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How to build a MVP app as a non-tech founder


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Your complete guide on getting what you need to build an MVP app as a non-tech founder. Learn how to bootstrap, build a niche market, go SaaS, and more.
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How to build a MVP app as a non-tech founder

  1. How  to  build  an  MVP  as  a   non-­‐tech  founder
  2. Agenda •  What is an MVP? •  How to •  Don’t quest for users, go for tangible market •  Go as Niche as possible •  Bootstrap •  Don’t wait, start awareness now •  Go SAS
  3. Perfect example of a non-tech founder who made it big? KEVIN ROSEFOUNDER of:
  4. What is a MVP? Minimum Viable Product •  The version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.
  5. Why a MVP?
  6. Why a MVP? When you’re starting to develop a new app, whether mobile or web, doing an MVP is the best way to do it because it’s lean and agile. Meaning for more versions faster and often to create the best, ultimate app.
  7. MVP Cost Quotes
  8. Big MVPs Cost & Time estimation (TNW)
  9. How So? i l d it u bu o yo d ully? essf Succ
  10. 1.Don’t quest for users, GO for a tangible market.
  11. People make the mistake of going after thousands of users.
  12. About how many startups fail?
  13. 90% of them.
  14. Remember Napster?
  15. $ 33.5 million into a platform GOODBYE
  16. Them, along with MySpace, failed to evolve with their user needs, yet they had millions of users.
  17. 2. Go as Niche as possible
  18. How to get a niche product… Find a problem to solve It’s more engaging and later profitable. Kitchen cabinet software, niche eh?
  19. With niche, you get… More effective networking, more effective marketing, and room for expansion.
  20. If you want to go BIG, think small.
  21. 3. Bootstrap it.
  22. Initially, you might start off with NOTHING for the initial costs of your business but what you have in your piggy bank.
  23. Only 16% of business owners take a paycheck from their start up their first year
  24. You might NEVER get money from investors EVER
  25. That’s good, you’re debt free & won’t owe any money to anyone but yourself.
  26. AND you are not beholden to anyone. You are your OWN BOSS
  27. So, use your resources
  28. This means… •  Having interns •  PR/market yourself (contact press and media, Social Media) •  Outsource
  29. 4. Don’t wait, start your awareness now.
  30. Stop worrying, you can start telling people about your product now.
  31. We built your MVP in 2 months. You don’t start marketing it until one year later….. Why wait that long?
  32. Don’t focus too hard on perfection. Don’t concern yourself with bug fixes. Your agency can fix those as time goes by.
  33. Why waiting hurts… •  Someone else can get to your niche market 1st. •  You spent all of your investment or personal money already and you never quite launched.
  34. Resulting in a failure
  35. 5. Go SaaS
  36. A software as service in which applications are hosted by a service provider and made available through the internet. SaaS?
  37. Why SaaS?
  38. It’s an estimated 21 billion dollar market by 2015 (Statspotting)
  39. SaaS benefits -Easier administration -Automatic updates -Compatibility (All users have same software version) -Easier collaboration -GLOBAL accessibility
  40. Point is…You don’t need to be a tech person to build an MVP. Follow these steps and you can easily build your app and service product into something successful.
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