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The World in Your Hands


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You can change the world!

Published in: Technology, Business
  • Interest concept and all so true
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  • Good work! Nice presentation ! Thank for sharing. You have my vote up ! ( 167) ...Good luck in the contest!

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  • I admir)))
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  • Eggcellent Presentation....
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The World in Your Hands

  2. Not so long ago
  3. C O M M U N I C A T I O N W A S M U C H S L O W E R T H A N I T I
  4. information was hardly accessible
  5. and our personal influence was much weaker
  6. But suddenly a BIG happened…
  7. people are closer to you now
  8. if you start singing so
  9. more people will listen
  10. if you start writing
  11. more people will read
  12. if you start leading
  13. more people will follow
  14. because we live in networking times
  15. because we live in networking times
  16. Never before we have had such
  17. on people…
  18. …and on
  19. and it happens faster than you
  20. so GR B it! A so GR B it! A
  21. find your passion and see how
  22. everything changes everything changes
  23. so never stop
  24. never stop exploring
  25. and never stop learning
  26. and you will change the world
  27. but before you do it, please don’t forget to vote for this presentation
  28. Thanks! :) Hristo RadichevMy name is: Read me: Find me: Join me: E-mail me: (+359) 899 898 595or call me:
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