Printgroove JT Suite


Published on | The Printgroove JT Suite incorporates various printing software modules to create a full-on print workflow solution. The productivity-driven problem solving integration of the Printgroove JT Web and Printgroove JT Man software can simplify the printing process for any business.

The infographics in this document detail how businesses can benefit from the Printgroove JT Suite.

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Printgroove JT Suite

  1. 1. Printgroove JT Suite The complete print process – fast, simple and productive Applications Printgroove JT Suite
  2. 2. Printgroove JT Suite, applications Automation for the print workflow The Printgroove JT Suite integrates the independent software modules Printgroove JT Web and Printgroove JT Man to a complete print workflow solution with pioneering features. Thus, the advantage of easy uploading & transferring print jobs via the internet is combined with the management of jobs for efficient and low cost print production. The whole print workflow is completely automated. ■■ Printgroove JT Web is Konica Minolta’s professional web-2-print solution for print providers and enterprises with offices in several locations. Printgroove JT Web streamlines the ordering process with the simple and straightforward creation and transmission of print jobs as well as efficient product and job management. This means enhanced convenience for end users and increases the flexibility and efficiency for administrators. ■■ Printgroove JT Man is the comprehensive make ready and print management software that works with the Printgroove JT Web job tickets, enabling the creation of sophisticated print products without having to learn complex applications. Printgroove JT Man integrates all necessary functions for modern print production, from imposition and media programming to accounting. The Printgroove JT Suite fits perfectly to: ■■ n-house print shops I ■■ Public authorities ■■ Universities ■■ ompanies with offices spread over various C locations ■■ rint service providers (B2B) P
  3. 3. Workflow of the suite Print room Workflows Brochure colour Products Presentation colour Brochure colour via Internet Presentation colour Client Brochure b/w Presentation b/w via Internet Brochure b/w via Internet via Internet Presentation b/w Enabling extensive print process automation, the comprehensive Printgroove JT functionality is certain to optimise the print workflow fundamentally. Printgroove JT Suite – Key features Printgroove JT Suite – Benefits ■■ Harmonised ■■ Harmonised ■■ Print ■■ Print ■■ Two ■■ Two ■■ Order ■■ Order graphical user interface The icon-based GUI guides the user step-by-step through the ordering process. workflow automation Any detail of the print workflow can be individually defined, from imposition schemes to the desired output device, including items such as paper trays and finishing settings. Once established, print production routines can be saved and recalled at any time. way communication Settings for the product catalogue as well as price lists are centrally entered via Printgroove JT Man and then transmitted to Printgroove JT Web. management Order-Tracking: The Printgroove JT Man ordertracking feature is also available for Printgroove JT Web users. The order status set by the print provider in Printgroove JT Man is automatically transferred to Printgroove JT Web, where users can see it on their dashboard and in their order history. Collective and Mixed Orders: Printgroove JT Man shows at a glance if one job order received from Printgroove JT Web consists of different print or non-print jobs. graphical user interface The easy usability avoids confusion and facilitates print job creation on user side. workflow automation Print providers benefit from easy customisation, being able to adjust the workflow automation exactly as required. The extensive automation of the print workflow reduces the error ratio and enables print providers to accept more jobs at once. way communication Print providers only need to compile catalogues and price lists just once and can then centrally maintain them. management Order Tracking: Print providers save time only having to set the order status once. At any time, end customers can instantly recall the actual status of their print jobs. Collective and Mixed Orders: Print providers benefit from a much better overview and the possibility to manage collective and mixed orders in one step.
  4. 4. Printgroove JT Web, applications Printgroove JT Web Web-based printing with efficiency and convenience Following the rapid progress of the internet in the last decade, web-2-print has evolved into a preferred medium for ordering, submitting and organising print jobs. With more than 10 years of market availability, Printgroove JT Web is a highly developed software solution for secure 24/7 web submission of print jobs on job ticket basis – irrespective of location, data format or type of printer hardware. As print providers face ever more workflow challenges due to increased job complexity, faster turnaround times, shorter run lengths, and increasing demand for web-based services, they are required to implement streamlined workflows and offer higher-margin value-added services in order to generate new revenue streams. Web-2-print is the ideal option for any print provider looking to expand his business operations, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance customer relations.
  5. 5. Printgroove JT Web – Key features Printgroove JT Web – Benefits ■■ Convenient ■■ Convenient online ordering and preview Printgroove JT Web provides a complete online order portal which includes an online preview of the final product, indicating important details such as staple and punch positions or media colour. online quotation Printgroove JT Web instantly calculates the price for every print product. Every detail, such as monochrome or colour prints, output format, etc. is included in the automatic calculation. online ordering and preview With such comprehensive user interface, even non-expert users find it easy to order complex print products. The online preview avoids costly mistakes, for example clearly indicating layouts that won’t work. ■■ Instant on customer side Printgroove JT Web includes a basic pre-flight. This runs a background check in every customer file uploaded to Printgroove JT Web to check if all images are provided in a proper resolution, all fonts are embedded and transparencies are included. Immediate feedback is given to the user to adjust the document if necessary, in order to obtain the best print result. ■■ Instant online quotation Instant online quotations considerably reduce the need for communication and increase efficiency, as the functionality keeps professional printing staff off the phone and on their main job. ■■ Pre-flight ■■ 24/7 availability The web-2-print solution Printgroove JT Web enables customers to place orders and submit their print files 24 hours per day over the web. ■■ Pre-flight on customer side Pre-flight on customer side saves time, avoids misprint and unnecessary costs from faulty prints. ■■ 24/7 availability Availability of the service around the clock via the Printgroove JT Web online portal enhances the print provider’s service to his customers over high street opening times and increases his opportunities for extra business.
  6. 6. Printgroove JT Web, applications Printgroove JT Web – Key features Printgroove JT Web – Benefits ■■ Print ■■ Print room management The print provider can easily monitor production routines and call up overviews and statistics on all activities. Print processes can be analysed in detail, and production planning improved. The functionality provides an instant overview of the workload and enhances the convenience of administrating users and print products. ■■ Online status tracking This feature enables the print provider to conveniently offer status information on print job orders to his customers. The order status including any changes can be informed via email; or customers can login to call up their print job status on the Printgroove JT Web dashboard. ■■ Flexibility Printgroove JT Web comes as a complete and very powerful web-2-print solution – and if users miss any special feature, the functionality can be additionally enhanced by customisation. ■■ Language support Printgroove JT Web is available in 16 of 23 official European languages – covering the needs of more than 90% of the European population. room management Professional monitoring features indicate cost saving potential; and streamlined work routines enhance the overall productivity. ■■ Online status tracking Transparent procedures facilitate providing status details to customers at any time – this reduces telephone enquiries from customer side and ensures that the support hotline only has to deal with real customer problems. ■■ Flexibility The customer gets exactly what he wants and needs – Konica Minolta offers highly customised solutions to fulfil even the most specific customer requirement – something that is by no means standard procedure in the market. ■■ Language support (Almost) no matter where they are, print providers can offer their web-2-print services in their local language.
  7. 7. Enhanced flexibility with additional modules With the additional modules described below, Printgroove JT Web is completely scalable to suit each and any customer’s needs. ■■ JT Document Converter As standard, customers can only upload PDF files in Printgroove JT Web. The installation of the JT Document Converter enhances customer flexibility: With the module, up to 300 different file formats, including e.g. .doc, .xls, .ppt, can be uploaded to the Printgroove JT Web print portal without requiring any relevant converter application on the customer PC. ■■ JT Forms The VDP module for Printgroove JT Web offers basic VDP functionality. JT Forms allows customers to personalise their documents. It can be used for the simple and CI-conform creation of business cards; the easy customisation of brochures, leaflets, notepads, or similar products. In general, JT Forms increases the flexibility of producing all types of print products that have some variable contents. ■■ JT Multishop This module lets print providers create individual web stores for different customers and user groups. These web shops can have individual user interfaces, products and price lists. Each web shop has its own web URL allocated. With this module, print providers who want to offer more than one web shop no longer need to buy several Printgroove JT Web software packages – it can all be done with a single Printgroove JT Web application. ■■ JT Online Payment Connector Via the JT Online Payment Connector an extensive selection of different payment methods is supported: This includes all the important credit cards, debit cards (such as Maestro), direct banking and payment via E-wallet, i.e. Paypal Connector. Besides different payment methods and languages, various currencies are supported as well. In addition to normal B2C payment options, B2B payment is also implemented. This minimises transactional costs and even allows doing business without the need of writing invoices. ■■ JT Shop Corner In general, Printgroove JT Web is a web-2print solution with its main focus on print jobs. Upgrading Printgroove JT Web to a complete web shop, the JT Shop Corner module enables print providers to offer non-print stock items, such as stationery or office consumables, to their users. ■■ JT Copy Service The standard Printgroove JT Web procedure for users is to upload print files to Printgroove JT Web. With JT Copy Service, the original can be submitted separately either as a hardcopy or a data carrier (CD, USB, etc.), while users can still benefit from the simplicity of the print portal for placing their order.
  8. 8. Printgroove JT Web GO, applications Printgroove JT Web GO The perfect web-2-print business enabler Printgroove JT Web GO is a hosted web-2-print software. “Hosted” means a print provider adopting Printgroove JT Web GO does not need to have own server hardware, IT knowledge or personnel to implement the solution to his company. All this is completely provided by Koneo AB, a 100% daughter of Konica Minolta. This easy, fast and low-cost implementation makes Printgroove JT Web GO the perfect business enabler for a web-2-print business setup. Printgroove JT Web GO – Printgroove JT Web GO – Benefits Key features ■■ Full ■■ Full Printgroove JT Web feature set Offers the complete comprehensive functionality of Printgroove JT Web, without any limitations. as a service business model Thanks to the low investment risk of the SaaS business model, it provides very small companies with the perfect entry option to the web-2-print market. Printgroove JT Web feature set Konica Minolta provides a more comprehensive service than any other company in the market! Competitors limit their hosted Software-as-aService (SaaS) solutions and offer only an appetizer of the full application. ■■ Software ■■ Software as a service business model Simple, affordable, no-risk opportunity to get started in the web-2-print business. ■■ Fast, ■■ Fast, simple and low-cost implementation Customers need no server hardware; nor is any IT knowledge for software maintenance and security updates required. simple and low-cost implementation Helps saving costs and enables very small print providers to offer a web-2-print shop with a minimum of manpower. ■■ 99.7 ■■ 99.7 percent server availability The shop is always available to customers. Server downtimes for print providers are minimal, as maintenance is exclusively carried out at night. percent server availability Downtimes for print providers are down to a minimum – saving time and money.
  9. 9. applications ,Printgroove JT Man Printgroove JT Man Professional print workflows for enhanced productivity and reliability As a comprehensive software solution for professional print workflow automation, Printgroove JT Man provides fast and effective administrating and editing of print jobs. The advanced print management application supports the creation of sophisticated print products with a job-ticket-driven print workflow. Printgroove JT Man integrates all necessary functions for modern print production, from document submission through imposition and media programming to accounting. With Printgroove JT Man, printing of the most complex jobs becomes simple and straightforward, saving users the need to learn and operate numerous software applications.
  10. 10. Printgroove JT Man, applications Printgroove JT Man – Key features ■■ Order management Printgroove JT Man represents complex order management: Print jobs can be combined with non-print products and managed in a single operation. Print providers can choose which information to disclose to customers for order tracking. Every status change can be put into an email, which can be sent automatically or manually to inform the customer. editor The job editor provides a comprehensive makeready functionality required for fast and easy editing of print jobs: ––Change jobs from colour to black/white and vice versa ––Adjust paper size and weight ––Change the finishing mode ––Add or delete tab sheets, slip sheets or empty pages ––Switch instantly between page view, page list and sheet view, and make modifications regardless of the selected view ––Choosing another printer will trigger an automatic warning if the selected finishing options are no longer available ■■ Media configuration editor The settings of printers, media, products and services can all be changed in a single window. The functionality includes: ––Advanced signature editor with automatic page arrangement ––Automatic printer configuration: If the appropriate printer driver is allocated to a printer, the installable options are automatically configured taking the information from the printer driver ––New paper catalogue ––Improved product configuration via categories ■■ Job ■■ Completely redesigned user interface The new interface provides a clear structure and intuitive navigation, including: ––Opening of orders in tabs, comparable to a web browser ––Easy adding of a search & filter bar to the existing menu bar ––Convenient dashboard use to keep track of orders and to-do lists ■■ PDF workflow Instead of the DPML workflow used in previous software versions, a completely PDF-based workflow has been adopted for Printgroove JT Man. Using the PDF standard, print providers will find it much easier to integrate other applications into Printgroove JT Man.
  11. 11. Printgroove JT Man – Benefits ■■ Order management Users save time and gain enhanced transparency, because print jobs and non-print products are now processed together. End customers can be informed more accurately on the real-time status of their print jobs. ■■ Job editor Enhanced flexibility: The print room operator has extensive adjustment possibilities and can comply with changing customer wishes at a very late stage, i.e. right before production. ■■ Media configuration editor Ease of operation and extra convenience: Being able to make all settings in a single window also saves time. ■■ Completely redesigned user interface Customers understand the structure more easily, can make settings faster and complete their ordering process in less time. ■■ PDF workflow The performance when uploading large documents has been much improved. The speed-up means more productivity in production; print providers benefit from better connectivity. Additional modules ■■ JT Color Split Identifies b/w and colour pages and can split print jobs on a per-page basis according to colour status, sending e.g. each page to the appropriate output device, and collating them after printing automatically on the finishing production printer in the correct order. ■■ JT Accounting Connector Enables the combination of Printgroove JT Man with the market leading accounting applications Pcounter and SafeQ. ■■ JT Printer for terminal server This extension to the Windows printing system enables terminal server clients to utilise the Printgroove JT Man print workflow. ■■ JT Web Connector With this connector, stand-alone installations of Printgroove JT Man or Printgroove JT Web can be combined into the full software suite. Facilitating communication between external offices, the connector also serves as a bridge to connect firewallprotected IT areas.
  12. 12. Technical requirements Printgroove JT Web Printgroove JT Man Server: Server: Supported operating systems Windows XP Pro (32 Bit) Windows 7 Professional (32 / 64 Bit) Windows Server 2003 (32 Bit) Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition (32 Bit) Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation (64 Bit) Supported operating systems Windows XP Pro (32 Bit) Windows 7 Professional (32/64 Bit) Windows Server 2003 (32 Bit) Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition (32 Bit) Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation (64 Bit) Minimum hardware specifications Dual core processor 1 GB memory 10 GB of free hard disc space Internet/Intranet connection Minimum hardware specifications Dual core processor 2 GB memory 10 GB of free hard disc space Internet/Intranet connection Recommended hardware specifications Quad core processor 4 GB memory 100 GB free hard disc space (fast hard disc or RAID system) High speed Internet/Intranet connection Recommended hardware specifications Quad core processor 4 GB memory 100 GB free hard disc space (fast hard disc or RAID system) High speed Internet/Intranet connection Printgroove JT Web + Printgroove JT Web GO Operator: Supported operating systems Windows XP Pro (32 Bit) Windows 7 Professional (32/64 Bit) Client: Supported operating systems Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 (32/64 Bit) Minimum hardware specifications 1 GHz processor 512 MB memory Internet/Intranet connection Recommended hardware specifications Dual core processor 2 GB memory High speed Internet/Intranet connection Supported Internet browsers OS* Order from catalogue Upload own print file iOS 5 ✔ jail break required Android 3.1 ✔ ✔ Windows Phone 7.5 ✔ X Firefox Version 5.0 or higher Internet Explorer Version 7 or higher Safari Version 5.0 or higher Supported tablets and smart phones *Functionalities cannot be guaranteed for all mobile devices with these operating systems System Requirements for Printgroove JT Web Printer Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 (32/64 Bit) The support and availability of the listed specifications and functionalities varies depending on operating systems, applications, network protocols as well as network and system configurations. Some of the product illustrations contain optional accessories. ■■ Specifications and accessories are based on the information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice. ■■ Konica Minolta does not warrant that the specifications mentioned will be error-free. ■■ Microsoft, Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks, of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. ■■ All other brand and product names may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged. ■■ ■■ Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH Europaallee 17 30855 Langenhagen • Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 511 74 04-0 Fax: +49 (0) 511 74 10 50 01/2012 Your Konica Minolta Business Solutions Partner: