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Seo Strategies and The Purchase Funnel


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in this presentation, Koozai's Head of SEO, Natalie, looks at search strategies and the purchase funnel

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Seo Strategies and The Purchase Funnel

  2. 2. People search in different ways
  3. 3. Brands need to understand how their audience is searching
  4. 4. Different search queries dictate where a user is in the buying process
  5. 5. Historically there have been three types of search query • Navigational • Informational • Transactional
  6. 6. This model was extended to include types of transactional query known as Micro Moments
  7. 7. SEO works hardest at the awareness stage, however…
  8. 8. Unaware Aware Loyalty Consideration Preference Buy Advocacy
  9. 9. U N A W A R E / A W A R E AWARENESS
  10. 10. Awareness Desktop Mobile Voice Search Facebook / Twitter YouTubeApp Store Google Local Knowledge Graph Featured Snippets
  11. 11. In the market for a plumber? How would you search?
  12. 12. In {place}?
  13. 13. “near me”?
  14. 14. Local plumbers?
  15. 15. Keyword data shows the most popular searches in this sector Keyword Search Volume plumber 40500 plumbers near me 14800 emergency plumber 6600 local plumbers 4400 plumber london 2400 plumbers in my area 1000 plumbers in london 880 find a plumber 880 gas plumber 720 24 hour plumber 590 emergency plumber near me 590
  16. 16. But this doesn’t tell the whole story. The long tail tells us more about the audience’s needs.
  17. 17. Gain an understanding of all possible search queries in your brand’s keyword landscape
  18. 18. Shift toward more conversational search queries, prepare content for Voice Search Keyword Search Volume i need an electrician 70 i need a bricklayer 90 i need a gardener 70 i need a plumber 90 Keyword Search Volume find me a tradesman 70 find me a builder 110 find me a plumber 50 find me a tradesperson 30 Keyword Search Volume how to find a builder 90 how to find a good builder 110 how to find a good painter 90 how to find a reputable builder 90
  19. 19. Social media platforms used as a search engine, particularly for local queries
  20. 20. Don’t overlook video search
  21. 21. Position #0 - Know where featured snippets are firing and create content for these needs
  22. 22. People also ask can be a rich source of information for follow-up content pieces
  23. 23. Awareness Summary • When conducting keyword research, consider all the ways that your audience will be searching for your product or service • Not yet a seismic shift, but consumers are moving away from using short tail keywords to answer their needs
  25. 25. Consideration & Preference Structured Data Blog Content Longform Content Content Seeding & Promotion Video Content Product Reviews Site Speed Influencer Marketing PR
  26. 26. Organic visibility is dependent on 3 elements • Technical SEO • On-Page SEO • Off-site SEO
  27. 27. All three must occur for a site to rank well in organic search.
  28. 28. Without technical…
  29. 29. Without on-page…
  30. 30. Without off-site…
  31. 31. Over 50% of all users will abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load For e-commerce, 79% of users who experience poor website performance have stated they will not return to that site again, and around 44% of them would tell a friend if they had a poor experience shopping online.
  32. 32. Maximise your local visibility using local ranking signals
  33. 33. Take up all the SERP real estate you can - Knowledge Graph
  34. 34. Remember the keyword landscape? Use to determine your content strategy
  35. 35. Don’t focus on the format, concentrate on meeting your customer’s needs
  36. 36. Regularly update your content to aid with site crawls and indexation
  37. 37. Build content that attracts attention (i.e. links)
  38. 38. Know what success looks like for your content, e.g. links, traffic, engagement
  39. 39. Consideration Summary • “Traditional” SEO, i.e. targeting high volume head terms is still important for top level awareness, however the long tail is of equal importance • Create detailed, engaging content that answers your audience’s questions • Create content that captures the imagination of users and publishers to drive link acquisition
  40. 40. CONVERSION
  41. 41. Conversion & Purchase Content Marketing Content Promotion in Email Marketing On Site Reviews Off-Site Reviews SEO data for UX / CRO
  42. 42. Whilst SEO’s main role is driving traffic, SEO data can be used to inform a conversion strategy
  43. 43. Use Search Console and Google Analytics to gauge organic landing page performance
  44. 44. Conversion Summary • Ensure your product offering matches your audience’s needs as closely as possible • Use SEO data to understand how landing pages are converting and apply learnings to a CRO strategy
  45. 45. L O Y A L T Y / A D V O C A C Y LOYALTY
  46. 46. Loyalty & Advocacy PR Blog Content Video Content Longform Content User Generated Content Brand Affinity Domain Authority
  47. 47. Delivering a consistent content experience can assist with brand loyalty
  48. 48. Consider UGC and different campaign mechanics to keep your users returning
  49. 49. Content developed for the end user and publisher has potential to gain natural links Content produced according to user needs Content is promoted to publishers Content gains links from influencers Content ranks higher Content gains links naturally as a result of increased exposure Domain Authority increases, site ranks higher overall Increased likelihood of return visitors
  50. 50. Loyalty Summary • Regular updates to content assets are recommended to establish trust amongst your audience • Use content campaign mechanics that encourage your audience to return
  52. 52. Things to takeaway • Understanding your brand’s keyword landscape is absolutely vital • Support technical and on-page SEO with a content marketing strategy based on your audience’s needs • Regularly update your site’s content to encourage brand loyalty and advocacy
  53. 53. Thanks for listening. @Koozai Tel: 0330 353 0300