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Kona Stories From the Field


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This will walk you through some Kona Business examples shared by our users who have improved their team communication, alignment and productivity using Kona.

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Kona Stories From the Field

  1. 1. (1) Use Kona when Leading a Project Team Read on to see how Lewis used Kona to create team alignment, client transparency and eliminate invoice disputes with his client. (2) Use Kona to Manage a Virtual Team Read on to see how Joe uses Kona to acclimate new hires, conduct recurring team meeting, and keep direct report 1:1 topics at his fingertips. Stories from the Field
  2. 2. Leading a Project Team Lewis just landed the PM role on the big win! He is pumped, except for the fact this is the firm’s most notorious scope- creeping, invoice-disputing customer. What is a PM to do? Create a Space to communicate, gain alignment and maintain transparency. Stories from the Field
  3. 3. Leading a Project Team Organizing the team Lewis started by establishing people groups to quickly loop in the right team members, and by adding key documents, meetings and discussion forums. People Groups make it easy to manage Space Members. Once you invite your team members, simply drag them into the groups.
  4. 4. The Big Introduction Prior to inviting his team members to the Kona space, Lewis talked through how the group would use Kona. Everyone started with a common understanding. Leading a Project Team
  5. 5. Leading a Project Team Add Members to sub-teams Onboarding and offboarding is a breeze with People Groups!
  6. 6. Leading a Project Team No more endless email threads, now everyone will be on the same page! Lewis created a private conversation just for a subset of the the people in this space. As members are added to People Groups they are automatically included in those Kona items.
  7. 7. Leading a Project Team Visibility into task status and group discussions in context increases accountability across the team. Checking this is the difference between someone needs to do it (call client) vs everyone needs to do it (review these files).
  8. 8. Leading a Project Team A group calendar of meetings, events, and deadlines for the team. This event is locked or private to just the attendees listed. Use the Notes to share the agenda or summarize key decisions. Download the Kona mobile app to interact with Kona on the go. Use the calendar integration to see Kona events on your phone’s native calendar.
  9. 9. Favorite a file by choosing the Star. This makes it easy to find later and as a space owner this will pin it to the overview page for the team. Leading a Project Team Sharing and talking about documents has never been so easy! Everyone in this space will have access to the Contract. Use the paperclip to choose file source: link, gDocs, Box, Dropbox or your network.
  10. 10. Leading a Project Team The End Result Questions did arise, scope-creep occurred as expected; however, this time the change was documented, discussed and the team collectively signed off on it without missing a beat. The customer appreciated the extra visibility into the project through the use of Kona which ultimately increased their trust and confidence in the team.
  11. 11. Managing Virtual Team Joe just hired Kait, a recent college grad who will be joining his team as a graphics designer. His team has several remote workers and a couple members located in the office. Stories from the Field
  12. 12. The Welcome Wagon Joe adds Kait to the space and sends off her Kona invitation. He can even do this before her official start date. Managing Virtual Team
  13. 13. Managing Virtual Team Onboarding and offboarding is a breeze with People Groups!
  14. 14. Managing Virtual Team Closing the distance between team members with Kona Conversations. A (private) chat for Joe and his Remote Team members.
  15. 15. Managing Virtual Team Assign, follow and get things done with your team! Everyone playing their part in getting Kait up to speed!
  16. 16. Managing Virtual Team Team Meetings, 1:1 Tag Ups, Agendas and Follow Up Conversations all in One Place This event is locked (private) to just the attendees listed. Joe and Lewis use the Notes to share the topics they want to synch up on. Recurring team meeting: Agenda alignment, clear next steps and conversation all in one place.
  17. 17. Managing Virtual Team Tags and the Search Feature made it easy for Kait to find conversations, tasks and files to get current on the status of various team initiatives. View just the Website items but choosing to Filter on that value. Search results are always organized by object type. You can further narrow your results by using the advanced search options.
  18. 18. Managing Virtual Team How is the team managing now? Team members feel more connected, are more engaged with each other, and it takes less effort for Joe to be a great manager
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