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Research Papers


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Research Papers

  1. 1. Research Papers : Presentations and Publications • My research paper titled “Study of Job Insecurity – employees’ perspective, with reference to the pull and push factors in an ideal IT work space” has been published with Review of Business & Technology Research (An International Journal of Business & Technology Research), Vol. 4, No.1, July 2011 (ISSN 1941-9414). • My research paper titled "Study of Job Insecurity and its influence on Organisational Behaviour" has been published with Matrix Business Review, Volume 2, Issue 1, September 2011 (ISSN 2230-8717). • Presented my paper titled “Social Intelligence in Leaders and its effect on Organisational Commitment of Employees” at National Conference on Innovation for Organisational Excellence, Mumbai on 24th October 2011. The same paper is being published in a book by the organizer, Smt. K.G.Mittal Institute of Management, Information Technology and Research. • My research paper titled “Role of Students in Entrepreneurship” has been published in the January 2012 issue of International Journal of Management & Social Sciences (Index Copernicus Journal id: 6913; ISSN 2249-0191). • Presented my paper titled “Consumers’ Myopia for Cosmetic Products and Concept of Beauty, with reference to western India" at National Conference on Challenges and Prospective in Engineering, Management & Pharmacy, organized by BM Colleges, Indore. The same paper is being published in a book by the organizer. • My research paper titled "Selection of Business School : a research on students, faculty and corporate" has been published in Matrix Business Review, Volume I, Issue 3, February 2012 (ISSN 2230-8717). • Presented a research paper on Student Entrepreneurs at International Conference on Entrepreneurship Research in BRIC countries, hosted by IIM Bangalore, on 9th December 2011. • Presented a research paper on “Job Insecurity – A factor influencing Attrition” at 3rd Conference on Excellence in Research and Education 2011, IIM Indore, on 16th May 2011. • Presented a research paper on “Job Insecurity from Organisation’s Perspective – Proposing a Construct” at International Conference on Managing Excellence for Global Paradigm in Business Technology, on 15-16 July 2011. • My research paper titled “Social Intelligence – a study of antecedents and outcomes” has been presented and published at Nirma International Conference on Management 2012, scheduled between 5-7th January 2011, being hosted by Nirma University.