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My Goal Is PMP Certificate!..


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Is there the life beyoud the PMP Certificate?

Published in: Business
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My Goal Is PMP Certificate!..

  1. 1. My goal is PMP certificate!..
  2. 2. What all start from?
  3. 3. From your irresistible and quite natural aspiration to become the PMP® certificate owner!
  4. 4. This is your real chance to become the part of the great whole
  5. 5. …the part of the entire global community of professionals in project management
  6. 6. …the chance to share the great Code of best practices in project management
  7. 7. …the chance to codify the knowledge you have and demonstrate the necessary experience
  8. 8. And…
  9. 9. You learn, structure and show
  10. 10. You brilliantly pass your exams
  11. 11. …And get such Certificate
  12. 12. The silver frame. On the wall. It’s beautiful.
  13. 13. You have learnt the special set of most popular patterns and a great deal of examples of their adoption
  14. 14. Is it the last point of your movement?
  15. 15. You are versatile and can be a bottom or middle manager almost in whatever company
  16. 16. You were taught for this And right for this you were trained
  17. 17. But is that what you learnt and trained yourself for?
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Lively management of projects