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Finals for the BCQC Open I had conducted in Pune on 25th September 2011

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Bcqc finals

  1. 1. BOMBAY QUIZ CLUB Vikram Joshi PresentsFacts that caught my fancy
  2. 2. Prizes sponsored by Landmark
  3. 3. Rules 30 questions clockwise, Infinite bounds SVC (5 clues – 2 images in each slide) 30 questions anti-clockwise, Infinite bounds Pick your poison (8 questions, Infinite pounce) If there are 2 answers required, the team that gets both will get the full 10 points. In case no one gets both, then part points will be awarded. As always, I am the Answer Nazi, so what I say goes…
  4. 4. Breakup of Questions History Geography Lifestyle/Culture Sports Entertainment Science Literature Current Affairs
  5. 5. BOMBAY QUIZ CLUB Clockwise 30 questions/10 points each PresentsA general quiz which depends on how much Mumbai Mirror you read
  6. 6. 1 Billed as the answer to the Nazified Berlin Olympics, there was a left-wing version called the People’s Olympics in the same year that had over 6,000 athletes from 22 liberal and left-wing leaning nations and individuals scheduled to take part. However, this never happened due to an event that happened a day before the scheduled start of the People’s Olympics. What event?
  7. 7. The start of the Spanish Civil War (18 July 1936)
  8. 8. 2This is a song from the Finnish movie “Manwithout a past” by Aki Kaurismaki. It features aband from X – bands belonging to X typicallywear their quasi-military uniforms whileperforming songs that portray an evangelicalProtestant viewpoint of life and religion.ID X.
  9. 9. 3 Arwi, a language related to Brahui, is originally the language of this group of people in Asia – however, it has a large dose of Arabic vocabulary. Today the language is largely extinct with no spoken versions – however, it is used with Arabic in written religious versions. The most notable usage of Arwi can be found in devotional chants such as the Talaifatiha, which is conducted exclusively by women during Islamic religious festivals. Name group of people for whom Arwi is a mother tongue.
  10. 10. Sri Lankan Moors
  11. 11. 4 11 economies which have been identified as sources of growth potential and of profitable investment opportunities by Citigroup in 2011 - after having declared BRICS as “having outlived its usefulness” - have 9 countries from Asia and 2 from Africa. Countries include India, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Egy pt, Iraq, Mongolia, Nigeria, Philippines, Sri Lanka. What moniker did Citigroup give them?
  12. 12. 3-G countries (Global Growth Generator countries)
  13. 13. 5 Connect this person with something that happened in 1993 with the US Postal Service. (Specific answer needed – no points for ID)
  14. 14. Grace Kelly – the first US actress to be featured ona US postal stamp
  15. 15. 6 Why did the Berlin Zoo shares more than double in late March 2007 at the Berlin Stock Exchange from 2€ to 4.82€ just a week later? (specific keyword in your answer required)
  16. 16. The Berlin zoo trademarked the name Knut
  17. 17. 7 In telecasting the 1978 Eurovision song contest, the Jordanian television broadcaster JRTV abruptly pulled away from the live telecast of the show and instead showed a screen with flowers with no sound. Similarly in 1981, JRTV did not telecast the scoring portion of the show. Why?
  18. 18. When it became clear that Israel was winning thecontest - in order to not show the Israeli victory.(They also announced second place winnersBelgium as the winners.)
  19. 19. 8 Situated at Henley-on-Klip near Johannesburg, this place soon became involved in a controversy when a CNN reporting team reported on 300 count bed sheets and a beauty salon among other things offered to the people here. Newsweek questioned whether the $40 million spent here might have benefited a far greater number of people had the money been spent with less emphasis on luxurious surroundings and more emphasis on practicality. Name the place (need full name for full points)
  20. 20. The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls
  21. 21. 9 The national drink of England around this time was ale. However, after a long sea voyage to marry its King, this Princess asked for a cup of tea as soon as she disembarked. Even though tea had been drunk in England before this, this was held to signify Royal approval of the custom and then led to tea drinking becoming the national pastime of the English. Name this Princess.
  22. 22. Catherine of Braganza
  23. 23. 10X is a naturally occurring radioactive chemicalelement, found throughout the world in its ore formas monazite. X is found in small amounts in mostrocks and soils; it is three times more abundantthan tin in the Earths crust and is about as commonas lead.India plans to use X for its nuclear power stations forreasons including its safety benefits, its high absoluteabundance (reducing fuel costs to extract it), andrelative abundance (as India has the world’s largestreserves of X – almost 67% of world’s total –primarily on the Kerala coast).
  24. 24. Thorium
  25. 25. Audience
  26. 26. ? ?These are the 5 instances when Time magazine hasutilized an “X” to indicate death or defeat. 2 aremissing. In chronological order, which are themissing 2 and tell me why a “black X” was used inthe second case?
  27. 27. Surrender of Imperial JapanDeath of Abu Musab al-ZarqawiBlack cross was used as Red was the color of theImperial Japanese flag
  28. 28. 11Wayang is a traditional art form in Java tellingstories from the Ramayana. Originally, it consistedof wooden and leather puppets depictingRama, Sita and other gods and mythologicalfigures.But later on, this form was superseded by WayangPurwa which told the same stories but throughshadows – giving rise to what we know as shadowpuppetry.Why did this change happen?
  29. 29. Islam forbids the showing of Gods/demi-Gods/mythological characters in human form
  30. 30. 12 Connect (not exhaustive): Images are representative only
  31. 31. Moons of Jupiter(named after the lovers of Zeus - Io, Ganymede, Europa and Calisto)
  32. 32. 13 Similar to the Betal of the “Vikram and Betal” stories, he was encountered by Sinbad the Sailor on his fifth voyage. He was said to trick a traveller into letting him ride on their shoulders while the traveller transported him across a stream. However, he would then not release his grip, forcing his victim to transport him wherever he pleased and allowing his victim little rest. His victims all eventually died of this miserable treatment, but Sinbad, after having got him drunk with wine, was able to shake him off and kill him. Who?
  33. 33. The Old Man of the Sea
  34. 34. 14 Introduced in 1927 in Surat as an alternative to the UK drink Vimto, this drink was a mixture of grape juice and apple cider. Originally it was called ’Whisky No’, to attract alcoholics in the dry state of Gujarat. The name Whisky No was derived from the fact that it tastes like alcohol. The present name is derived from a Latin word implying it is a drink that can be had with family and friends.
  35. 35. Sosyo (from the Latin “socius”)
  36. 36. 15It opens with a description of the Black Death andleads into an introduction of a group of 7 youngwomen and 3 young men who flee from plague-ridden Florence to a rural villa for two weeks. Topass the time, every night, all of the members tellone story each. Although fourteen days pass, twodays each week are set aside. In this manner, 100stories are told by the end of the ten days.The title is a portmanteau of 2 Greek wordsmeaning “ten” and “days”. Identify work andauthor (last name is fine)
  37. 37. Decameron – Giovanni Boccaccio
  38. 38. 16 The most expensive Broadway production to date and also holder of the record for the most preview (182) performances, this rock musical flopped badly. After production was suspended and the director fired, it began again in June 2011. Reviews have been mixed with most major reviewers calling this a failure. Preview performances were plagued by lengthy technical issues and actor accidents. Music and lyrics are by Bono and The Edge. Full name of musical for full points please.
  39. 39. Spiderman: Turn off the Dark
  40. 40. 17 He went from being Prime Minister to President to King of his country. During his reign, he survived over 55 assassination attempts. One of these occurred in 1931, while he was visiting the Vienna State Opera house for a performance. He survived by firing back at his attackers with a pistol that he always carried. This is the only occasion in modern history when a Head of State has personally exchanged fire with potential assassins. He was overthrown in 1939 and a protectorate established under a monarch of a neighbouring state.
  41. 41. King Zog I of Albania (born Ahmet Muhtar Bej Zogolli)
  42. 42. 18 The code name for the Hyderabad Police Action in September 1948 in which the Indian armed forces engaged those of the State of Hyderabad and ended the rule of the Nizam, annexing the state into the Indian Union was X. Supposedly due to the fact that Hyderabad had 17 of them – the largest number in India.
  43. 43. Operation Polo (named for the 17 Hyderabadi pologrounds)
  44. 44. 19
  45. 45. This is a Diego Velasquez painting titled “TheSpinners” in the Prado. It tells the story of a maidenwho challenged the Goddess Minerva to a spinningcontest. She wove a tapestry detailing the “lovesand transgressions of the Gods” and so angeredMinerva that she slashed the tapestry and turnedthe maiden into something.Name the maiden.
  46. 46. Arachne
  47. 47. 20 The name of this city in Sicily comes from the Arabic term for “Port of God”. It occupies the site of the former Carthaginian stronghold of Lilybaeum. On May 11, 1860, Garibaldi and his Expedition of the Thousand landed here and began his campaign to overthrow Bourbon rule in Sicily, during the Unification of Italy process. It is the source of a strong fortified wine of the same name.
  48. 48. Marsala (from Marsa-Allah)
  49. 49. Audience
  50. 50. Their “caste name” is Shaniwar Teli owing tothem not doing their traditional job of oilseedpressing on Saturdays.Give me the name of this community of people.
  51. 51. 21
  52. 52. This is the X route extending from St.Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California from1860-61. It was an super-fast service that was theUS West’s most direct means of communicationuntil the widespread use of the telegraph.It was widely considered as instrumental in keepingCalifornia tied to the Union during the Civil War.
  53. 53. Pony Express
  54. 54. 22 The national anthem of X is a hybrid composed of a newer anthem with words from the older anthem and another hymn incorporated in it. Each paragraph of the anthem is in a different language (thus representing 5 of the country’s 11 official languages). 2 points for naming the country, 3 for the national anthem – and 1 point each for naming the 5 languages.
  55. 55. South Africa (N’Kosi Sikele Afrika) - X’hosa - Zulu - Sotho - Afrikaans - English
  56. 56. 23X was the only Latin book to be ever featured in theNew York Time bestseller list when it was released in1960 and published in Latin translation by AlexanderLenard.In the first chapter (in the original English book), thejustification for the title character’s commonly usedname is as follows : “But his arms were so stiff ... theystayed up straight in the air for more than a week, andwhenever a fly came and settled on his nose he had toblow it off. And I think — but I am not sure —that that is why he is always called _______”
  57. 57. Winnie-the-Pooh
  58. 58. 24 X holds both the indoor (set in 1994) and outdoor (set in 1993) world records for the sport. In all, X has broken the world record 35 times (17 outdoor) and (18 indoor). The sports system X was part of rewarded athletes for setting new world records, and X became noted for establishing new records by very slim amounts each time. This allowed X to collect frequent bonus payments and made X a star attraction at athletic meets.
  59. 59. Sergei Bubka
  60. 60. 25 This city X was the capital of Russian Alaska – with its name derived from the word for island in the Aleut native language. Captain James Cook in his journals was the first person who used the name of this small town in 1778. Ursus arctos middendorffi also known as the X bear is native to this archipelago. It is the largest subspecies of brown bear in the world. What is X.
  61. 61. Kodiak
  62. 62. 26 Twelve things this book will do for you:  Get you out of a mental rut, give you new thoughts, new visions, new ambitions.  Enable you to X.  Increase your popularity.  Help you to win people to your way of thinking.  Increase Y, your prestige, your ability to get things done.  Enable you to win new clients, new customers.  Increase your earning power.  Make you a better salesman, a better executive.  Help you to handle complaints, avoid arguments, keep your human contacts smooth and pleasant.  Make you a better speaker, a more entertaining conversationalist.  Make the principles of psychology easy for you to apply in your daily contacts.  Help you to arouse enthusiasm among your associates.
  63. 63. 27 The smallest European nation (then a Duchy) to attempt colonization in the Western Hemisphere colonized the island of Tobago. It also had a short-lived colony at the mouth of the Gambia river in Africa. Identify the Duchy and the modern nation-state that encompasses it. (Part points available)
  64. 64. The Duchy of Courland (in what is today’s Latvia)
  65. 65. 28 Venice is submerged up to 100 times every year in what is called the aqua alta (high water) when the waters of the Adriatic sea flood the lagoon and the islands that make up the city. To avoid this, an integrated defence system consisting of rows of mobile gates able to isolate the Venetian lagoon from the Adriatic sea when the tide reaches above an established level (110 cm) and up to a maximum of 3 m. is being developed. What is the somewhat appropriate name (an acronym) given to it by the Italian government.
  66. 66. MOSE (Module Sperimentale Elletromecanico)Mosé is also the Italian for Moses.
  67. 67. 29 What is this style of singing called? Hint: Mastering it is one of Sheldon Cooper’s goals
  68. 68. Tuvan Throat Singing
  69. 69. 30 X is the oldest active trophy in international sport. It is awarded to the victor of a race between the defender and a challenger. In 1983, the challenger from Perth won, thus ending the longest winning streak (126 years) in sport history held by the defenders from New York City. From 1983 until 2007, Y sponsored the Y cup as a prize for the winner of the challenger selection series. Name X and Y. (Part points available)
  70. 70. X – The America’s cupY – The Louis Vuitton cup
  71. 71. Audience
  72. 72. She was the first western woman to be receivedinto an Indian monastic order. She received thename X meaning “Dedicated to God” when shewas initiated into Brahmacharya in 1898.Looking for X.
  73. 73. Sister Nivedita
  74. 74. SVC BOMBAY QUIZ CLUB 5 slides – 2 clues per slideExhaustive (Images are representative) +25/-10 +20/-10 Presents +15/-5 +10/-5A general quiz which depends on how much +5/0 Mumbai Mirror you read
  75. 75. Clue 1: +25/-10
  76. 76. Clue 2: +20/-10
  77. 77. Clue 3: +15/-5
  78. 78. Clue 4: +10/-5
  79. 79. Clue 5: +5/0
  80. 80. The 10 Plagues of Egypt (Book of Exodus)
  81. 81. BOMBAY QUIZ CLUB Anti-clockwise 30 questions/10 points each PresentsA general quiz which depends on how much Mumbai Mirror you read
  82. 82. 31X was introduced in 1910 (originally under thename Creola) by the Bermondsey company PeekFreans of London.Its name is believed to be a corruption in Frenchof the Spanish royal house and not of theerstwhile French royal house. This is due to theSpanish original name of X as well as to the factthat chocolate was brought to Europe from theSpanish American colonies.Give me X.
  83. 83. Bourbon biscuits
  84. 84. 32 The video (next slide) is the group Djurdjura singing (in native costume) what is considered the “national anthem” of this group of people who have long fought for freedom and rights. National heroes mentioned in the anthem are the priestess Kahina and the King Jugurtha. The name Djurdjura itself is the highest peak in the range of mountains that encompass the homeland of these people. How do we know the people better (Common name please)?
  85. 85. The Berber people (Amazigh)
  86. 86. 33 Named after Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza, 5th ___ of Cañete and Viceroy of Peru, today this archipelago is part of French Polynesia. French painter Paul Gauguin is buried here. The 4th installment of the reality show Survivor was filmed on this island group.
  87. 87. The Marquesas Islands
  88. 88. 34 Written by Y and considered the first work of modern economics, its full title is “An inquiry into the nature and causes of X” usually better known by simply X. Y’s portrait has appeared since 1981 on the £50 notes issued by the Clydesdale Bank in Scotland, and in March 2007 it also appeared on the new series of £20 notes issued by the Bank of England, making Y the first Scotsman to feature on an English banknote.
  89. 89. 35 “If I win, I am American, not a black American. But if I did something bad, then they would say I am a Negro. We are black and we are proud of being black. Black America will understand what we did tonight” Connect the comment made with an iconic moment in sports history.
  90. 90. 36 Famous for his numerous love affairs (including Gina Lollobrigida and Francoise Hardy) and married three times, he was jokingly called “the doctor of hearts”. He stated that the reason he never won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was probably because he was a “white South African“. He wrote his autobiography “One life” in 1969 after his breakthrough. His second autobiography “The Second Life” was published in 1993, 8 years before his death.
  91. 91. Dr. Christiaan Barnard (first surgeon to perform ahuman-to-human heart transplant)
  92. 92. 37 Because of the increasing popularity of Baroque opera in the mid 20th century and the need to replace X singers in them (who had died out by then), the position of a Y was created. Y is a male singing voice whose vocal range is equivalent to a mezzo-soprano or contralto female voice. (See example on next slide) Some of the famous Y roles in opera include Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Orfeo in Orfeo ed Eurydice. ID X and Y. (Part points available)
  93. 93. X – Castrato/CastratiY - Countertenor
  94. 94. 38 In a 2008 investigation by Channel 4 News in Britain, it was found that 6% of the 93,000 word thesis for the LSE titled “The role of civil society in the democratization of global governance institutions : From soft power to collective decision making” was copied from other sources. Whose PhD thesis was this? (Need full name only for points)
  95. 95. Saif al-Islam Gadhafi
  96. 96. 39 This is an excerpt from an interview on 60 minutes the day before an iconic sports event in 1973. It was the second of three such made-for-television events – the first two starred the gentleman X you see in the clip. The event drew a huge viewership on television and a large sum of money on bets on who would win. Shortly before the event, Y entered the Astrodome carried aloft in a chair held by four bare-chested muscle men dressed in the garb of ancient slaves. X followed in a rickshaw drawn by a bevy of scantily- clad models. Need X, Y & event name for full points.
  97. 97. X – Bobby RiggsY – Billie Jean KingEvent – Battle of the Sexes
  98. 98. 40 The rules of the Nobel Prize forbid posthumous nominations and because X had died in 1958, X was not eligible for nomination to the Nobel Prize subsequently awarded to Crick, Watson, and Wilkins in 1962. However, allegations of sexism towards X by the subsequent winners who used much of X’s data and research into the X-ray diffraction images of DNA to develop the double-helix structure of DNA were widespread – leading many people to believe sexism to be behind X not winning the Nobel Prize.
  99. 99. Rosalind Franklin
  100. 100. Audience
  101. 101. It is unclear if this unit is named after a particularscientist, his wife or both. It is 3.7 x 1010 times theunit named after another scientist who won theNobel Prize in Physics with them.Name all 3 people.
  102. 102. Pierre Curie and Marie Sklodowska-Curie, HenriBecquerel
  103. 103. 41Connect the following: (exhaustive list) Luz Long Lawrence Lemieux Emil Zatopek Raymond Gafner Eugenio Monti Tana Umaga Karl Heinz Klee Spencer Eccles Franz Jonas Vanderlei de Lima Elena Novikova-Belova
  104. 104. Winners of the Pierre de Coubertin medal forsportsmanship in Olympic events
  105. 105. 42 On May 10–11, 1945, the Target Committee at Los Alamos, led by J. Robert Oppenheimer, recommended X, Niigata, Hiroshima, Yokohama, and the arsenal at Y as possible targets for the atom bomb. However, X was not bombed because “… of Henry L. Stimson, the Secretary of War at the time, who had known and admired X ever since his honeymoon there several decades earlier”. Y was spared due to heavy cloud cover obscuring the view of the pilots of the bomber which then bombed Nagasaki instead.
  106. 106. X - KyotoY - Kokura
  107. 107. 43Its name literally means “Duke’s land” from theGerman word for Duke. Identified on the map ofthe country by the part shown in blue (nextslide), it contains the only coastal town of thisprimarily landlocked country.The bridge shown in the second image (rebuilt) isthe primary tourist attraction in this part of theworld.Identify the entity in blue.
  108. 108. Hercegovina
  109. 109. 44 X was one of the more famous lovers of polydactyl cats, after being first given a six-toed cat by a ships captain. Upon Xs death in 1961, his former home in Key, West, Florida, became a museum and a home for his cats, and it currently houses approximately fifty descendants of his cats (about half of which are polydactyl). Because of his love for these animals, “X Cat", is a term which has come to describe polydactyls.
  110. 110. Ernest Hemingway
  111. 111. 45 Need a 2 word term to connect the emblems/symbols of the following 3 saints.
  112. 112. Union Jack
  113. 113. 46Derived from the Greek word for "having learnedmuch“, this is a person whose expertise spans asignificant number of different subject areas. Mostancient scientists can be classed as such by todaysstandards.Another common term ____ ____ is used to describe aperson who is well educated or who excels in a widevariety of subjects or fields. The concept emerged fromthe numerous great thinkers of that era who excelledin multiple fields of the arts in science, including daVinci, Michelangelo, Copernicus and Francis Bacon.Give me both terms. (Part points available)
  114. 114. PolymathRenaissance Man
  115. 115. 47X’s first name is used only twice. His middle name –Hamish – is used only once in the entire series ofstories. He is usually addressed by his last name.In one of only 2 stories that his friend writes, hesays of X “ I have often had occasion to point out tohim how superficial are his accounts and to accusehim of pandering to popular taste instead ofconfining himself rigidly to facts and figures.”
  116. 116. Dr. John H. Watson
  117. 117. 48 Considered Ireland’s finest National treasure and on permanent display at the Trinity College Library in Dublin, this book was written and illustrated by Celtic monks ca. 800 or earlier. It is an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin, containing the four Gospels of the New Testament together with various prefatory texts and tables. It is named for the Abbey that was its home for most of the medieval period.
  118. 118. Book of Kells
  119. 119. 49 The image on the next slide is concerned with a particular treaty system. It was the first significant treaty signed during the Cold War – originally by 12 countries that had a territorial claim – and now by 36 other countries who have signed on a consultant basis. Identify treaty system.
  120. 120. signatory, consulting, territorial claim signatory, consulting, reserved right forterritorial claim signatory, consulting signatory, acceding status non-signatory
  121. 121. Antarctic Treaty System
  122. 122. 50German singer-songwriter Frank Farian sang the repeated line "Do you do you wanna bump?" in a deep voice (entirely studio created) as well as performing the high falsetto chorus in December 1974. When the record was released as a single, it was credited to “X", a pseudonym Farian had created for himself. After the song became a hit in the Netherlands and Belgium, Farian decided to hire performers to front the group for TV performances. Farian decided to use only 2 of the female performers along with his own studio-enhanced voice to create the X sound – the other 2 performers merely lip-synched. How do we know X better?
  123. 123. Boney M.
  124. 124. Audience
  125. 125. Named for the natives of the area and not for thepests that probably plagued the settlers, it istoday shared between 2 Western Hemispherestates.It was established as a British protectorate andthen as a client kingdom ruled by British settlersin the teeth of strong Spanish opposition.It is also the name of a book by Paul Theroux anda movie based on the book starring HarrisonFord, Helen Mirren and River Phoenix.
  126. 126. Mosquito Coast (from Miskito Indians)
  127. 127. 51 Considered a martyr of astronomy and science by modern thinkers, X was burned at the stake in Rome by the Catholic Church for his heretical ideas. His cosmological theories went beyond the Copernican model in proposing that the Sun was essentially a star, and that the universe contained an infinite number of inhabited worlds populated by other intelligent beings. A statue of him stands today on the site of his stake in central Rome.
  128. 128. Giordano Bruno
  129. 129. 52 A dying man stood before over 60,000 people and the world to impart the genuine feeling that he was "the luckiest man in the world" for having the opportunity to endeavour through the love of his craft. Nicknamed the Iron Horse, he had not missed a game in his entire 13-plus year career (spanning a mind-bending 2,130 consecutive games). Identify both the man who was the subject of a classic photograph and his team.
  130. 130. Lou Gehrig of theNew York Yankees
  131. 131. 53ID character in black coat and his most famous work.
  132. 132. Samuel Johnson, author of “Dictionary of theEnglish Language”
  133. 133. 54 This phenomenon was caused by severe drought coupled with decades of extensive farming without crop rotation, fallow fields, cover crops or other techniques to prevent wind erosion. Deep ploughing of the virgin topsoil of the Great Plains had displaced the natural deep-rooted grasses that normally kept the soil in place and trapped moisture. Millions of acres of farmland became useless, and hundreds of thousands of people were forced to leave their homes; many of these families (often known as X , since so many came from this state) migrated to California and other states. ID phenomenon (2 words) and nickname X.
  134. 134. Dust BowlOkies
  135. 135. 55 The image on the next slide shows a bunch of places connected to the X. Together they were all part of the X district. It was centered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and had nothing to do with the more commonly known name X. What is X.
  136. 136. Manhattan Project
  137. 137. 56 This was a friendly played (Colombia v/s England) at Wembley in 1995. What happens next? (Looking for 2 word phrase)
  138. 138. Scorpion Kick
  139. 139. 57 This piece of classical music contains parts of both the French national anthem (La Marsellaise) at the beginning of the piece and the Pre-revolution Russian national anthem (God Save the Tsar) at the end. Appropriate choices for the event that this piece seeks to commemorate. It is mistakenly assumed in the USA that this commemorates an event in their history which is why it is played at July 4th celebrations all over the US – especially the signature event in Boston. Need name of piece and composer.
  140. 140. 1812 Overture – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  141. 141. 58 The busy trade in X was a fundamental factor in the exploration and early settlement of Canada. The Hudson’s Bay Company, which was founded in the early 17th century and is still in existence, made its fortune through this trade. For its role in Canadas early economic development, the X has been honoured with a depiction on the Canadian nickel. X hats were made in various styles as a matter of civil status: the Wellington, the Paris beau, the d‘Orsay, the Regent and the Clerical. In addition, as a matter of military status: the Continental Cocked hat, Navy cocked hat, and the Army shako.
  142. 142. Beaver
  143. 143. 59 Identify the comedy duo shown here as well as the person they are spoofing.
  144. 144. Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders spoofing MarleneDietrich singing “Where have all the flowers gone”
  145. 145. 60Where would you find this /What do these signify?
  146. 146. Gandhi’s footsteps leading to where he wasassassinated – Birla House, New Delhi
  147. 147. Audience
  148. 148. In connection with the reissue of a certain novel in2006, many of the never before seen photographsin the book were displayed at the posh shoppingcentre at Khan Market in New Delhi. Moreastonishing than the images blown up large as lifewas the number of shoppers who seemed not toregister them – surprising considering the gut-wrenching and violent content of the images – andthe fact that many of the people there had livedthrough it all in the Punjab.ID reissued book and photographer.
  149. 149. Train to Pakistan – Khushwant SinghMargaret Bourke-White
  150. 150. Pick your poison+15 for direct / No negatives +10 if you pounce correctly-10 if you pounce incorrectly
  151. 151.  Geography History Literature Entertainment Sports Lifestyle/Culture Current Affairs Science
  152. 152. Geography1. Founded by the Macedonians as Alexandria in Arachosia, the city today bears a name which is derivation of its Persianized name.2. Derived from the capital of an ancient Hindu kingdom in the area – though the modern city and said capital are not geographically identical.3. From the Uzbek words for “river of sugar candy”4. From the PIE words for “fortress with stone walls”5. From a city founded by the Indo-Parthian king who was visited by St. Thomas
  153. 153. Kandahar1. Alexandria – Iskandariya – Kandahar2. Gandhara – Kandahar3. Qand (sugar candy) + a-har (of river) – Kandahar4. Kand (wall) + Har (stone mountain) – Kandahar5. Gondophares – Gundopharron - Kandahar
  154. 154. HistoryWhen King William IV of the United Kingdom andHanover died, he was succeeded by Victoria asMonarch of the United Kingdom and by his brotherErnst Augustus I as Monarch in Hanover.Why didn’t Victoria (or Ernst Augustus) succeed toboth thrones like he did? (Need keywords for full points)
  155. 155. Hanover operated under Salic Law – under which awoman cannot inherit a kingdom – while the UKhad no such law.So Victoria succeeded in the UK as a descendant ofGeorge III from his 4th son while Ernst Augustuswho was George III’s 5th son succeeded in Hanover.
  156. 156. LiteratureThis is the plotline for which work? What has beenblanked out? (Both answers needed/No Part Points)
  157. 157. Wuthering Heights / Heathcliff
  158. 158. EntertainmentID the voice which you hear talking in this song – hewas famous for acting in low-budget horror flicks inthe 1960’s and 70’s.His role in Edward Scissorhands had to be cut shortdue to his illness and subsequent death fromemphysema and lung disease from smoking (alsolisted as the reason behind his gravelly voice).
  159. 159. SportsThe IQA was founded in 2007 following the firstintercollegiate match between Middlebury College andVassar College.Since then the IQA has helped students from more than400 colleges and 300 high schools form teams. The vastmajority are based in the US, represented in 45 states.The IQA divides teams into 3 types: HighSchool, Collegiate, and Community.The fourth annual World Cup was held on November 13–14, 2010 in DeWitt Clinton park in NYC. 757 athletesrepresenting 46 teams competed. For the past 4years, the World cup has been won by MiddleburyCollege.
  160. 160. (Muggle) Quidditch
  161. 161. Lifestyle/CultureThis was a popular viral meme in the 1920’s where 2people would pose and be photographed with theseemingly beheaded body of one glancing at thehead.It has become popular again in 2011.The name by which it is called references arguablythe best example of this – from a piece of literature.What is it called?(Examples shown in next slide)
  162. 162. Horsemanning
  163. 163. Current AffairsThe image on the next slide shows gradations in %of X in Europe.The map has often been used by right-wingpoliticians and writers like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and mostrecently in 2083 – A European Declaration ofIndependence by Anders Brevik to demandstronger laws and adherence to Constitutions.They use a political neologism Y to describe whatthey believe the continent will become in the next50 years given current rates of X increasing.
  164. 164. X – Islam/MuslimsY - Eurabia
  165. 165. ScienceA population X (or genetic X) is an evolutionary event inwhich a significant percentage of a population or speciesis killed or otherwise prevented from reproducing.They reduce the genetic variation and, therefore, thepopulations ability to adapt to climate change or newerresources. The reduction in a populations dispersalleads, over time, to increased genetic homogeneity. Ifsevere, population X can also markedly increaseinbreeding due to the reduced pool of possible mates.One word for X. (See next slide)
  166. 166. Bottleneck
  167. 167. Tiebreaker
  168. 168. T1X was granted the right, on ceremonialoccasions, to carry a British Army regimental-stylecolour or flag bearing its own coat of arms with apicture of the Residency and the words "Defence ofY, 1857". It thus became the only school in theworld to be awarded a British battle honour.ID X and Y.
  169. 169. La Martiniere Boy’s college, Lucknow
  170. 170. T2On 15th September 2011, astronomers announcedthe discovery of a real planet Kepler-16b that orbitstwo suns.The planet orbits two stars that are also circlingeach other, one about two-thirds the size of oursun, the other about a fifth the size of our sun.Give me an entertainment related one-wordconnect that you first came across in 1977 – then in1980, 1983, 1999, 2002 and 2005. (see image onnext slide)
  171. 171. Tatooine
  172. 172. T3This is Faisal Shahzad who wassentenced to life imprisonmentwithout the possibility of parolein October 2010. When asked bythe judge "Didnt you swearallegiance to this country?"Shahzad, a naturalized citizen replied, “I sweared, but I didnt mean it.“How do we better know him?
  173. 173. Times Square Bomber
  174. 174. The Final Scores