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[Sprin co] tm substrategies_submoses

  1. 1. TALENT MANAGEMENT Functional time
  2. 2. LET’s Follow Up!
  3. 3. Czech Drivers 2012/2013 GIP GROWTH GCDP RELEVANCE COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT Members development „It is not about the numbers – it is about the people, who are able to achieve those numbers.“
  4. 4. TM Strategies 2012/2013 • Short term experiencesScale Up TMP/TLP • Flexible structures • Promotion of programs/opportunities [#TMP/TLP] • Collaboration with NGOs • Processes based on TMP/TLP principlesQuality TMP/TLP • Customer Segmentation • Education system (+induction for TLPs) • Mentorship/Coaching [NPS] • Evaluation/feedback • R&R • Financial resources • TMP->TLP Upsales • TLP - > TLP • EPs - > TMP/TLP [RR]
  5. 5. # of Ms recruited Collaboration from other with NGOs organizations Team XPs in #TMP/TLP XPs in TM, PR, Fin TM, PR, FinScale Up TMP/TLP # of Ms with Short term XPs TMP/TLP 2- [#TMP/TLP] 3months #MS fulfilling 2or Matrix Structures more JDs at one time TMP/TLP Average # of Promotion applicants per position
  6. 6. Average mark on: Education system MEC, LEC, External Trainings, Virtual Trainings - % of Ms fulfilled Evaluation System evaluation - Average MarkQuality TMP/TLP Standardized # of Teams with all [NPS] Programs TMP/TLP standards % of Ms recruited based on Customized RCTM background demanded R&R based on performance %of Ms Rewarded assessment
  7. 7. Associated # of Junior Ms Membership with JDs % of Ms Customized recruited based RCTMUpsales on background [RRs] % of Ms Student Market allocated based Research on needs # of EPs Team XPs for EPs allocated to TMP/TLP
  8. 8. FISH BALLsub strategies finalization
  9. 9. Scale Up TMP/TLP [#TMP/TLP] Matrix Structure Short term XPs TMP/TLP promo [# team XPs] [# of Ms with TMP/TLP 2 [Average # of applicants months] per position]Provide Members with Create Projects and short Create clear messagescomplex JDs from different term JDs for members, EPs, based on student marketFA Returnees research for internal and external TMP/TLPCreate teams in TM promotion(+other FAs)
  10. 10. TMP/TLP Quality Education system Evaluation system R&R based on PA [?Average mark on cycle] [Quality Index~NPS] [%of plan fulfillment]Implement standards in Implement TMP/TLP Correlate recognitioneducation system based on standards in each system with numericalprograms projects/XP performance assessmentCreate evaluation system Get constant feedback Implement goal from TMP/TLP participants setting/improveImprove performance assessmentMentorship/Coaching Evaluate dynamics of toolssystem quality improvement Create budgeting systemDeliver virtual education and plan R&R quarterly with CR and FinDeliver external education
  11. 11. Up Sales Customized RCTM Associated Membership Team XPs for EPs [RR of Ms in FA] [# of Junior Members [# EPs on TMP/TLP with JD] RR of EPs]Run market research Prepare standard packaged Create short term projectsamong FAs on background JDs for Junior Members with TMP/TLP principlesneeds before recruitment for EPs on raisedMarket research on Implement education Create reintegration framestudent’s needs and system for Junior Members for ReturneesinterestsMarket research on EPs’ System for non-selectedneeds members