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Technology at service_communities_senabre


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Presentation made by Enric Senabre during the GSEF 2016 in Montréal

Published in: Technology
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Technology at service_communities_senabre

  1. 1. Bridging the collaborative economy and the social economy: technological implications Enric Senabre Hidalgo @esenabre Digital Commons Research Group Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) - Open University of Catalonia Member of BarCola &
  2. 2. Node about Collaborative Economy and Commons Based Peer Production
  3. 3. v Procomuns: from event to community & policies
  4. 4. Few examples: Hybridization: growth of “sharing economy” KEY MARKET FORCES SOCIETAL DRIVERS ● Desire to connect ● Sustainable mindset ● Pupulation dynamics ECONOMIC DRIVERS ● Financial climate ● Unttaped idle rerources ● Startups heavily funded TECHNOLOGY ENABLERS ● Internet of everything ● Mobile technologies ● Social networks 2015: aggregate turnover reached by “sharing economy” businesses = 28 billion €
  5. 5. Hybridization: growth of “sharing economy”
  6. 6. Expansion to more areas of activity
  7. 7. Platform cooperativism " Worker–owned cooperatives could design their own apps-based platforms, fostering truly peer-to-peer ways of providing services and things" Trebor Scholz
  8. 8. Platform cooperativism Platform cooperativism
  9. 9. Platform cooperativism
  10. 10. Platform cooperativism
  11. 11. Platform cooperativism Platform cooperativism
  12. 12. Some reflections and steps FOR SOCIAL ECONOMY ACTORS ● Will need to explore innovation from startups at digital market levels ● Can provide more “membership” and less “usership” to sharing economy ● Pay attention to “real sharing” elements: open source and open data FOR POLICY MAKERS ● Move from regulation to promotion of economic alternatives ● Forget the “unicorn” model and support coop values for incubation ● Support more dissemination, collaboration and research