Kony Mobility for Health Plans


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Kony Mobility for Health Plans

  1. 1. Kony  Health  Plan  
  2. 2. Kony  Overview   Markets:    Mul8-­‐Channel  Enterprise  Applica8on  PlaNorm   Financials:        Mul8-­‐Channel  B2C  &  B2E  Apps   6X  growth  over  last  2  years    Mul8-­‐Channel  Applica8on  Management           Ver5cals:    Financial  Services  |Travel  |  Retail  |  Automo8ve   2010   2011   2012     Healthcare  |  U8li8es  |  Telecommunica8ons      Manufacturing  Oil  &  Gas  |  Media  &   Entertainment       Employees:       From  200  to  900  employees   Customers:    Over  900M  end  user  sessions  annually      More  than  60  blue-­‐chip  deployments   2010   2011   2012        Deployed  in  38  countries         2007   2008   2010       2011     2015     Founded   Launch   Cash  Flow  Posi8ve     400%  Topline  Growth   $500M  Company         Kony  Mul5-­‐Channel  App  Management         Kony  Apps       Feature  Complete,  Extensible,  Configurable   KonyOne  Pla;orm     Offices:       From  2  to  8  offices  worldwide   Write  Once,  Run  Everywhere  Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   2   2  
  3. 3. Kony  Blue  Chip  Customers   AUTOMOTIVE/ENERGY   FINANCIAL  SERVICES   INSURANCE   HEALTHCARE/PHARMA   TRAVEL/HOSPITALITY                                 Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   3   3  
  4. 4. Kony  Products   Kony  Mul5-­‐Channel  Applica5on  Management   §  Enterprise  App  Store   §  Centralized  Web  based  Management  Console   §  Integrated    MDM  Capabili8es   Kony  Apps:  Feature  Complete,  Extensible,  Configurable   Retail   CRM   Healthcare   Brokerage   Airlines   CRM   HR   Banking   Auto   KonyOne  Pla;orm:  Write  Once,  Run  Everywhere   §  Open,  Standards-­‐Based  Architecture   §  Broadest,  Deepest  Mul8-­‐Channel  Support   §  Integrated  B2C,  B2E  Func8onality  Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   4   4  
  5. 5. Key  Drivers  for  Mobility  in  Health  Plan   §  Member  ID  Cards:   §  On  average,  a  replacement  member  ID   card  is  $5.00-­‐7.00  per  card     §  Reducing  Call  Center  Interac5ons   §  Reduce  cost  by  $12-­‐15.00  per  call   §  It’s  in  the  RFP’s!   §  Companies  such  as  Google,  Intel  and   others  have  placed  REQUIREMENTS  for   mobile  access  in  their  search  for  a  new   health  plan   §  Healthcare  Reform   §  In  2014  Health  Insurance  Exchanges   will  drive  more  needs  for   consumeriza8on  of  health  plan   purchasing.  Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   5   5  
  6. 6. Key  Challenges  in  the  Market     Time-­‐to-­‐Market  is  important   Kony: 8-12 weeks -­‐  New  Requirements  from  the  Employers   implementation -­‐  Healthcare  reform  just  around  the  corner   Kony: WORE+ pre- built plug-n-go app Complexity  of  Mobile  Deployments   -­‐  Internal  Resource  Constraints   -­‐  Security  Compliance  Issues   Kony: secure server+ HIPAA compliance Consumer  Engagement  and  Adop5on   Kony: Features/flows -­‐  The  right  set  of  features  and  flows   based on leading Health Plan practices -­‐  Driving  member  adop8on   Kony: Stunning UI+ data integration capabilitiesCopyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   6   6  
  7. 7. Empowering  Members  Everywhere:  Health  Plan  App   New  Revenue   Medica5on  Search   Research  and  shop   Research  medica8ons   for  plans   and  prices   Save  search   Rx  reminders   results     Provider  Rx  cost   Request  and  get  an   es8mator   instant  quote     Rx  conversion   Contact  a   opportuni8es   representa8ve     Find  Facility  /   Plan  Info   Provider   View  benefits  informa8on  by  member     Find  providers  (geo-­‐ based  locator)   View/track  all  claims   by  plan  member   Find  facili8es  (urgent   care,  pharmacy)   Graphical  3D  ID  Cards   Filter  and  sort  results  by   (view,  e-­‐mail  or  print)   specialty,  type  and  distance   Plan  expense   summary     Research  symptoms   Account  balance   and  condi8ons     details     Contact  and  schedule   appointments   Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   7   7  
  8. 8. Kony Mobile Health PlanModules   Details  Provider  Finder   Features   o  Find  Doctors  /  Specialists  Plan  &  Benefits   o  Find  Urgent  Care   o  Find  Hospitals  /  Facili5es   o  Filters  /  Sor5ng  Accounts  &  Claims   o  Ra5ngs  Browse    /  Shop     o  Provider  /  Facility  Details  Plans   o  Call  Provider  /  Facility   o  GPS  Enabled  Account    Management   o  Mapping   o  Add  to  Contacts  Drug  Search   Configurability  Configurability  /   o  Find  Doctors  /  Specialists  Extensibility   o  Find  Urgent  Care   o  Find  Hospitals  /  Facili5es   Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   8   8   8
  9. 9. Kony Mobile Health PlanModules   Features  Provider  Finder   o  Filter  by  Member   o  Plan  Overview   o  Member  Eligibility  by  Product  Plan  &  Benefits   o  Benefits  Details   o  Medical  /  Pharmacy  /  Dental  Accounts  &  Claims   o  Next  Eligible  Appointment  /  Preventa5ve  Care   o  Custom  Branded  2D  /  3D  ID  Card  Browse    /  Shop    Plans  Account    Management  Drug  Search  Configurability  /  Extensibility   Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   9   9   9
  10. 10. Kony Mobile Health PlanModules   Features  Provider  Finder   o  Filter  by  Member   o  Graphical  Account  Summary   o  Detailed  Account  Overview  by  Member  Plan  &  Benefits   o  Claim  Search  &  Summary   o  Claim  Detail  /  EOB  (Explana5on  of  Benefits)  Accounts  &  Claims   o  Click  to  Call  for  Claim  &  Account  Ques5ons  Browse    /  Shop    Plans  Account    Management  Drug  Search  Configurability  /  Extensibility   Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   10   10   10
  11. 11. Kony Mobile Health PlanModules   Features  Provider  Finder   o  Individual  Plans   o  Browse  Plans   o  Medicare  &  Re5rement  Plan  &  Benefits   o  “Medigap”   o  Medicare  Part  D  Accounts  &  Claims   o  Employee  Offered  Plans   o  Call  an  Agent  Browse    /  Shop     o  Get  a  Quote  Plans  Account    Management  Drug  Search  Configurability  /  Extensibility   Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   11   11   11
  12. 12. Kony Mobile Health PlanModules   Features  Provider  Finder   o  Manage  self  &  all  plan  members   o  Setup  privacy  segngs  by  member   o  Privacy  segng  consent  by  member  Plan  &  Benefits   o  Manage  mailing  preferences  /  paper  statements   o  Manage  online  account  &  mobile  preferences  Accounts  &  Claims  Browse    /  Shop    Plans  Account    Management  Drug  Search  Configurability  /  Extensibility   Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   12   12   12
  13. 13. Kony Mobile Health PlanModules   Features  Provider  Finder   o  Integrated  Drug  search   o  Formulary  integra5on   o  Cost  Es5ma5on  Plan  &  Benefits   o  Drug  Alterna5ves  by  Tier   o  OTC  &  Prescrip5on  Drug  Classifica5on  Accounts  &  Claims   o  Drug  Details   o  Pa5ent-­‐friendly  consumer  labels  Browse    /  Shop     o  Detailed  interac5ons,  contraindica5ons  Plans   o  Drug  pill  pictures  Account    Management  Drug  Search  Configurability  /  Extensibility   Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   13   13   13
  14. 14. Kony Mobile Health PlanModules   Features  Provider  Finder   Modules,  Forms,  Content  Plan  &  Benefits   Switch  ON  /  OFF  Modules   Switch  ON  /  OFF  Accounts  &  Claims   Func5onality  Browse    /  Shop     Configure  Workflow    Plans    Account    Management   Style  &  Branding   Upload  customer  logo  Drug  Search   Change  color  scheme  Configurability  /   Change  en5re  skinning  Extensibility   themes   Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   14   14   14
  15. 15. Kony  Pre-­‐Built  Apps   Feature  Complete   Configurable   ü  Leveraging  industry  experience   ü  Make  changes  without  rebuilding  or  republishing   ü  Hundreds  of  use  cases  per  app   ü  Enable/disable  features  and  rules       Extensible   Universal  Connec5vity   ü  Add  custom  or  3rd  party  modules   ü  Standards  based  connec8vity  via  Web  Services  (Rest   ü  Support  business-­‐specific  requirements   or  SOAP),  JSON,  Java  connectors  or  website  data   Scraping   ü  Connectors  to  SAP,  Oracle,  Siebel,  and  other  legacy   systems  Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   15   15  
  16. 16. Healthcare:  Aetna   Profile   § 4th  largest  healthcare  insurer  in  the  United  States   § 18.5  million  healthcare  members   § 13.6  million  dental  members   Scope   § Deployment  of  member  Navigator  applica8on  on  iPhone,   iPad,  Android,  Windows  Mobile  and  mobile  web   § Covers  a  variety  of  func8ons  including  member  ID  card,   find  a  provider,  buy  insurance,  view  claims  status  and  more   Challenge   § Needed  to  transi8on  from  their  current  inflexible  mobile   web  provider  (UsableNet)   § Need  to  provide  a  true  na8ve  experience  to  their   customers   Mobile   § Back-­‐end  integra8on  with  HTML  web  adapter  and  web   services   Solu5on   § Fully  func8onal  mobile  member  site   Stats   § More  than  100  screens   Future   § Currently  forming  a  mobile  Center  of  Excellence  to  manage   the  governance  process  around  mobile  app  development  Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   16   16  
  17. 17. The  Power  Behind  Kony  Apps:  the  KonyOne  Pla;orm  Copyright  ©  2011  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   17  
  18. 18. KonyOne  Mul8-­‐Channel  PlaNorm   KonyOne  Studio   KonyOne  Server   Kony  Mul5-­‐Channel         Applica5on  Management   §  Standards  Based  Eclipse  Plugin   §  Lightweight  orchestra8on     §  Javascript  &  Lua  based   §  Mobile  op8mized  transport/ Server  Side   §  Define  and  test  mobile  apps:   messaging   §  Assign  policy  to  apps   §  Drag  and  drop  widgets     §  Enterprise  connec8ons   §  Test  &  deploy  apps  to  app   §  Customize  widgets  to  specific   §  Device  database  (9000+  devices)   store   device,  iOS   §  Logging  &  Analy8cs   §  Assign  User/Group  to  app   §  Define  events   §  Push  No8fica8ons   §  Send  no8fica8ons  to  app   §  Connect  to  backend  services     §  App  analy8cs  &  repor8ng   and  data     Client/Device  Side   §  Preview  on  the  fly     §  Secure  device  container     §  Generate  apps  for  channels   §  App  store  app   §  Test  with  emulators  and  devices   §  Policies  enforced  at  run  8me         DEVELOP                                                                        DEPLOY                                                                  MANAGE     Only  Kony…   Only  Kony…   Only  Kony…   §  Supports  mul8-­‐channel  development   §  Offers  integrated  B2C,  B2E  server   §  Supports  BYOD  for  all  devices   within  code  base   §  Provides  loosely  coupled  architecture   §  Offers  soqly  par88oned  app   §  Supports  7  na8ve  OSs  +  HTML5   and  lightweight  middle  8er   container  on  device  for  security   Hybrid  &  Mixed  Mode   §  Supports  integrated  data  and  SMS   §  Delivers  centralized  console  for   §  Delivers  standards-­‐based  HTML5   synchroniza8on   management  of  server,  sync,   APIs   apps  Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   18   18  
  19. 19. Write  Once,  Run  Everywhere   SMART  PHONE   TABLET   WIN  32  DESKTOP   KIOSK   FEATURE  PHONE   WEB  DESKTOP  CHANNELS   ON-­‐DEVICE  APP  CONTAINER   ON-­‐DEVICE  APP    STORE     Na5ve   Mixed  Mode   Mobile  Web   Na8ve  VM   Na8ve  Code   HTML5  TECHNOLOGIES   Basic  HTML   iOS   Windows  Phone   URL  Server  Based   Android   Blackberry   Hybrid   Symbian   Web  OS   J2ME   SPA   KonyOne  Studio   KonyOne  Server   Kony  Sync  Server   Kony  MAM  COMPONENTS           §  Form  Designer   §  Event  Editor   Device  Detec8on   §  Device  Detec8on   §  Alert  Services   §  Full  Offline   §  Admin  Portal   §  Script  Editor   §  Service  Defini8on   §  Usage  Analy8cs   §  Device  Database   Usage  &   &  Analy8cs   Capability   §  Enterprise   §  Publish  /  Deploy   §  Data  Mapper   Flow  Controller   §  Flow  Controller   §  Mobile  Web  Hos8ng   §  Audit  Metrics   App  Store   Cross  Pla;orm  API   Pla;orm  Specific  Proper5es   Foreign  Func5on  Interface   Connectors  FOUNDATION           §  UI  /  UX   §  UI  /  UX  /  Widgets   §  New  Device  API   §  Services   §  Device  Features   §  OS  Features   §  Non  –  UI   §  Data  Conn   §  U8lity   §  Third  Party  Workflow   §  ERP  /  CRM   Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   19   19  
  20. 20. KonyOne  SLA:  Future  Proofing  Kony  Pla;orm  Version   2.5   3.0   3.5   4.0   4.5   5.0   5.5   6.0   6.5   Today   4.x   5.x   2.3   3.0   4.0   6.0.0   7.0.0   has  you  covered   Kony   OS  Upgrade  –  30  days*   New  Device  on  New  OS  –  90  days*   7.0   from  release  to  developers   *   8.0   1.0   Copyright  ©  2012  Kony  Solu8ons,  Inc.    CONFIDENTIAL   20   20