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Lively Management Of Projects


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Lively management of projects (LPM)

Published in: Business, Technology
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Lively Management Of Projects

  1. 1. Lively management of projects
  2. 2. What is management?
  3. 3. Management is the subject’s action directing to change and manipulate the objects and subjects of reality due to the program worked out in advance
  4. 4. What or whom we manage, when it goes about managing a project?
  5. 5. We manage the hierarchy of all project participants and interconnections between them
  6. 6. We manage a project as a system
  7. 7. … as a social system
  8. 8. How is it possible to interpret project management in the view of systems theory?
  9. 9. Project management is realization and spreading of purposeful managerial influences over all project participants and interconnections between them in the way to achieve project’s goals
  10. 10. Who realizes project management and who is the subject of management?
  11. 11. …Project manager and project management team
  12. 12. What or who is the object of management?
  13. 13. The object of management in project are people!!!
  14. 14. How do we manage people?
  15. 15. …Collecting and processing the necessary information
  16. 16. …Studying variants and selecting the optimal managerial decision
  17. 17. …Bringing to executor managerial decision and getting its realization to be started
  18. 18. Effective management is an art based on simple, easy foundations and standing on the verge of the craft
  19. 19. Lively management of projects