Social entrepreneurship in Serbia


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Workshop 2: Serbia – Social entrepreneurship and sustainability
Belgrad – Study Tour (28.02-03.03.2012)
The project „Overcoming the Digital Divide: Access for Rural Communities” / „Incluziunea digitală a comunităților rurale”

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Social entrepreneurship in Serbia

  1. 1. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN SERBIA eko BaG model Miodrag Nedeljković
  2. 2. BasicsDeffinition: A Social Enterprise is a legally registered market orientated not for profit organisation with social goal – business with social purpose.Value Base My Social Enterprise is based on the values of equity in ownership - each member should have equal voting share, equality of involvement, solidarity among members and with people, but well educated for market approach, with trading skills, making balanced between commercial, social responsibility and environmental care.
  3. 3. Why and how? Why and how Social Enterprise operates Why people set up Social EnterprisesBusiness or not? Do we need… To develop a business plan? How to set up Social Enterprises First – idea! Define market Define customers Define strategy and approach
  4. 4. New conceptConcept of Social Entrepreneurship in SerbiaIn this moment in Serbia are identified more then 1000 entities, dealing under some rules of social entrepreneurship with chance to become SE (social mission, not for profit character, market oriented with good or less good management)Differences between them are related to social purpose and target group.
  5. 5. Differences between business and social business? Profit / not for profit Mission Community benefit Decision making Social objectives Environmental responsibility
  6. 6. eko BaG – two years later IDEA!!: - employment of group with difficulties in employment (women over 50 years, transition loosers) - promotion of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) trough specific waste management - promotion of recycling, ecology and re-use - promotion of concept of social entrepreneurship trough positive example of “fast winner” - products of multi – added value, from nature preservation, trough awereness raising, but also with very atractive and modern designed products (ONE VOULNERABLE GROUP GET A CHANCE TO SOLVE IT’S ECONOMICAL AND EXISTENTIAL PROBLEMS, BUT ALSO TO OVERCOME PROBLEM OF SOCIAL EXCLUSION)
  7. 7. SURPASSED PROBLEMSIDC Money (C. of Bg) Beneficiaries’ identification Space - Vracar Municipality Promotion of the concept and product – meetings, exhibition, medias... Branding – final group has information on the product Contacts with agencies – In beginning distrust and obstructions – But later on we carried up very good cooperation (Sky board, Alma Quatro, Communis..) Contacts with public sector Contacts with our main target – enterprises that are having this kind of promotion (printed PVC banners)
  8. 8. Results acheived Appearances on TVs and other medias’ – B92 – TV and radio – Studio B – several reportages and live shows – RTS 1 – Evronet, Profil & Profit”, Evening News, morning news 1st of May – TV Pink - news – TV Most – “Art to business” – Politika – TV Avala – TV Kopernikus Participation in many events and manifestations – Car and Truck fair - Mercedes – Non profit innitiatives fair - twice – International conference of Social Entrepreneurship in Belgrade – Civil society fairs – twice – Europe day 9th of May - Kalemegdan – Mixer festival and exhibitions - twice – “Moda za poneti” – several times – alternative art scene in Serbia – Independent (solo) exhibition – National gallery – Exit festival – exhibition – Ecology fair – Recklasar
  9. 9. Faithfull and less faithfull clients Mercedes B92 fund October salon Erste bank – unique in Srbia – reusing all printed banners from campaings ! EXIT festival Share conference Beoizlog Pils beer Heineken beer Chamber of Commerce SIEPA - Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency NGO sector
  10. 10. UNSURPASSED PROBLEMS Solidarity – because of week sustainability and still not strong economical stability, solidarity is, for the moment “in the backgroung”. Financial stability – Although final product and message it is carring is unique on territory, not just Serbian, but all around Balkans, financial stability and economic sustainability is still difficult to acheive. But, apparently, it is much easier than in most other social enterprises. – Recently, concept od social resonsibility in Serbia is becoming important issue, and it makes very favorable situation for eko BaG. Not just promoting themselves as social responsible companies, but also this concept conitues period of advertising, trough unique final product. Insufficient management capacities Lack of law on SE Law on waste management is not respected – Enterprises that are using this kind of promotional campaings don’t respect this low – on most cases. In ideal situation of forced law respect and strong legal procedure, financial sustainability of eko BaG would increased dramaticly.
  11. 11.  Complicated internal relations – Power balance – Intellectual levels – Educational levels – Previous work and/or business experiences – Motivation – Consciousness Social awareness of potential users – Still on extremely low level Promotion of the Concept and Product and contacts with enterprises – insufficient marketing as well as capacities for good sale strategy
  12. 12. Our plans Expansion of production – City secretariat for ecology – donation – Final product 100% recycled (seat belts, bicycle inner tubes...) Employment of women from same category Franchising..?! Establishment of new social enterpriseIn next 18 months !