Insights and opportunities


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Insights and opportunities

  1. 1. Crash course on creativityVenture Lab Insights and opportunities Store stalking is a personal interest and more of a hobby of mine so I would be creative enough to stick to my own observation lab I leave it for the readers’ imagination and so called creativity by having no pictures ,so I hope you would get your creativity out.
  2. 2. How it beginsIf one has something in mind predefined one always goes to a specific store.Else the logo color and postings and hoardings matter but people hardly carefor these things.Most stores however have standard ways to somehow attract customers despite customers hardly noticing it.
  3. 3. The variation of stores• I have seen a lot of difference between stores across Germany ,also within stores there is a difference based on the demography of the place.• I observe it based on cost of living of the place and affordability/willingness to pay.• I have been visiting many stores in Germany to name a few: LIDL,NETTO,ADESE,KAUFLAND,PENNY,AL DI,REWE,MARKAUFT and so on.
  4. 4. What I feel like doing in a store• Sometimes I go to a store just to look at people to see how they behave at stores what sort of moods they come with and so on.• I find that usually a lot of people come in specific need of a good and like to touch goods physically and the store employees too encourage it as a marketing stunt in spite of some customers being very annoying.
  5. 5. Products• Once I start looking at products usually the brightest lit area seeks my attention and also the foods zone for new foods and/or offers.• I also look for sale boards and attractive prices and also look at others who look for other things people are crazy .• I look how products are arranged and sometimes the stores manager taking care of arrangement with his/her staff.• Products near the cash counter are usually a little expensive but very tempting and pulls you to buy.
  6. 6. Bill counters• I never felt any of the stores I have been to had a good customers to counters ratio.• There could be an innovative system of pre- billing goods to decrease waiting time which is what customers hate.• Customers hate holding things on their hands ( non cart customers) stores have nothing special for these customers who randomly shop unexpectedly.
  7. 7. Random observations• One can count the number of trolleys(shopping cart) available and number of people actively using trolleys and non trolley users.• I found that in a relatively big supermarket like LIDL there are 60 carts and at any given point 15 are used..Cart management is sometimes a challenge for modern store managers sometimes threat of being stolen.• The entrance of modern stores is usually boring to make sure its automatic doors but something interesting could be done there.
  8. 8. Further• One could make many more observations if one wants to and paying attention to things we want to could pay off well .• Its not just environment, customers and products , being creative through paying attention• Should naturally come in a way to things we like its not a big thing but could be used well if one has it.
  9. 9. Attention• Paying attention in general could be seen by others are very crazy .• Everybody has some way to be crazy about something and its perfectly fine to be so.• “Be crazy! But learn how to be crazy without being the center of attention. Be brave enough to live different.”-Paulo Coelho
  10. 10. Thank youThanks for all the attention you paid in reading this.If you have learnt something new by paying attention to this you have become a bit more creative!!!