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We provide basic and detailed engineering services for gas and oil projects.

Our team is made up of professionals with wide experience in the design of solutions for pipework projects and installations for the processing, treatment, transport and distribution of natural gas.

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  1. 1. Komalia s.a. Guevara 15 - C1427BRA Ciudad de Buenos Aires Tel/Fax: 54.11.4856.1109 www.komalia.comENGINEERING
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Purpose2. Technical details of the proposal 2.1. Design and detailed engineering 2.2. Purchasing management and materials quality control 2.3. In workshop supervision 2.4. On site assembly supervision 2.5. Pipeline engineering3. Organization 3.1. Company features
  3. 3. 1. PURPOSETo submit Komalia S.A’s profile to the Gas and Oil Industry as a designer andsupplier of prefabricated piping equipment built in workshop.In this frame of reference, Komalia S.A. presents a work proposal based on ananalysis carried out by a team of professionals with wide experience in this kindof works, from both the design viewpoint and the production of detailedengineering as well as the construction management and the inspection of thedifferent construction stages.2. TECHNICAL DETAILS OF THE PROPOSALFor a better description of the scope of proposed service, it will be practical tobreak it down into the following topics: Design and Detailed Engineering Purchasing Management and Material Quality Control Welders qualifications and welding procedures Built in Workshop On site assemblyThe above topics are applicable to the design and construction of equipment andprefabricated components widely used in the industry, such as: Pressure regulation plants Measurement and odorization units Phases separatorIngeniería Página 3
  4. 4. Wet/Dry filters Launching trap and scrappers reception Shock tanks Natural gas heaters and heat exchangers. Prefabricated components: Line lockout valves, flowlines collectors, catchment (batteries), etcThere follows a detailed analysis of each topic scope2.1. DESIGN AND DETAILED ENGINEERINGThe combination of the skills and experience of the staff and technical advisorsthat made up Komalia S.A. makes it possible to guarantee the proper design andexecution of detailed engineering of the different equipment and prefabricatedcomponents made at the workshop, which will be then installed in constructionworks of hydrocarbons transport and distribution pipelines, production, storage,and/or retail sale plants.We have a team of engineers with an average of 10 years of experience in thefield and wide experience and background in design and projects of this type.Our service comprises the design and detailed engineering of the equipmentstarting from the specific needs of the projects managed by our clients. Ourpurpose is to optimize the technical-economic solution under current regulationsand according to the rules of the art of building.On the whole it includes: Receipt and sorting of base documents provided by the client:Ingeniería Página 4
  5. 5. Requests and equipment design data: operation pressures and temperatures, maximum and minimum flow, characteristics of fluids to be processed, geometric details of the implementation site, connections and linkage to existing equipment or pipings Clients internal regulations: standard plans, internal procedures, material specifications, etc. Computerized management of documents processing. Design: Starting from the project requests, we design the equipment under current regulations and codes. Particularly for these type of works: NAG 100, ASME B.31.8 and B.31.4, API 1104, API 5L, API 6D, ASME Code, Sections V, VIII y IX; ENARGAS (National Gas Regulatory Authority) rules and regulations, Former National Gas Company regulations, and others. Detailed engineering: We prepare all necessary engineering documents for the project. Documents are approved by professionals registered in the relevant specialty, and with wide and proven experience in the gas and/or oil industry. In general, the documents that will normally be generated in this type of equipment include: Calculation Notes: Checking of piping mechanic parameters (MAPO, TFME, thicknesses, piping standards, design factors, type of layout, etc. Gas bottle calculations (ASME VIII) Filtering capacity in separatorsIngeniería Página 5
  6. 6. Heat exchangers thermal capacity (natural gas heaters, propane vaporizers, etc.) Bypass reinforcement: Checking of mechanical parameters according to NAG 100 and ASME VIII Pressure gradients in line break systems (automatic drive of lockout valves because of line break) Stress analysis on aerial piping runs. Design of bearings, slippers and appropriate anchors for launching traps and reception of scrappers, aerial junctions, etc. Drawings: We make drawings for both built in workshop and on site assembly Mechanical drawings: Layouts, mechanical details, welding drawings, assembly drawings, details of combustible gas systems, typical and particular of bearings and anchors, etc. Civil installations: Underground chambers, Olympic fences, bearings, pad foundations, etc. Procedures Welding Non-destructive tests (radiography, penetrating liquids, ultrasound) Hydraulic test: Test procedure, quality of fluid to be used, filling and final disposal of test fluid. Drying and hydrate inhibition.Ingeniería Página 6
  7. 7. Preparation of surfaces and paint schemes Stacking and transport of equipment Works on in-service pipelines: Hot taps Filing and Distribution: We create and keep a secure and well organized file with approved documents as well as their distribution in due time and form to works front, control body, and other sectors or Organizations involved. Regular reporting on documents status: Management reports on the status of technical documents are issued in order to keep the Client or Organization informed.2.2. PURCHASING MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS QUALITY CONTROLThe purpose of this stage is to ensure an appropriate quality of main supplies(piping, valves, fittings, etc.)Management strategy is adapted on an ad-hoc basis; but basically, it willinclude: Checking of raw material quality documents. Follow up and auditing of manufacturing processes. Checking of manufacturing tests under current regulations: API 5L (piping), API 6D (valves), ASME/ANSI regulations for fittings, etc. Checking of production documents: traceability.Ingeniería Página 7
  8. 8. Checking of stacking conditions. Production of certificates of material release and certification of shipping to works site (packing list). Checking of packing and transported load. Checking of quality certificates. Collection of samples for tests at independent laboratories.If the Client so requests, it will be possible to implement a previous process ofauditing and qualification of suppliers so as to cooperate with Purchase orSupply areas to create a register with qualified suppliers to be invited to bid formaterials provision.2.3. IN WORKSHOP SUPERVISIONSupervision of in workshop construction, which is constantly controlled byprofessionals who guarantee the quality of production in all stages andcompliance with design guidelines and specific regulations.2.4. ON SITE ASSEMBLY SUPERVISIONField assembly supervision of manufactured equipment and prefabricatedcomponents at the client’s request.These projects demand the participation of multiple trades workingsimultaneously (logistics, welding, hoisting, digging, safety, drilling equipmentand sealing of in-service pipelines, etc.). Therefore, it is vital to have anappropriate and experienced managerial, administrative and control structure inorder to guarantee the achievement of proposed quality objectives.Ingeniería Página 8
  9. 9. 2.5. PIPELINE ENGINEERINGWe carry out complete detailed engineering for construction works and/orpipelines maintenance. Our services include: On-site surveys to determine the optimum line route from both technical/economic and environmental viewpoints. Hydraulic calculation of pipelines according to transport conditions, the fluid to be transported and the geographical distribution of fluid load points and consumption. Selection of pipelines optimizing wall thickness/steel grade relation based on economic and operating safety aspects. Topographic surveys of the route and right of way. Development of project contour maps. Development of special crosses (roads, railway tracks, watercourses, etc.) Development of layout, mechanical, and electrical plans of surface installations (measuring stations, scrapper traps, lockout and bypass valves, etc.) Development of location assignment maps (restrictions to parcel ownership). Development of specific work procedures: path clearing, welding, tests, pipe bending, counterbalancing, drying, etc.Ingeniería Página 9
  10. 10. To this end, we have professionals with an extensive and proven track record inthis industry, which allows us to position ourselves as an important supportstructure for the local gas and oil transport and distribution companies as wellas for the building companies specializing in this type of installations.3. ORGANIZATIONKomalia’s organization is based on a flexible structure that adapts to the needsof each project.Depending on the size and the advance speed of works, a specific structure isdesigned to guarantee proper and responsive management.3.1. COMPANY FEATURESKomalia S.A., founded in 2002, is an Argentine company whose main objective isto carry out engineering works, supervision, and inspection, as well as providetechnical advice to the Gas and Oil Industry.KOMALIAs activities include taking all necessary actions intended to improveinstallations safety, increase the quality of services and protect the environment.Services provided by Komalia are directed to achieve Client’s satisfaction,always acting according to regulations and professional ethics.The staffs that carry out works have the technical skills and necessary knowledgeto develop their specific activity.Komalia have a team of full-time professionals and advisors who devote theirtime to specific company projects.Ingeniería Página 10
  11. 11. Ingeniería Página 11