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Paid Media Strategies and The Purchase Funnel


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In this presentation, Koozai's Head of Paid Search, Marcus, looks at SEO Strategies and The Purchase Funnel

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Paid Media Strategies and The Purchase Funnel

  1. 1. @marcusknight Albert House – July 2017 KILLER SEARCH STRATEGIES USING THE PURCHASE FUNNEL
  2. 2. What is the purchase funnel?
  3. 3. What does this actually mean?
  4. 4. We are all part of these journeys
  5. 5. U N A W A R E / A W A R E AWARENESS
  6. 6. Intro
  7. 7. The goal has always been the same
  8. 8. Strategies to help you achieve this
  9. 9. YouTube In-Stream Ads are amazing for brand awareness and come in at a low cost.
  10. 10. Display ads on a CPC model can drive thousands of impressions without a huge cost.
  11. 11. Instagram ads are disruptive by nature but with the right messaging can entice.
  12. 12. What does success look like here?
  14. 14. 72%Return to Google For consideration stage research
  15. 15. 65%Spend 16+ minutes Comparison shopping before purchasing
  16. 16. Strategies to reach these users
  17. 17. Google and Bing search is imperative if you are looking to keep audiences at this stage.
  18. 18. Bid on competitors names using Gmail ads to entice customers away if they receive mail.
  19. 19. Local Search Ads on Google Maps for desktop can appear in the search results & on the map.
  20. 20. 92%Consumers will.. Read online reviews
  21. 21. 95%Consumers will.. Suspect fake reviews if there is no negatives
  22. 22. Have a presence when potential customers are looking for reviews, vouchers & discounts.
  23. 23. What does success look like here?
  24. 24. CONVERSION
  25. 25. User journeys will vary for each of us
  26. 26. However long it takes, we always hope to end up here
  27. 27. Here’s some tips for the conversion stage
  28. 28. 69%Cart abandoners Do so because they believe returns would be complicated
  29. 29. Remind users how easy it is for them
  30. 30. Dynamic Remarketing can be used for any sector to show highly relevant display ads.
  31. 31. Use Similar Audiences to target potential customers with a similar demographic to yours.
  32. 32. +60%Impressions +50%Clicks +41%Conversions
  33. 33. Countdown Ads create a sense of urgency and can often increase your conversion rate.
  34. 34. LinkedIn Matched Audiences are their version of customer match for B2B
  35. 35. LinkedIn Lead Gen ads allow signups without leaving the LinkedIn mobile app browser
  36. 36. What does success look like here? £
  37. 37. L O Y A L T Y / A D V O C A C Y LOYALTY
  38. 38. 500%More cost To acquire new vs existing customers
  39. 39. 65%Of consumers say rewards impacts their frequency of purchase.
  40. 40. So why don’t we put more effort into customer loyalty?
  41. 41. Paid media historically has been about acquiring new customers
  42. 42. Here are some ways we can do it
  43. 43. Use Customer Match with Gmail Ads to offer loyalty discounts for existing customers.
  44. 44. If you have a rewards scheme, Facebook Customer Match promotion can work well.
  45. 45. Use time-based Remarketing to target buyers around the anniversary of their purchase.
  46. 46. Stop customers going to a competitor using RLSA with competitor keyword bidding.
  47. 47. Make sure you have every keyword covered with DSA & Customer Match/Converting RLSA.
  48. 48. Instagram Promoted Stories are rolling out slowly with video or slideshow image content.
  49. 49. Use RLSA to avoid showing new customer offers to your existing customer base.
  50. 50. Facebook Lead Gen Ads with Customer Match can promote your loyalty scheme.
  51. 51. Target your loyal blog readers with a thank you, then an eBook & then a sale!
  52. 52. What does success look like here?
  54. 54. Things to takeaway • Have a paid media strategy for the entire purchase funnel – don’t let your competitors steal your space • Understand which metrics you should be monitoring for your various strategies • Use attribution to make informed decisions on what works and what doesn’t
  55. 55. Thanks for listening. @Koozai Tel: 0330 353 0300