AdWords Enhanced Campaigns... Are You Ready?


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On 22nd July 2013 all AdWords accounts will switch to Enhanced Campaigns. To make sure you are ready for the change Tara has compiled together the steps you need to take. Following her step-by-step guide will ensure your account transitions across in the best possible way and that you can also take advantage of the new features that Google have added.

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  • 22nd July = D-Day!!!!!!!Don’t leave it til then….FOR EXAMPLE: if you are bidding on a keyword in your separate mobile campaign, and in your standard desktop campaign, you will end up with both keywords eligible to show on mobile and desktop – don’t double up!!! It will pick which one it thinks is most relevant based on your Quality Score.Learn how it works now - get the most out of it before everyone’s on tablet and costs rise…(resource
  • This will help you whether you’ve already upgraded or not.
  • Old methodNew method = all in one campaignEasier management nowBid adjustments of main desktop bid (eg if you bid £1 on desktop, and chose to have a 25% bid decrease for mobile devices, your mobile bid would be 75%) – BIDS AFFECT AVG POSITIONNo separate bidding for tablet Can’t separate tablet now (annoying because tablet behaves differently, and costs may increase)Multi-device campaigns – PURCHASED
  • Adjustments at campaign level – soon to be ad group level.
  • -Great for local businesses FOR EXAMPLE: A local estate agent might have 3 offices in Manchester, and bid on the whole of Manchester. They can increase their bids by 5% in a 1 mile radius of their offices as those victors are more likely to actually visit the offices and enquire. The might decrease their bids in locations where people are less likely to travel from or where their.-Even if you don’t have physical locations or are an ecommerce site, some areas will still convert better / worse – adjust bids accordingly. (Dimensions tab)-Make your AdWords Spend go further – better ROI - bids are higher in areas where conversions are most likely to happen, reduced when less likely-Exclude locations all together (eg ‘users in or searching for my location)-Location extensions are not new but now you can have them at ad group level instead of just campaign level so you can go to town if you have lots of physical locations!(Image
  • This example – tailor on Savile row – the area of Chelsea converts well for them so we’ve increased their bids by 5%
  • -Improve ROI-Great for local businesses FOR EXAMPLE if you are a restaurant increase bids around lunch time to increase lunch time footfall when people are most likely to become customers or be looking for a restaurant in the area.-If you’re a recruitment agency which is always inundated with new clients on a Monday, you might decrease your bids on a Monday as you know you’ll be busy anyway, and increase them on a Friday when things are generally quiet.-Bids affect average position-Review campaign performance by time-of-day (dimensions tab)-Increase bids at times when get conversions-Decrease when get less conversions and then see when you get most conversions, set custom bid adjustments for then, or set them for when you need an increase it CTR, or set them for when you can afford to decrease bids and save money eg when your ctr is already really good but your conversions aren’t great-6 diff time periods per dayImage creative commons,r:39,s:200,i:121&iact=rc&dur=568&page=9&tbnh=183&tbnw=158&ndsp=31&tx=89&ty=99
  • This is the tailor client – based on when she gets most enquiries via her website contact form as this is her conversion.
  • Bid adjustments stack up on top of each other – be aware!!!-Prioritise your bid adjustments-If you bid £1 as standard desktop bid, but increase it by 10% for people in Manchester city centre, it would be a bid of £1.10, but then if you bid 10% more between 1pm and 2pm it would be another 10% on top of that amount, so £1.10 + 10% of £1.10 which is £1.21Creative commons approved image:,r:1,s:0,i:172&iact=rc&dur=933&page=1&tbnh=179&tbnw=116&start=0&ndsp=24&tx=51&ty=97Old Image:
  • -Cost same as click – engagement is worth more-Schedule so if you’re an estate agent office open between 9-5pm only pay for calls when there’s someone there to take the call-Specify duration to be a conversion so if someone rang to ask about the property and it was sold, the call wouldn’t last long, but if they stayed on the line and booked a viewing that might be indication of a conversion-Ad group level and campaign level (eg if you have a shortcut for a particular part of your business such as sales vs lettings you can have them in separate ad groups and have separate call extensions)-Google forwarding numbers-Free on desktop & tablet-More data: eg how many clicks parts of your ads got (headline vs call extnsion)-Don’t lose data when editing themIncrease CTR by 6% on average ( creative commons approved,r:1,s:0,i:172&iact=rc&dur=633&page=1&tbnh=179&tbnw=270&start=0&ndsp=29&tx=218&ty=62)
  • Screenshot of where to get it
  • -More space – same price-‘mobile preferredsitelinks’ eg ‘how to find us’ page might be more interesting to mobile users-USPs add value!!-At least tensitelinks – in order of importance-Ad group level: ideal if you have lots of product versions (egecom site different sizes of the product – have the one product in the ad groups and sitelinks to the various sizes-Need to be in top positions for sitelinksIncrease CTR by 20% on average (
  • -Not just about discounts!!FOR EXAMPLE:-Plumbing company – free call out (would be free anyway)-tailoring company – free suit consultation-SEO Company – free site audit-Discount code / Amount off-Schedule them (eg if you’re a hairdressers which is always quiet on a Wednesday afternoon, offer a discount scheduled to run at this time, a restaurant might offer lunch deals-Cost the same but you get more space on the page – BARGAIN for them and you!!!!-Campaign level & ad group levelImage
  • -Same as a normal click cost but the engagement is worth a lot more!!!-Schedule-Now at ad group level-Tablet & mobile devices (device preference)Image
  • Should you target mobile at all?-Mob functionality – what is your conversion – what do you want them to do – can they do it on mobile?-If you target it at the moment does it work well? (CTR, conversions,)-GA – devices tab – bounce rate, pages per visit, conversions (organic and paid traffic so even if you don’t already target it)-Can’t separate-old school mobile sites need value track permeters
  • -Campaign level (soon to be add group level)-Consider current mobile bids-Current mobile actual CPCs (even if not mobile campaign segment by device)-More people will use mobile now…so you might pay more anyway-More people will go with Google’s suggested which will drive the cost of mobile up-If in doubt go with slightly under google’s recommended amount and then keep an eye -You’ll never pay more than you have to
  • Use mobile specific ads – screenshot or colour boxes???-When we used to separate out mobile from other campaigns, it was best practice to have mobile specific calls-to-action – this still stands,-normnal ads but click a box to say ‘mobile preferred’-use calls-to-action such as ‘browse our mobile site’ (proven better CTR)-not a guarantee that they’ll get served on mobile-have both mobile and non mobile ads-if using display use mobile ad formats-still use value track parameters in destination URL as its not a definite-Click ‘rotate indefinitely’ if you’re gonna split test – otherwise ‘rotate for 90 days then optimise’ at least.(Image
  • CAN DO IT NOWHow to switch to enhanced campaigns-if you already have multi-device campaigns-if you don’t target mobile-if you have separate campaigns for tablet and mobile atm-You can’t go back…Image
  • AdWords EditorCSV / Editor ExportImage:
  • If you haven’t got separate mobile tablet campaigns, or if you don’t target mobile at all…
  • This is a basic explanation
  • DON’T WORRY _ They’ll be online.Editorspreadhseets2 screensTheres a bit more too it like merging negatives to but this is a basic guide … there’s a comprehensivegudie from google I can send you a link to.Might seem complicated but do it before they do it for you….
  • -Same process but merge placements and exclusions too-Effects in same way (mobile bid adjustment, settings etc)-Call extinctions still applicable if using displayImage:
  • Screen shot with full screenProduct listing ads – same merge process
  • EC Bid Strategies – TARGET CPA
  • What is it?-Landing page relevance-Keyword relevance-Ad relevance (particularly headline)-Page loading speed-Performance on devices-Bid-Affects your ad rankIf you have to add any keywords, ads or ad groups to your original campaigns which were previously only in mobile or tablet campaigns, the Quality Score for mobile devices will not be affected -
  • Take time.
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  • AdWords Enhanced Campaigns... Are You Ready?

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    8. 8. Click ‘GetStarted’Set MobileBidAdjustmentUpgradeExtensionsMobile AdsSIMPLE UPGRADEPROCESS
    9. 9. Choose‘base’campaignEnsure all adgroupsmergeEnsure allkeywordsmergeEnsure allads mergeMergesettingsMergebudgetsMergeextensionsPause othercampaignsClick toupgradeSet mobilebidadjustmentUpgradeextensionsMonitor &optimise!MERGE PROCESS
    10. 10. Click ‘GetStarted’Set MobileBidAdjustmentUpgradeExtensionsMobile Ads
    11. 11. GOOGLE ADWORDSCONVERSION OPTIMIZERNot compatible with other bidadjustmentSet mobile bid adjustment at -100%Automatically Adjusts for TimesLocation & Device
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