How To Make The World See Your Content


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Three case studies on what makes great content work, with actionable tips that can used on big and small scale content projects.

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How To Make The World See Your Content

  1. 1. How to Make the World See Your Content James Perrin
  2. 2. What Is Content Marketing?  Creating and sharing content to engage with existing and potential consumers  Content marketing can include: – Blogs, Infographics, Whitepapers, Videos, Podcasts, Webinars, plus much more  Fundamental to what we do in SEO – On-Page Marketing (Website Content) – Off-Page Marketing (Inbound Content) @Koozai_James
  3. 3. #Brickgate Featuring The MailOnline and Samantha Brick @Koozai_James
  4. 4. #Brickgate @Koozai_James
  5. 5. #Brickgate Results  5,725 comments  218,000 Facebook Likes  50,000 Facebook Shares  Unprecedented levels of search activity and mentions on Twitter Volume of searches for term ‘Samantha Brick’ on Twitter @Koozai_James
  6. 6. Key Characteristics of #Brickgate  Created something that got people talking and sharing – This piece was deliberately provocative.  They knew their audience – It fitted perfectly with the MailOnline’s audience and brand.  Social Media was key to its success – The story was naturally suited to sharing via a social media platform. @Koozai_James
  7. 7. #WillItBlend Featuring Blendtec and Tom Dickson @Koozai_James
  8. 8. #WillItBlend Results  400,000 subscribers to WillItBlend’s YouTube channel  190 million views of all their videos  Increased brand awareness  Retail sales were up 500% in 2008 and 700% in 2009  Traffic to the site improved by 650%  Online sales increased five-fold @Koozai_James
  9. 9. Key Characteristics of #WillItBlend:  Created content that tapped into human curiosity - WillItBlend shocks us, makes us laugh, entertains us. It’s emotive and it works.  Targeted to their audience – They created actionable content off the back of audience’s suggestions. Developed key influencers and an audience.  Engagement with users via social media - Ideas, recommendations and requests were sourced from their community of followers. @Koozai_James
  10. 10. #OldSpiceGuy Featuring Old Spice and Isaiah Mustafa @Koozai_James
  11. 11. #OldSpiceGuy Results:  More than 35 million views of uploaded videos during first week  309,658 subscribers on YouTube  284,702,531 video views on Old Spice’s Believe in your Smellf channel  58,000 new Twitter followers  29,000 new Facebook fans  A sales increase of over 100% in just one month @Koozai_James
  12. 12. Key Characteristics of #OldSpiceGuy Created actionable content that tells a story – It had abeginning, middle and an end to make it memorable. Targeted content in the context of community - Used avariety of social media platforms, most notably YouTube andTwitter to create content that their community wanted. Engaged with their target audience - Old Spiceaccomplished this by interacting with real people on a numberof social media platforms. @Koozai_James
  13. 13. Create#Brickgate was deliberately provocative#WillItBlend was humanistic#OldSpiceGuy was actionable @Koozai_James
  14. 14. Target#Brickgate appealed to women and ‘haterz’(The Daily Mail’s market)#WillItBlend and #OldSpiceGuy appealed tocommunity of followers and key influencers @Koozai_James
  15. 15. Engage#Brickgate was so good, it shared itself. Yet it wasengaged with thanks to trollbait#WillItBlend and #OldSpiceGuy interacted with theright people at the right time @Koozai_James
  16. 16. Create Content Ensure it’s actionable, humanistic and either provocative or usefulApplied example: How to LearnSEOResults:54 Facebook Likes585 Tweets83 +1’s84 LinkedIn SharesOver 6,500 page views @Koozai_James
  17. 17. Target Your ContentEstablish a community of followers and identify key influencersApplied example: Guest blogpostResults:223 Tweets7 +1’s57 LinkedIn SharesBrand exposureStrong link towards site @Koozai_James
  18. 18. Engage With Your Community Source problems, questions or issues and create actionable contentNearly 800 page views to date Over 1,000 page viewsInteracting with key influencers Started a debate on key issue Video watched over 600 times Over 1,000 views / 100 shares Interacting with key brands Invited a guest author to write @Koozai_James
  19. 19. Your New Content Marketing Plan1. Identify key influencers and communities2. Research title ideas3. Research competitors’ content4. Create compelling content5. Promote6. Analyse and measure @Koozai_James
  20. 20. James Perrin @Koozai_James /Koozai /Koozai
  21. 21. References @Koozai_James