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Leading Agile Virtual Teams - LEADit Conference Australia August 2014


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Presentation from a half day workshop on Leading Agile Virtual Teams, covering a range of processes for creating more agile virtual teams, delivered at the LEADit Conference in Melbourne, Australia, 12 August 2014. We employ a series of practices from the Agile Scrum Methodology to help lead virtual teams.

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Leading Agile Virtual Teams - LEADit Conference Australia August 2014

  1. 1. #LEADit Ian Jones, Suncorp Korrine Jones, OD Consulting Virtual Agile ITSM Teams
  2. 2. #LEADit Research • Micro businesses to large multi-nationals • Wide range of industries – IT, banking, direct sales, retail, public sector, consulting firms, e-learning providers • Common challenges • Secrets to success
  3. 3. #LEADit Your Challenges
  4. 4. #LEADit Developing a Shared Vision Ask your team members: What is the purpose of our team? What value do we add? What is unique about our team? How do we want to be perceived? Key words Mind map Vision statement
  5. 5. #LEADit Values and Ground Rules • Leadership – Model corporate vision and values and these team values • Responsibility and integrity – Do what you say you’re going to do • Respect – Acknowledge electronic communication within agreed timeframes • Teamwork – Connect with other team members regularly • Creativity – Think outside the square
  6. 6. #LEADit Scrum slides
  7. 7. #LEADit Manage by Outcomes
  8. 8. #LEADitSource: Whitmore, J 1993.
  9. 9. #LEADit Swift Trust
  10. 10. #LEADit Needs and Expectations Trust Expectations •Get paid •Regular meetings •Holidays •Fun workplace Needs •Financial security •Respect •Belonging Trust is fragile – we need to be explicit in our needs, expectations and promises (
  11. 11. #LEADit Replicate Water Cooler Conversations
  12. 12. #LEADit Action Plan • Monday Morning – Connect with each of your remote team members – Schedule your next virtual or face to face meeting • Next 90 Days – Clarify objectives, roles and processes at team and individual levels – Establish clear needs and expectations with each team member – Develop communication and meeting protocols – Undertake some form of team development • Next Year – Establish induction and training plans for all virtual team leaders and members – Develop shared vision, values and plans, face to face if possible
  13. 13. #LEADit Additional Resources For whitepapers and more information OD Consulting odconsultingau