Website Analytics - 60% Of The Time It Works Every Time


Published on - Anna Lewis looks at the best ways to understand and present data to get the best for any business or SEO project.

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  • I’m here to talk about statistics, ways to get the data, why to think about what you’re looking at critically and how to speed up getting the data.
  • Website Analytics - 60% Of The Time It Works Every Time

    1. Website Analytics60% of the Time it Works Every Time Anna Lewis @Koozai_Anna
    2. 2
    3. Dear Client,In January you had 2,375 visits and I built 34 links.Love from,Your SEO Monkey
    4. Dear Client,Here are some keywords with numbers:Love from,Your SEO Monkey
    5. Dear Client,Here are some numbers for keywords, showing how well they have improvedcompared to last month:Love from,Your SEO Sheep
    6. Dear Client,I have created a custom report to highlight which keywords and landing pageshave the most visits and how many of these visits are unique, bounce or exit:Love from,Your Amazing SEO
    7. Dear Client,Here is the second part of a custom report to highlight which keywords andlanding pages have the most conversions and best conversion rates:Love from,Your Amazing SEO
    8. Dear Client,Here is your custom report, comparing December to January, showing theareas where improvements have been made and highlighting where we needto focus: Love from, Your Awesome SEO
    9. Custom Reports +Custom Dashboards = Custom Analysis Download this custom report:
    10. Keyword statistics + ranks = Full picture
    11. 1. Create Excel document and add list of keywords 2. Export Analytics data CSV and copy to another sheet in document 3. Export ranks to CSV and copy to another sheet in document 4. In sheet use Vlookup to find rank: =VLOOKUP(A3,Rank - Dec11!$B$2:$C$31,2,FALSE) =look for(keyword, rankings table, second column, exact match) 5. Use Vlookup, If and IsNA to find traffic and replace no data with 0 =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A3,Traffic - Dec11!$A$8:$F$407,2,FALSE)),0, VLOOKUP(A3,Traffic - Dec11!$A$8:$F$407,2,FALSE))=if(result is #NA(look for(keyword, traffic data table, second column, exact match)),result to show if it’s #NA, When not NA look for(keyword, traffic data table, second column, exact match))
    12. Why Use an API?• Save time• Increase accuracy• Remove errors• Get unsampled data• Customise reporting
    13. How we savedhours a month!
    14. + + Macro=
    15. Previously:60 clients x 15 minutes of human input = 15 hours per month
    16. Now: (Template + 60 client details) x Macro = 60 data reports created in 1.5 hours per monthwith 1 minute of human input per month
    17. Excellent Analytics
    18. SEO Tools for Excel
    19. SEO Tools for Excel
    20. Next Analytics Google Analytics, $79 a year Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, $199 a year
    21. Automate Analytics GA Data Grabber by Mikael Thuneberg
    22. SEOGadget’s AdWords API Excel Plugin
    23. Advanced Segment Keyword - Exactly Matches - (not provided)
    24. Landing Pages Dan Barker on how to steal data back:
    25. Standard Attribution in Google Analytics My explanation of first and last click attribution:
    26. Multi Channel Funnels 30 DAY Journey to conversion
    27. Overview
    28. Top Conversion Paths
    29. Top Conversion Paths – Brand Intent
    30. Assisted Conversions – Brand Intent
    31. Assisted Conversions - Query Length
    32. Assisted Conversions - Query Length • 1 Word Queries ^s*[^s]+(s+[^s]+){0}s*$ • 2 Word Queries ^s*[^s]+(s+[^s]+){1}s*$ • 3 Word Queries ^s*[^s]+(s+[^s]+){2}s*$ • 4 Word Queries ^s*[^s]+(s+[^s]+){3,}s*$
    33. Custom Grouping Ideas • Longtail vs. Generic • Categories of keywords • Core target keywords • AdWords or email campaigns • Organic, affiliate, paid traffic • Types of social traffic • Split paid traffic by search and display ads • Click from keywords in position 1, 2, 3 etc • Clicks from keywords on page 1, page 2 etc
    34. Review Targets• Optimise relevant keywords• Target different keywords• Look for ways to bring in more new visitors• Invest more in sources that assist conversions
    35. Make On-Page Updates• Target different landing page• Encourage on page interaction• Implement CRO optimisation and tests • Instill benefits • Create urgency • Streamline checkout
    36. Further ReadingKoozai blog for slides and related articles: Custom Report: Barker on how to steal (not provided) data back: explanation of first and last click attribution: Analytics: and Tom Critchlow explains: Tools for Excel: and Analytics: Analytics, GA Data Grabber Tool: AdWords API Excel Plugin: Analytics API Introduction: started yourself: API Dimensions and Metrics Library:
    37. Image Credits7 - (Lips)20 - - (Lego House)
    38. Anna Lewis (nee Spear) @Koozai_Anna /Koozai /Koozai