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Solar electricity for homes


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Solar electricity for homes

  1. 1. Solar Electricity for Homes How Solar Electricity for Homes Can Be a Benefit By Daylin Herbersen Daylin Herbersen | 1
  2. 2. Solar Electricity for Homes So my adventure with going green began with a guy’s weekend out and testing out a few kits out in the woods. We needed a way to charge our phones and keep in contact with regular life along with having a guy’s weekend out as well. Unfortunately this is the type of world we live in now, where we always have to have a Blackberry or iPhone on the ready. And as we all know the iPhone doesn’t have a removable battery and only lasts two days at most, so for a three day trip we needed a way to keep our mobile devices at the ready. This worked out well and I thought that it would be nice to figure out a way to get solar electricity for homes. On a whim I decided to do some research about this whole green technology thing. I basically learned that in order to have a good understanding of how going green works and how solar electricity for homes could be a viable solution for me, I would have to do a bit of researching. One obvious aspect of going green would be the solar power panels, now we can do wonders with just one panel, but the trick is the ability to link up these panels in parallel or daisy chain them to get even more power. Much like how adding more batteries would power a device that requires a higher energy load, the more power panels you link up in parallel, the larger your ability to generate power. This solar panel array then connects to a charge controller which protects the next piece of equipment the battery. It would be nice to just get power directly from the sun and run off that every day, but then what about power in at night? This is where batteries come into play here as they would be charged and store the power harvested by the sun. This is really the only way viable that solar electricity for homes could exist, otherwise if we all went green, we would all be scrambling to do all our activity in the day and then just sleep at night, no more late night computer browsing. Now one rule to keep in mind is that the output of the panels is usually more than the charge that the batteries can hold, for instance if the battery is a standard 12volt then the panel is usually 20% more so usually a 15 volt solar panel. A battery Daylin Herbersen | 2
  3. 3. Solar Electricity for Homes just needs more power to charge it, then since the energy in the battery is stored as DC current an inverter is needed to change that DC current to what we currently use in our homes which would be AC current, this inverter would of course depend on the total output you expect and the power potential of all the solar panels you decide to string along together. Learning about solar electricity for homes was not a difficult prospect, it was a bit hard to find correct information where possible, usually these tidbits of information would be scattered all over the internet. A good place that has all this information under one roof would be Daylin Herbersen Daylin Herbersen | 3
  4. 4. Solar Electricity for Homes Recommended Solar Power Kit Resources:  Solar Knowledge Series  Green DIY  DIY Solar Water Heater Daylin Herbersen | 4