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2014 WASHEQ Promotion Brochure


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Promotion brochure for WASHEQ 2014 taking place in Accra Ghana.

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2014 WASHEQ Promotion Brochure

  1. 1. 29 AUGUST 2014, LA PALM ROYAL BEACH HOTEL, ACCRA ,  GHANA 4th Edition of WASHEQ Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Welcome from SHEQ FOUNDATION Welcome from SHEQ FOUNDATION It is with great pleasure that SHEQ Foundation and its Nigerian partner Safety Advocacy &Empowerment Foundation invite you to present, participate , exhibit, advertise and sponsor the 4th WASHEQ Conference to be held at the La y g Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra on the 29th of August 2014. The theme for the 2014 conference is “Charge towards the future...Targeting zero together”. The theme reflects the direction we want to take with respect to SHEQ. Presenters will enable us all to build our knowledge and strengthen the fields of injury prevention and safety promotion within West Africa. As West Africa continues to grow and prosper, we have a shared responsibility to provide a safe working environment for all of our workers. By investing in a healthy future, employers will provide the blueprint for attracting and protecting our most valuable resource—our people. As professionals in the field, you recognize that effective health and safety measures give us a competitive advantage. Hard‐working Africans expect to go home safely to their f ili at the end of each working d T attract and retain the skilled h i families h d f h ki day. To d i h kill d workers we need to build our economy, we must meet this expectation. Table of Contents 2012 Conference highlights  ‐ 2 Call for paper & presenters ‐ Call for paper & presenters 4 Sponsorship/Exhibition ‐ 5 Advertising opportunities ‐ 5 WASHEQ 2013 tickets ‐ 6 Venue & visa  info ‐ 6 Awards – 7 A d LA PALM ROYAL BEACH HOTEL  Conference Centre The conference provides an excellent opportunity to promote your Organization and contributions from corporate sponsors allow us to offer a quality educational experience at an affordable cost. Our conference committee is dedicated enthusiastic diverse and collaborative – dedicated, enthusiastic, diverse, representatives from industry, and work tirelessly year‐round to develop original programs and select speakers that represent the “best of the best.” Year after year, attendees tell us they come away with practical tools they can use immediately in their workplaces; they also meet people who can help them solve specific safety challenges and develop professionally. The last three conferences were successful in providing sponsors, exhibitors and advertisers with significant exposure to a wide range of conference participants. I hope you will be able to join us at the conference in the assurance that it will assist you in dealing with SHEQ management within your organization. I look for ard to welcoming you on the da forward elcomin o day. Ella Tieku Executive Director SHEQ FOUNDATION 2
  3. 3. WASHEQ 2012 & 2013 Highlights Regional Visitors: Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, & Cote  D’Ivoire. Other Countries: South Africa, Canada, U.K, U.S.A,  55% of visitors could either recommend, specify  or make a purchasing decision. Top 10 Visitor Job Functions – WASHEQ 2012 1 Safety Professionals including HSE managers  65.00% 2 Technical Management 12% 3 Senior Management 8% 4 General Operating 5% 5 Education & Training 5% 6 Others 5% h For more info contact Richard Darko on +233246293512 or email him at On your mobile/ipad/android download are app  at :
  4. 4. Call for Papers & Presenters Call for Papers & Presenters SHEQ Foundation Annual West Africa Safety, Health, Environment & Quality conference attracts more than 350 delegates from the West Africa industry workforce, major product suppliers contractors and representatives from suppliers, government, industry groups and unions. We bring together the best and brightest in the field of SHEQ for teaching, learning, and sharing best practices and provides exceptional learning and networking opportunities. This year’s Theme the theme year s “Charge towards the Charge future...Targeting zero together” reflects the journey that we are all focusing on. The conference will feature a mix of invited international keynotes and a full programme of peer reviewed technical presentations covering every aspect of SHEQ issues from a p p West Africa perspective. We ask presenters to cover the topics that West Africans take  for granted and is often overlooked when examining  workplace injury  concerns. We have 15 slots and that includes  8 breakout sessions. Submissions are welcomed under the following topics: road safety, fire safety, COSHH, Healthy workplaces, waste  disposal ,noise,  and the basic safety skills workers need as our  industry grows. Breakout sessions are 45 minutes with the other 7 slot s of 20  minute duration. IMPORTANT DATES Submissions Due: 1st February 2014 Selection Process: 1 March 2014 Notification: 1 April 2014 Final Papers Due: 1 June 2014 PowerPoint Presentations: 1 July 2014 PROPOSAL GUIDELINES Please submit a 500 word abstract, summarising the presentation and the presenters professional background.  Proposals may be submitted via email to The  breakout sessions should cater for 3 Skill Levels,  please ensure your session will cater for one of theses skill  sets: • Novice: Defined as ideal for someone new to the safety industry • Intermediate: Defined as ideal for someone not new to the industry but not yet an expert • Advanced: Defined as ideal for someone who is an expert in the safety industry All submissions selected for presentation at the Conference will be included on the proceedings USB given to all conference delegates.
  5. 5. Sponsorship,  Advertising & Exhibition Sponsorship The 4th WASHEQ Conference in Accra is shaping up to be the best yet, as per the theme of the conference we are continuously improving to deliver a better conference . To fund this non‐profit event, we rely heavily on sponsorship. Your sponsorship will ensure that your organization receives maximum exposure and opportunity for promotion; the cost to individual delegates is minimised, allowing more delegates to attend; and the conference is of the highest possible standard. Whilst we are confident that packages will meet your expectations,  we are open  to discuss  alternative sponsorship opportunities or  variation to the packages. Examples of other sponsorships include  morning or afternoon  tea, drinks, entertainment,  USBs to be   given to participants etc. Without all of you, we would not be able to provide a place and   time each year when we can learn, be encouraged, inspire others  as we further ourselves and  our organizations in our pursuit of  health and safety. health and safety. Sponsorship Brackets DIAMOND – TBA ‐9m2 exhibition booth – 15 tickets PLATINUM‐GHC3000 ‐4m2 exhibition booth ‐ 4 tickets GOLD – GHC 2000 – 3 tickets SILVER – GHC 1000 – 2 tickets BRONZE – GHC 500 – 1 ticket Companies can benefit from a range of opportunities for highly  valuable extra visibility by becoming sponsors of WASHEQ 2014. Advertising Companies can reserve advertising space in the WASHEQ   2014 Programme book.  The Program brochure  will be  distributed onsite to all attendees. 600 copies will be  presented and remaining copies sent  to companies who  presented and remaining copies sent to companies who did not make it. Bookings for advertising space are considered on   first‐come, first‐served basis. If interested please send  advert in pdf format and proof of payment to Outside back cover  / /  Inside back cover /  Full Page  GHC  / Exhibition 500  Exhibitors will be acknowledged in the delegates Half page GHC 250  conference packs and on the conference display screen. In addition, we will publish a list of all exhibitors on our website. Please submit website address, high quality logo and a 50 word description of your business that you wish to promote to conference delegates and more! 20 exhibition booths are available. ( confirmed exhibitor for 2014 include CPSS, SMTS, ESHCOL & CARES so 16 slots left) Prices  Prices 1 4/4 ft square – GHC 600   includes 1 ticket 2 6/6 ft square – GHC 900   includes 2 tickets 3 9/9 ft square – GHC 1200 includes 3 tickets Let sponsorship of this internationally attended event work for you  to highlight your brand, recognize your company, and link your  organization with  West Africa ‘s Premiere SHEQ Conference. i i i h W Af i ‘ P i SHEQ C f The shell scheme package includes: • Modular walls • Fascia panel(s) with company  name,  stand number •  Lighting • Power socket and supply •  Furniture package comprising table and  2 chairs.  Not only will your organization benefit from the goodwill and  exposure that sponsorship brings, but your participation will  positively impact the safety of the West Africa industry as a whole.  For the full exhibition or sponsorship brochure please  send  mail to WASHEQ 2012 SPONSORS
  6. 6. WASHEQ 2014 Tickets Tickets to attend WASHEQ 2014 will be available January 2014, as usual they will be etickets, proof of payment is sent to sheqfoundation and we send you an eticket, this reduces are cost to organise conference thereby reducing conference participation cost. Registration and participation fee of NGN 10,000 or $60 or GHC120. To register to attend click here and when tickets go on sale we will send you a reminder email. g g y Copy and paste in your browser Ghana  Account Name: SHEQ Foundation Account No. 0101100002582 Bank: UT Bank, Airport City, Accra Email to receipt   slip and you will be sent your e‐ticket Nigeria  Account Name: SAFETY ADVOCACY &  EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION Account No. 0128006518 Bank: GT Bank Email to receipt   slip and you will be sent your e‐ticket Conference Venue & Visa LA PALM ROYAL BEACH HOTEL, ACCRA, GHANA Visa Requirements for Ghana West Africans do not require a visa for Ghana as we are all part of the ECOWAS community  however you need a valid passport.  Other foreigners require a passport and a Ghana visa to  enter the country, and should obtain the visa in advance from a Ghana embassy or  consulate in their home country.
  7. 7. WASHEQ 2014 AWARDS This year we have 3 awards to give away: Do you know an electrical safety champion that need to be rewarded for his great work…send us mail and all the information about him or her. The Individual Safety Award acknowledges outstanding contributions by individual employees in establishing and maintaining high standards of occupational safety and health activities and achievements. The contributions to workplace health and safety should be verifiable. Evaluation will take into account the different circumstances of the Industry. The Safety Leadership Award is to encourage the recognition of heads, managers and supervisors for their efforts to improve or sustain high health and safety standards either at a business unit or at a corporate level. The contributions to workplace health and safety should be verifiable. Evaluation will take into account the different circumstances of the Industry. Award Criteria The criteria against initiatives identified as a notable achievement will be judged are as follows follows: 1. Risk/s addressed: The significance to the industry of the health and/or safety risk addressed by the initiative 2. Applicability: The degree to which the initiative to improving health and safety has widespread applicability across the industry in which he works 3. Effectiveness: The extent to which the initiative has resulted in, or has the potential to result in reduction of risk to health and safety 4. Leading Practice: The degree to which the initiative achieves, or has the potential to achieve, goals beyond regulatory compliance. 5. Commitment to zero harm: Overall commitment demonstrated to by the notable achievement to eliminating health and safety incidents in the Industry. Nominations This may be made by anyone who is aware of an employee who would qualify for a safety award. Send information below about nominee to latest by June 2014. •Name of nominee(s). Where there is a company or team please specify • A outline of the notable achievement; and • A statement as to why the notable achievement should receive the Award in light of the five criteria