motivator in order to make a compelling case for your product.Kids buy a football to have fun. You might buy new running shoes to stay healthy. I buy booksto gain knowledge and others play Clash of Clans for entertainment.
  4. 4. Writing Content That SellsTalk benefits, not featuresPeople didnt buy an iPod because it had 16GB of storage. They bought it because it holds upto 3000 songs on the go. Thats the benefit people got from a 16GB iPod.Make a list of your product’s features and describe the benefit your audience gets from eachof those features.
  5. 5. Writing Content That SellsFind your unique selling propositionA unique selling proposition can be anything, but it’s up to you to find out what it is and takeadvantage of it. Oreo is notorious for its twist, lick and dunk campaigns showing consumershow they can eat the sandwich cookie and M&M came up with the “Melts in your mouth, notyour hand” tagline. So, what’s your USP?
  6. 6. Writing Content That SellsWrite naturallyThe secret to getting your material read? Write as you normally talk in a conversation
  7. 7. Writing Content That SellsBig words hardly impress peopleNow this is awkward. Because I actually know Greek!Using big words is a big no-no. Why? Because youre writing to communicate - not to impresspeople with your knowledge of the English dictionary!
  8. 8. Writing Content That SellsContent that doesnt get read is worthless!Whether its an article, blog post, press release or brochure - if a headline doesnt get peopleto stop and read, your content gets sent into oblivion and remains unread.
  9. 9. Writing Content That SellsTimeout!Short sentences are much easier to read than long sentences. The contents of the sentenceis easily remembered. And more importantly, it retains much of its meaning.A short sentence should contain one idea that helps readers fully grasp what youre trying tosay.
  10. 10. Writing Content That SellsEasy reading!A simple way to getting your content read is by breaking it down into shorter, more digestiblesections or paragraphs.Large chunks of text with no break in sight are guaranteed to scare people away.
  11. 11. Writing Content That SellsEncourage people to take the next stepThe secret to converting those leads into tangible business benefits is to include an effectivecall-to-action telling them exactly what to do next.What’s my call-to-action? Skip over to the next slide :)
  12. 12. Writing Content That SellsThank youThanks for checking out my Haiku Deck. This was a short summary of my free ebook.For more details on how to write content that sells, download the full guide at: