GOW13 Moldova National Report


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The Access to Information and Training Community Centres Alliance of Moldova (INFONET Alliance) was officially registered in 2007, being founded by 47 centres.

Its assignment is to contribute to the consolidation of the information society and to the sustainable development of civil society by reducing the digital divide phenomenon and by involving citizens in the decision-making process.

The INFONET Alliance has started the campaign Get Online Week 2013 by spreading an official press release. In the Republic of Moldova, the campaign developed under the slogan "We bring Moldova online together!"

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GOW13 Moldova National Report

  2. 2. The Access to Information and Training Community Centres Alliance of Moldova www.infonet.mdThe Access to Information and Training Community Centres Alliance of Moldova (further onINFONET Alliance) was officially registered in 2007, being founded by 47 centres. Itsassignment is to contribute to the consolidation of the information society and to thesustainable development of civil society by reducing the digital divide phenomenon and byinvolving citizens in the decision-making process.The INFONET Alliance has started the campaign Get Online Week 2013 by spreading anofficial press release. In the Republic of Moldova, the campaign developed under theslogan "We bring Moldova online together!" ACHIEVEMENTS:CROWD MAPPINGDuring the Get Online 2013 campaign, INFONET Alliance launched 5 Crowdsourced Maps: DIASPORA MD – was launched within the project "Remittances developing communities in Moldova” implemented by Hilfswerk Austria International in Moldova with the financial support of the European Union. The map includes the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Moldova, associations of the Moldovan diaspora and financing opportunities for migrants who want to return home and open their own business here.The community of Moldovan migrants is rather large, with their number amounting toabout 1 million, according to unofficial statistics. Nevertheless, communication betweenthe diaspora and Moldovan residents is rather reduced. Taking this fact as a starting point,we decided to develop the map in order to make communication more efficient, toencourage the migrants to keep in touch with one another, to efficiently communicate withtheir native localities, to involve in the decision-making process and to invest their incomesin Moldova’s economy.As the associate partner of the project, the INFONET Alliance elaborated the map on thebasis of open data. It was worked out in less than 24 hours by 3 volunteers. The eventwas broadcast live on Privesc.EU on 19 March 2013. In the first 24 hours after thelaunch, the map was visited by over 200,000 web users.ALEGERI MD – is a platform for monitoring electoralprocesses in the Republic of Moldova. It covers allpolling stations in Moldova. The launch of the platformwas broadcast live via Privesc.EU. Over 525.000 webusers accessed the launch of the event in the first72 hours.2| „HAI PE NET 2013! ÎMPREUNĂ ADUCEM MOLDOVA ONLINE!”
  3. 3. JOB-4-DISABILITY – is a concept of platform comprising job offers for disabled peopleand their employment demand. There are 175,000 people with disabilities in the Republicof Moldova. As many as 120,000 of them are able to work and many badly wish that. Theidea is still at the stage of project concept and we believe that it may be developed andimplemented by many European telecentres at a time to contribute to the digital and socialintegration of people with disabilities.REGIO MD – Crowdmapping of regional development projects.BIBLIO + - is a croudsourced map of libraries from the Republic ofMoldova. The map is available online and was conceived as a toolallowing to gather information about the whole system of librariesin Moldova. Having access to this online croudsourced map,Moldovan librarians will have the opportunity to include, changeand update data about their libraries. The platform creates simplemechanisms for managing a national database, comprising up-to-date information about various types of libraries: public, university,college, school libraries etc.Thus, whoever wants, ordinary web users, financers, founders can access and find out theresults of the library they are interested in. The project was worked out in partnership withthe Association of Librarians from the Republic of Moldova (ABRM).THE “SCHOOL OF COMMUNITY LEADER”The “School of Community Leader” course was launched by the Polish FoundationEducation for Democracy in cooperation with the INFONET Alliance within the RITAprogramme. The course is aimed at building the capacities of the local public authoritiesand enhancing the level of professionalism of the local authorities via distance learning inorder to optimize the local government process. E-learning is an innovation for Moldova.Opened for registration during the Get Online Week, the course will start on 15 April2013 and is already enjoying huge success: over 125 people expressed their intention toattend the training – village and town mayors, secretaries of local councils and localcouncillors, lawmakers and journalists, public servants and representatives of the non-governmental sector, etc.ONLINE ORIGAMI MASTER CLASS FOR KIDSThe activity brought together pupils of the 1-4 forms at the Public Library in CrihanaVeche to familiarize them with Origami art via Internet and to teach them to usefully and3| „HAI PE NET 2013! ÎMPREUNĂ ADUCEM MOLDOVA ONLINE!”
  4. 4. pleasantly spend their spare time. The participants searched the Internet to find the mostuseful origami tutorials. The activity managed to stimulate the children’s creativecapacities, helped them study by plying, ensured interaction and communication betweenthe members of the group.THE DETAIL SAVING LIVESThe day of 21 March 2013 was rather unusual forthe third-form pupils of the secondary schoolNo.7 in Chisinau Municipality. Class teacher LiliaTurcanu familiarized them with an originalexperience coming from Estonia.In December 2012, the spouses Viorica and VictorGuzun launched the campaign of raising publicawareness “The detail saving lives”. Theinitiators of the campaign analyzed the number ofaccidents that took place in Moldova at night andin which pedestrians had been involved. As aresult, they launched a civic campaign ofcollecting reflective badges for a pilot projectaimed at enhancing security on roads in Moldova.The secondary school No. 7 welcomed the idea and subscribed to the campaign. The pupilslistened carefully to their teacher and at the end they received one reflective badge each –“a detail saving lives”. The reflective badges were granted by the INFONET Alliance withinGet Online Week 2013.“CHILDREN’S SAFETY ON THE INTERNET” IN GRATIESTIThe Community Centre for Children and Youth AMICUL in the village Gratiesti hasorganized a seminar on the topic “Children’s safety on the Internet!” for parents of thepupils of the school No 93 in the village Hulboaca. The participants were informed aboutthe possibilities offered by the Internet, how to search for various data, etc, as well asabout threats faced by children and adults when searching the Internet. Many parents saidthey did not use computers, which were actually set in their children’s bedroom and thatthey were sure that their children were safe when using it. Many expressed interest inways to supervise their children when operating the PC and how to restrict their access tocertain websites. The topic “Safety on the Internet” came as an impetus for many parentsto get to know computer better. Soon, the parents will have the possibility of attendingshort-term computer courses.ACCESS TO THE ONLINE AREAInfonet Alliance has already made a tradition of bringing somebody new online during theGet Online Week campaign. This year, it was the Society of Ornithology of Moldovaand the Public Association of Women “Initiative” in Straseni. INFONET Alliancecreated blogs for the two institutions and in the long run they will have an adviser todevelop and manage the blogs.4| „HAI PE NET 2013! ÎMPREUNĂ ADUCEM MOLDOVA ONLINE!”
  5. 5. WORLD WATER DAY IN CALARASI World Water Day was marked at the theoretical lyceum “Mihai Sadoveanu” in Calarasi. Within the campaign Get Online 2013! We bring Moldova Online Together!, lyceum pupils broadcast a radio programme dedicated to World Water Day. Their goal was to draw people’s attention to the need to protect water both quantitatively and qualitatively and to emphasize the role, duties and responsibilities of those in charge of preserving and doing their best to protect water sources.PRIZE FOR COURAGE, PRIZE FOR OPENNESS AND ACCESS TO INFORMATIONWithin the campaign Get Online 2013! We bring Moldova Online Together!, INFONETAlliance awarded a prize for openness and access to information to the mayoralty of thevillage Iordanovca for their ambition and courage.Iordanovca is a small village in the southern Basarabeasca district with a population ofonly 950, of whom 17.68 per cent have left for abroad looking for a job.After “scanning the environment” it was ascertained that over 90 per cent of Iordanovcaresidents had no access to official administrative information and the community’sdiaspora was practically excluded from the decision-making process. The solution identifiedby the community was to open the local government data, to ensure transparency andoptimize the operation of the local public authorities by using ICT and by involving ordinarypeople (including from diaspora) in the decision-making process.The public association Bastina in partnership with theIordanovca mayoralty successfully implemented the projectOptimizing and Enhancing the Responsibility of theLocal Public Administration by Opening LocalGovernment Data and Involving Citizens in theDecision-Making Process. The Iordanovca Local Councilapproved the plan of ensuring transparency in the localadministrative process and the involvement ofcitizens in the decision-making process. Thus a newgateway appeared on the “map of information searchers” –www.iordanovca.md. INFONET Alliance backed thecommunity’s effort and donated a computer to theIordanovca village mayoralty to stock and archive localadministrative documents, thus ensuring everybody’saccess to them.ADR HABITAT HAS LAUNCHED A NEW BOOK The Regional Development Agency HABITAT in Rezina has made one good tradition of editing a book every year. This year it launched the book Medierea – soluţie eficientă a conflitelor de munca, responsabilitate în prevenirea şi reducerea şomajului within Get online Week 2013. The book offers efficient solutions to labour conflicts and ways to enhance responsibility in preventing and decreasing the unemployment rate.5| „HAI PE NET 2013! ÎMPREUNĂ ADUCEM MOLDOVA ONLINE!”
  6. 6. MEDIA PRODUCTS MADE BY AND WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF INFONETALLIANCE DURING GET ONLINE WEEK13Video: Ion Balan - Demers pentru o societate incluziva; Andrei Gavriliță, formatorîn domeniul Tehnologiilor Informaționale și de Comunicare; Promo E-learningScoala Liderului Comunitar, Dezbateri Publice la Cobusca Veche; Stefan Sandic -un migrant optimist care investeste in tehnologie; Roman Juncu - despre TIC siafacere sa; Victor Bragari, antreprenor din Orhei despre TIC; Diaspora MD, acrowdsourced map for a pro-active communication with the Moldovancommunities abroadAudio: The happy end of a tragic story that started back in 1953; Dimensiuneaeuropeană - Dialog despre E-learning ŞCOALA LIDERULUI COMUNITARLive: Lansarea "Hărții digitale DIASPORA MD"; Lansarea aplicațiilor digitaleALEGERI MD și JOB-4-DISABILITYOn-line: Campania “Hai pe NET – 2013! - Întâlnire on-line cu cititorii HotNews.mdPower Point: Biblioteca publica - facilitator pentru incluziunea digitala; CobuscaVeche - consultarea publică a părţilor interesate; Planul de asigurare atranspararentei actului administrativ local si implicarea cetatenilor in procesuldecizionalCROSS-BORDER PARTNERSHIP MEMORANDUM IN THE AREA OF INFORMATIONSOCIETYOn 24 March 2013, the Pro Support Association from Romania in partnership with theAccess to Information and Training Community Centers Alliance of Moldova signed aPartnership Memorandum aimed at mobilizing logistic and financial means and joiningefforts to use them at the level of the Moldovan-Romanian cross-border region. The goal isto involve decision-makers and public and private stakeholders in joint actions so as toidentify solutions to boost sustainable development of society by promoting:Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to develop an inclusive “informationsociety” and reduce digital divide between various social groups and build eSkills; ITservices for key sectors: eHealth, eMedicine, eTrade, eLearning, TeleMedicine, eTraining,eAgriculture, Business Intelligence, eManagement; New forms of education and training,as well as eLearning, distance learning and blended learning; ICT products and services toimprove energy; efficiency. Digital solutions of preserving cultural property, both materialand immaterial, characteristic of the geographic cross-border region.6| „HAI PE NET 2013! ÎMPREUNĂ ADUCEM MOLDOVA ONLINE!”
  7. 7. GET ONLINE WEEK 2013 IN MOLDOVA Moldova Breakdown Total Respondents in Moldova - 4304The Alliance of Access to Information and Training Community Centres – Moldova expresses sincere gratitude to all partners and those who backed and promoted the campaign get Online Week in Moldova.INSTEAD OF CONCLUSIONThere is no financial crisis in the world, there is a crisis of ideas! Ideas are everywhere,ideas fear no borders. Internet has no barriers. You may live in a Moldovan village andconcurrently work in Poland or the USA. In Moldova, there are already pre-requisites forcreating an Alliance for a Digital Moldova. It is paramount that we join our efforts. Thisfree community of personalities, non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, donorcommunities, decision-makers would ensure an efficient communication framework meantto consolidate an informational society in Moldova.Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small people who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it… IMPOSSIBLE IS TEMPORARY! GET ONLINE! WE BRING MOLDOVA ONLINE TOGETHER!7| „HAI PE NET 2013! ÎMPREUNĂ ADUCEM MOLDOVA ONLINE!”