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Plugins on word press


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This deck was presented in Bogotà in the WordCamp 2017 event by people who are part of the company.

Presented by: Rhonlaf Martinez, Front-end developer

Published in: Software
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Plugins on word press

  1. 1. @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  2. 2. Plugins in WordPress? No, shortcodes! Rhonalf Martinez @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  3. 3. Rhonalf Martinez @rhonaldomaster Front-end dev at Koombea @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  4. 4. What’s this about all about? ● What can I use it for? ● And where do I put it on the site? ● Action (without lights and cameras?) ● Some documentation. ● Farewell. @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  5. 5. Reusable snippets [shortcodes] ● Reuses ... what? ● Reusable snippet = reusable code. ● Can be used anywhere on the site. ● You do it your way. @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  6. 6. I understand ... and what can I use it for? For whatever you need! ● Customize your site with these tools your way. ● You do not have to repeat code. ● You can do them yourself or look for some implemented code on the internet. @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  7. 7. Excellent! And how do I create them? ● It’s code, so you can simply use your favorite editor. ● Add them to the theme's functions.php file. ● Use them on your site! @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  8. 8. Ready, set, go! @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  9. 9. A shortcode is added to the site using the syntax [nameshortcode]. You can receive parameters [nameshortcode parameter = "Hello"]. You can also send content [nameshortcode] Hello Mom! [/ Shortcode]. The shortcode will return a string that will be written to the page. @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  10. 10. After creating your shortcode, we tell Wordpress that we want to use it. To do this, we use the following instruction: add_shortcode ('name_user', 'create_user'); In our case: add_shortcode ('nameshortcode', 'say hi_to_mom'); @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  11. 11. And then what? Now comes the simple part: You just have to place the shortcode in the editor in your entry or page: @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  12. 12. And in your post / page you will see this: Yes, that's it. @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  13. 13. Are there any predefined shortcodes? Sure! Wordpress has the following: ● [audio] - ● [caption] - ● [embed] - ● [gallery] - ● [playlist] - ● [video] - @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  14. 14. Let's create a shortcode! @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  15. 15. We can use these online tools t-generator @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  16. 16. When using the tool Both will give us a text or code, which we must place in the file functions.php of the theme of our site. Then, we can use the shortcode in the input or page we want! // Add Shortcode function custom_shortcode() { return '<span>Hola mamá, mira lo que hice</span>'; } add_shortcode( 'testing', 'custom_shortcode' ); @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  17. 17. Some documentation ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● wordpress/ @rhonaldomaster #WCBogota
  18. 18. Thank you :)