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  1. 1. File management SaaS/web-service engine: backup, synchronization, sharing, distribution Peter Chayanov
  2. 2. Customer problem (what customer needs your product/service meets) File based SaaS/web-services are extremely popular and drive good money: dropbox,, YD, megaupload, rapidshare SOFTWARE TO CREATE OWN CUSTOM DROPBOX/RAPIDSHARE OPTIONAL: SUPPORT, INFRASTRUCTRE, REVENUE SHARING Customer could: Create own SaaS/Web projects on own infrastructure Increase revenues – sell subscriptions, premium services
  3. 3. Product & Technology • FreeBrie is engine to create own file based SaaS/web- services like Dropbox or Megaupload or CDN. • FreeBrie - managed software for control nodes and storage servers. You could build own service in a week. • Consumer software are available for Windows, MacOS, Linux. Web access, mobile access. Native clients for IOS/Android will be ready soon. • Scalable technology for millions of users: MongoDB, Python, Twisted. Unlimited number and size for storages. Direct traffic flow between storage and consumer.
  4. 4. Competitors (the comparison slide) • Almost no software offered to create new commercial file-based web services • some SaaS available under while-label • No way to create own “dropbox” like service using own infrastructure • No mass sales: direct personal sales to telecoms/SP/portals/enthusiasts Some similar software providers: has Service Provider model for creating similar services, just raised $2,6M 2nd seed round software for file upload services, only this case
  5. 5. Business model • Monetization model - software subscription ($1/premium user monthly) - OR revenue sharing, 10-25% - PLUS/OR annual support contract $5000 - average service generate $30.000-50.000 monthly - AND infrastructure support together with - OWN services –,, … • Channels - Direct sales to telecoms and national portals - Affiliate programs, easy start for entrepreneurs • How will you keep your competitive advantages? new features, low cost infrastructure, own services, best support, payment processing outsourcing.
  6. 6. Market description Customers: National telecoms service providers, ISP, hosting: start popular service to increase revenue on own infrastructure, freemium service, local or national dropbox. Number: 1000-5000 Portals/Entrepreneurs: there are thousands of portal/site owners who could add our functionality to his own popular site/forum/portals tuned to focus it’s consumer base. Number: 10000+ Consumers base: 100M people are using Dropbox now. 1B people have heard about it. 600K users with OwnCloud. Heavy demand on developing markets.
  7. 7. Sales funnel: real and forecast (visitors, users, sales) 1) Product based on FreeBrie are ready to launch together with to check traction and bugfix on file sharing segment. We expect $2000-5000 monthly from new subscriptions, makes $150-400K annually. 2) Product together with on backup/sync segment, same revenues expected. 3) Revenue sharing project with Megafon with backup/sync functionality Consumer ARPU: $3-10/monthly per segment, new 500-1000 customers monthly per service.
  8. 8. Go-to-Market strategy First market segment entry Own file exchange service using our sponsored sites. Several new services in 2 months. Your customer acquisition strategy Direct sales, create own “dropbox” in a week. Works. Who is your decision-maker? Business owner, business development manager Why would he buy your product/service? Low market entrance, premium support, easy service, easy to try & customize What are the market barriers? None, for competitors – complex software, 2 years time to market
  9. 9. Team Peter Chayanov, CEO – experienced entrepreneur, 20 years in IT, co-owner of Alex Myodov, CTO – lead Python/Mongo coder, 10 years experience with high load services Ilya Slepnev, COO – expert on backup and high load services Alex Borodich, CMO - Internet professional Igor Matsanuk, IMI.VC - advisor Arun Shekar, Advisor - Business development, 10 years of experience working for IBM. MBA from Berkeley-Haas. Vadim Kovrigin, Lead web developer Feodor Kichatov, Core developer With full support from teams
  10. 10. Investments The fundraised amount $150K seed – IMI.VC, Farminers 09.2011 $150K – owners Sales plan on 3-5 years 2013 - $400-600K 2014 - $1-2M 2015 - $5M+ Till end of 2015: 5-6 own services, 10+ services for large telecoms, 10+ add-ons for national portals, 100 services for entrepreneurs, average $3000 per customer indirectly serving 5M+ consumers.
  11. 11. Exit strategy 2013: incorporation, Series A $2M 2014: Series A for infrastructure $2M, more mobile 2015: Series B, developing new services, CDN 2016: Selling some services out
  12. 12. Contacts: Peter Chayanov +7 903 1499639 Executive summary (what should we remember after your presentation) FreeBrie is a platform for creating file management Web or SaaS services using own infrastructure. FreeBrie are available on revenue sharing or pay-per-user basis. Many services could be created using FreeBrie from national dropboxes to file upload services and CDN. FreeBrie are easy to deploy, new service could be created in a days.