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[Czech] GIP TN Matching HR capacity allocation


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[Czech] GIP TN Matching HR capacity allocation

  1. 1. Why?1) We have 73 TNs2) We must keep our promises.3) Learning new skillsHow?1) Sales people arematching2) Matching people aregetting education onaccount management3) Reallocation ofmembersWhat?*see belowPraha21TNsBrno15TNsOstrava10TNsKarviná9TNsCZU7TNsZlín5TNsLCs with biggest # of available GIP TNsKPI: 34% GIP TN matchingrateKPI: 34% GIP TN matchingrate
  2. 2. 1.Use virtual Trainings (links below) Tasty Matching Matching Process Account Management in matching2.Matcher buddy Ensure buddy system (XP matcher for anewcomer) Ask matchers from other LCs to buddy yourmembers3.Make it TASTY! Set schedule for Matching Parties Invite guests for Parties Prepare table games and beer afterwardsThe CHALLENGE of EDUCATIONfor allocated members in few stepsThe CHALLENGE of COMMUNICATIONfor reallocating members in matching