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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Mistakes to Avoid!


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Learn the most common Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Mistakes to avoid from Konsultek's experts. 847.426.9355

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Mistakes to Avoid!

  1. 1. IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery The Disaster Waiting to Happen: The 4 Biggest BCDR Mistakes People Make And Why They Cost So Much. Part One in a Two Part Series Kurt Buckardt, CTO Konsultek - CISSP - NSA IAM/IEM Certified - Member ISACA - CCSE 847.426.9355
  2. 2. What is IT Business Continuity? IT Business Continuity • Business Continuity refers to an organization’s ability to keep vital business operations running at or near normal capacities in the event of infrastructure failure. 847.426.9355
  3. 3. What is IT Disaster Recovery? IT Disaster Recovery • Disaster Recovery refers to incidents that significantly impact or make unavailable critical infrastructure. The most common examples are natural disasters and other “acts of God.” 847.426.9355
  4. 4. BCDR Mistake # 1: Focusing on Technology First and Business Process Priorities Second • The place to begin defining your BCDR plan is not in the server room but rather out among the business units! • Hardware and appliance solutions must effectively support business processes. 847.426.9355
  5. 5. BCDR Mistake # 2: Focusing on the Wrong Causes of BCDR Leading causes of BCDR disruptions, by percentage 3% Natural Disaster 14% Software/Firmware Errors 32% Human Error 7% Virus/Security Breach 44% Hardware Failure Source: Strategic Research Corp. 847.426.9355
  6. 6. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planned vs. Unplanned Outages Perhaps even less exciting... studies show that planned downtime accounts for 70-90 percent of all system outages! 847.426.9355
  7. 7. A New Paradigm for BCDR... Address Downtime by Outage Category Proposed Emphasis for BCDR Planning 70-90% 7-25% Minimizing Planned 3-5% Downtime Preventing Un-Planned Planning for Downtime Natural Disaster Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery should be addressed from all 3 perspectives 847.426.9355
  8. 8. Avoid Costly Mistakes...Download the White Paper that Explains Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Get the BCDR White Paper 847.426.9355
  9. 9. Konsultek We take the pain out of your IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 847.426.9355