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Winner – YMC 2020 Ukraine

The first ever Young Lions Marketers Competitions Ukraine 2020.

Ukraine is a country in which people have not believed in social initiatives for a long time. State initiatives are perceived skeptically, and commercial ones look like a promo. In order to build civic initiatives, it is important to remember two things - use true insight and plan long-term impact. The segment of young women was noted in the studies as a segment that SCORE characterizes as more prone to social manifestations and rather tolerant. But at the same time, young women have a belief that a government should become the driver of positive changes. We noticed that this segment is rarely chosen as the target for communications of foundations and social initiatives. The audience that we defined as the target for the project overlaps with the audience of our brand - the Backstage beauty salons chain. First of all, our brand’s target audience are women who managed to achieve certain successes in life, they take an active life position in terms of making money and supporting their family. Our task is to channel their energy into social transformation. In our case we decide to use method "learn to transfer" so our target audience could see the way the changes. Can be made and then transfer this to their field of action. "Learn to transfer" is one of 12 the most powerful learning methods according to the studies of Microsoft and UNESCO. We to believe that for the target audience that we are working with there is a strong negative connotation of the term "social activism". That is why in our work we wanted to reinvent the term.

Young Lions Marketers Competition is a registered trademark and a competition format of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. All international inquiries should be directed to the Cannes Lions office - For inquiries in Ukraine, please contact the Cannes Lions Representative office –

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Winner – YMC 2020 Ukraine

  1. 1. Inna is 33. She was born and raised in Kyiv. She’s married, she has a 5 years old kid. She works as a project manager in a big international company branch in Ukraine. Inna is the one with the confidence and style in everything she does. When is Saturday she loves to have a glass of champagne on the branch with her friends. She loves travels and shopping, better if combined together. She is not really much into politics and social news — they can only make her sad and irritated. MEETINNA
  2. 2. Backstage is the largest beauty salons chain in Kyiv with 10 years of experience and over 50000 unique clients. It is Inna's place of well-deserved rest and inspiration. PLACE: BACKSTAGE INNA'S FAVORITE BEAUTY SALON Ecosystem that empowers woman in self-development and civil activism by providing soft engagement to drive changes in a society. Our goal is to make Inna feel that her choice, her voice does matter. SOLUTION: PROBLEM: Among the things she doesn’t really like is so called social activism. What is the reason indeed to stand with the flags near president’s office? It doesn’t change anything. One person cannot change anything. "It’s difficult to change society”/“This is none of my business”/“It does not fit into my schedule”
  3. 3. Inna’s nature is proactive. It is natural for her to build strong family, good friendship and develop her career path. Well- being is her motto. So maybe it’s time to help her wider the perspective? INSIGHT
  4. 4. We reinvented civic activism for Inna by translating term on her language. Welcome DONAT — that is how we call any Inna’s well-being donation or contribution to society. DONAT — is a new social value measurement unit. INSIGHT: REINVENTING CIVIС ACTIVISM
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION AND SMALL WINS This is the first time Inna will participate in social initiative provided by one of her her favourite brands — a beauty spot. COMMUNITYAS A CHANGE MAKER HER OWN INITIATIVES INNA’S SOFTSTART IN CIVIC ACTIVISM Having support from the community and a lot of ideas to implement in a can start creating her first steps in social initiatives. 1 2 3 We invite Inna to an exclusive community of a change makers where she can wider her perspective about the social initiatives and be inspired by example of such initiatives made by other women in business.
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION AND SMALLWINS A collection of unique donut-like brooches will be developed from the reused plastic waste with the help of a Ukrainian designers design team. In the salons special boxes for plastic bottles from a shampoo will be installed. In the process of collecting plastic, large-scale advertising activity will be cleaned up with the support of industry-specific media (,, etc) The result of the campaign will be a large gala-event with the support of a brand-partner with a presentation of the collection, distribution of presents and coverage of the mission and future plans of Backstage. 1
  7. 7. Benefits for company: increased consumer retention, PR, brand recognition, user generated content Benefits for Inna: social image support Benefits for other stakeholders: brand recognition As a result: cosmetics brands are driven to use reusable plastic to participate in our initiatives INTRODUCTION AND SMALLWINS 1 Main point: the campaign will be win-win activity, as a result of which representatives of the target audience will feel the power of their influence on socially important processes, and potential partners will be get a platform for the implementation of socially significant events.
  8. 8. To support Inna’s path we will create Backstage-hub - offline educational platform with a set of regular events, invited speakers and the generation of content that will help Inna initiate her own projects for the community. To attract an audience in the hub, we will use the messages related to the formed needs (for example, children's education, safety of courtyards, clean air). They will be used for the primary involvement of the audience. As communication channels, we selected channels through which the audience comfortably perceives according to research (instagram and opinion leaders) and those channels that, according to the research, can act as drivers for changing the opinions of TA (integration into traditional TV shows). For convenient access to initiatives, we plan to develop a web application with the ability join them or create your own for your local activity. COMMUNITY AS A CHANGEMAKER 2
  9. 9. COMMUNITY AS A CHANGEMAKER • Examples and information from people she respects; • Community of like-minded people built around Backstage hub; • Support and recognition of her achievements inside community (competitions, awards); • Using the proposed framework for making impact in other aspects of Inna’s life. 2 What will empower Inna to take action?
  10. 10. There is a long way from the position that claims “my voice doesn’t matter” to the point where Inna wants to create her first social initiative. Our job as a marketers is to make this transition as smooth as possible, empowering Inna at each step and supporting her with the information she needs and inspiring examples that can help her to make her first steps in doing social initiatives. HER OWN INITIATIVE 3 THANKYOU