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Why Project Management Is «Lively»


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Lively management of projects (LMP)

Published in: Business, Technology
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Why Project Management Is «Lively»

  1. 1. Why Project Management Is «lively»
  2. 2. Why project management is «lively»?
  3. 3. Because it’s possible to manage people only!!!
  4. 4. What usually happens when managing?
  5. 5. We start to manage one person’s reality
  6. 6. And what appears in this reality is our managerial influence
  7. 7. Subjective reality of the person changes
  8. 8. This one lets the managerial influence through filters and patterns of one’s perception
  9. 9. And … Either our influence is accepted or refused as non- existent
  10. 10. Why does sometimes management turn out ineffective?
  11. 11. …because in perception of each person there are own filters and patterns
  12. 12. What to do?
  13. 13. To remember, that each person’s reality is always subjective
  14. 14. To tune filters and patterns of those people whom we manage
  15. 15. To combine and cross realities
  16. 16. And only then – to manage
  17. 17. To manage those spheres of common reality that coincide with subjective one
  18. 18. Lively management of projects