November Committee at Large Notes


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November Committee at Large Notes

  1. 1. TFTN Steering Committee Meeting LOCATION: DATE: Teleconference November 10th, 2010 PARTICIPANTS: Steve Lewis, Ed Arabas, Michael Terner, Larry Stipek, Lynda Liptrap, Bruce Peterson, Kate Chapman, Eric Andelin, Bruce Ralston, Charley Hickman, Todd Barr, Reg Souleyrette, Matthew Hardy, Jeff Smith, Marc Levine, Greg Robinson, Anne O'Connor, Robert Pollack,Hillary Armstrong, Raquel Write, Patricia Solano, Larry Stipek MEETING NOTES - TFTN SCAL presentation - Questions and Answer (Q/A) Session (below) Q&A Q: Matt Hardy from AASHTO: There has not been a lot of discussion of how this database will be used (use cases). IntelliDrive would require lane-level detail which would include lane widths, number of lanes, turn lanes, lenghts etc. VMT-based fees would not require as much fidelity. Performance management may be sufficient for generic center-line miles of roadway. Is there discussion on these data will be used? I could imagine this large database/set being put together but then not useful for any specific application.[Matthew Hardy] [mhardy] [Q: 1:36 PM] This goes back to “can you live with that”, Intelidrive would be at the high end of use, base centerlines, dual alignments where they exist, and the rest will be special sauce Q: Will we be provided a copy of this presentation? [Eric Andelin] [eandelin] [Q: 1:36 PM] Yes, it will be posted on Q: What is the timeframe?[Ed Arabas] [edward.p.arabas] [Q: 1:38 PM] Strategic Plan is due by the end of Feburuay Q: What is the preferred manner of receiving comments?[Ed Arabas] [edward.p.arabas] [Q: 1:39 PM] Email Steve directly or email the Committee at Large at ( Q: Timeframe for comments...[Ed Arabas] [edward.p.arabas] [Q: 1:39 PM] Sooner the better Q: If the baseline data is developed do you expect to see companies like Navteq or TeleAtlas to start using this as a base and adding their "Special sauce"?[Greg Robinson] [grobinson] [Q: 1:42 PM] Q: Has a matrix been put together showing the Min and Max desired deliverables (Special Sauce) for review? It might be good for us to seee the spectrum.[Eric Andelin] [eandelin] [Q: 1:43 PM] No there hasn’t been one put together but we will. Q: Use cases / user cases (federal/state/tribal/local) would strengthen commitment to the effort.[Ed Arabas] [edward.p.arabas] [Q: 1:43 PM] Q: Is your presentation available for download?[Matthew Hardy] [mhardy] [Q: 1:45 PM] Soon after the conference call Q: With regards to the previous question on a matrix of the range of requirements, please include the Fed Strawman[Lynda Liptrap] [lynda.a.liptrap] [Q: 1:46 PM] Okay Q: If you are developing the use cases in the next few weeks, let me know how I can help in engaging some of the AASHTO members. [Matthew Hardy] [mhardy] [Q: 1:46 P PRINTED: 1/28/2015 PAGE 1 OF 2
  2. 2. TFTN Steering Committee Meeting We’ll call on you Q: I see in the Steering committee spreadsheet on the RITA webpage. MAPPS is not included in the list. Could you please include myself Eric Andelin with Bohannan Huston and John Palitello [Eric Andelin] [eandelin] [Q: 1:49 PM] Updated on the having issues with the Sharepoint site. PRINTED: 1/28/2015 PAGE 2 OF 2