Shopping optimisation


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Shopping optimisation

  1. 1. Stanford University / Venture Lab / Technology Entrepreneurship / Class of 2012 Solutions for optimisation of shopping processes We drive retail businesses through smart shopping solutions
  2. 2. Concept p We offer shopping optimisation system, consisting of innovative shopping trolleys with integrated bar codes scanners, and additional services enabling stores to employ those trolleys optimally. optimally Prevalent shopping trolleys and shopping tills are inconvenient for customers. Supermarkets do not utilise potential capabilities of p p p currently available innovative products whose synergy would bring benefits to sellers and buyers alike. Our team is analysing reasons for this f thi problem and constructing a system which supermarkets bl d t ti t hi h kt would be willing to use.
  3. 3. Low-fidelity p y prototype of the concept yp p Customised plastic Overall reduction handle with a plastic in weight basket for keeping f p gAdjustable special items basketsfor specific category of items Barcode/QR reader for customers to pre- Compartment for Free bill products arranging diff i differentt movement baskets wheels
  4. 4. Proof of concept p The design proposed is one of the concept designs of IDEO, a premier design house. As seen in the previous slide, the design reduces the weight considerably and hence with that costs in steel Therefore we are steel. able to make an advanced system, such as QR/Barcode reader integrated with the cart, affordable. g Hence, with similar cost as conventional cart, we could make this innovative cart solution advantageous because it eliminates need for h f the conveyer b l at the b ll queues since all products are belt h billing ll d pre-billed by the customers.
  5. 5. Evaluating our value p p g proposition Quality of our value proposition was tested by discussing our optimisation of shopping processes’ system with customers. Main findings: 1) C t Customers f l th t generally stores h feel that ll t have t too llow counters/customers ratio, leading to annoyance of customers. Our system will help stores to improve the ratio and increase customer satisfaction. 2) Customers are disappointed about their time being wasted in queues and being forced to wait in order to be served especially served, when they have only a few things to buy. Sometimes, customers decide not to shop if they see too long queues. Our system will help customers save time, therefore, assuming it’s simple, they are i h f ’ l h willing to use it.
  6. 6. Evaluating our value p p g proposition Main findings (continued): 3) Customers f d current shopping trolleys clumsy, d ff l to “ 3 C find h ll l difficult “steer” ” in some situations, sometimes – too heavy and not suitable to be used for putting specific kinds of goods. Our shopping trolleys were designed taking into account convenience and ergonomics as d d k i d i well. 4) Currently, average cashier’s wage is 14 €/h in Germany*. Therefore, y g g y 560 € has to be spent per 40-hour work week to pay a wage (not considering other taxes paid by employer). Our system will help stores save money, because less cashiers (as well as shopping tills) y pp g will be needed. 5) Some managers do not see any need to make any changes at all, because current condition looks good to them. , g * Source: Salary Explorer, 2012,
  7. 7. Conclusions and discussions of value proposition evaluation Customers a willing to employ new system, given that it is simple, intuitive, and will lead to time saving and better shopping g pp g experience. Irrespective of the fact that employing new system would save money for supermarkets in the long term, the system looks too disruptive for some managers, “no one else is using it” attitude and other emotional (not rationally substantiated) statements should be tackled in order to successfully implement our system and make it grow.