Final report of organisation study 222 (1)


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Final report of organisation study 222 (1)

  1. 1. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD ORGANISATION STUDY REPORT ON TULSYAN NEC LTD by AMITH M.S Reg no:11TUMIB001For partial fulfillment of the requirements of second year MIB curriculum of Two years Full time MIB (Industry Integrated) Program. Submitted to: BANGALORE UNIVERSITY
  2. 2. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD STUDENT’S DECLARATIONI hereby solemnly affirm, declare and state that organization studyconducted at “TULSYAN NEC LTD” was done by me with duediligence and sincerity and this report based on that study is abonified work by me and submitted to BANGALOREUNIVERSITY through CENTRAL COLLEGE under the guidanceand supervision of NIRMALA, Faculty CENTRAL COLLEGE ismy original work and not submitted for the award of any otherdegree, diploma, fellowship or other similar title or prizes. Signature:AMITH M.SPLACE: Bangalore ENROLLMENT NO:11TUMIB001DATE:
  3. 3. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD CERTIFICATE FROM THE GUIDEThis is to certify that the report of organization study undertakenat “TULSYAN NEC LTD” by AMITH M.S 11TUMIB001 carriedout in partial fulfillment for the award of degree of MIB (IndustryIntegrated) programme of Bangalore University at CENTRALCOLLEGE, Bangalore under my guidance and direction. Thisstudy report is an original work and not submitted earlier to anyUniversity/Institute. Signature:PLACE: Guide NameDATE:
  4. 4. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD ACKNOWLEDGEMENTIt is my pleasure to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have givenguidance and support in completion of this internship report. I wish to expressmy sincere thanks to Dr Rajaram(Dean of Ramaiah institute of managementstudies), and Mr. Moirangthem Momocha singh(Lecturer Ramaiah institute ofmanagement studies), for their encouragement which helped in accomplishmentof this study.I am thankful to Mr.NAGAPPAN.K HR Manager at, TULSYAN NEC LTD who guidedme throughout this organization study. Without his guidance the outcome of thisproject would not have been so successful.I wish to express my sincere heartfelt gratitude to Mr. PRAKASH.N (Executive-HR)for the constant guidance and support in all areas.Name:-Amith M.SReg no:-11TUMIB001Place:Date:
  5. 5. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION 1-2 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY PROFILES 2.1.Industry profile 2.2.Company profile 2.3.Vision of the company 2.4.Mission of the company 3-20 2 2.5.Objective 2.6.Product profile 2.7.Organizational chart 2.8 Board of directors 2.9 Awards and achievements FUNCTIONAL AREAS 3.1.Production Department 3.2 Purchase Department 3.3 Quality Department 3 3.4 Finance Department 21-75 3.5 Marketing Department 3.6 Human Resource Department 4 SWOT ANALYSIS 76-78 5 FINDINGS 78-80 6 OVERALL CONCLUSION 80-817 7 CONCLUSION 82-84 ANNEXURE 85-87 8 BIBLIOGRAPHY 87-89 9
  6. 6. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD INTRODUCTIONI Amith M.S studying at Central College( Bangalore University) undertook an internship study at Tulsyan Nec Ltd to fulfill the requirement of MIB degree course of Bangalore University. This was undertaken during Oct-Dec2012 and main purpose of this internship was to know how the theoretical aspects we study during our course, are put into practice by the company.The objective of undergoing this internship was to get practical exposure to the structure andfunctioning of the organization. It was also meant to study the activities of various departments such asfinance, marketing, production, human resource, purchase, store and service etc.The report traces the growth and development of the company and gives a skeletal outline about thetechnologies adopted by the company; the report also explains the values and gives a brief about thefinancial aspects of TULSYAN NEC LTD.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1) The objectives of the study are to learn & understand the working of various functional departments like Production, Marketing, Finance and Human Resource. 2) Outline and study the growth and working of the company from its inception. 3) SWOT ANALYSIS to identify the major strengths & weaknesses of the company for improvement. 4) Study the performance of Tulsyan Nec Ltd.The details of the study are in the following pages2.1: INDUSTRY PROFILEPolymers are a large class of materials consisting of many small molecules (called monomers) that canbe linked together to form long chains, thus they are known as macromolecules A typical polymer mayinclude tens of thousands of monomers. Because of their large size, polymers are classified asmacromolecules.
  7. 7. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDIn the late 1830s, Charles Goodyear succeeded in producing a useful form of natural rubber through aprocess known as "vulcanization." Some 40 years later, Celluloid (a hard plastic formed fromnitrocellulose) was successfully commercialized. Despite these advances, progress in polymer sciencewas slow until the 1930s, when materials such as vinyl, neoprene, polystyrene, and nylon weredeveloped. The introduction of these revolutionary materials began an explosion in polymer researchthat is still going on today.Unmatched in the diversity of their properties, polymers such as cotton, wool, rubber, Teflon(tm), andall plastics are used in nearly every industry. Natural and synthetic polymers can be produced with awide range of stiffness, strength, heat resistance, density, and even price. With continued research intothe science and applications of polymers, they are playing an ever increasing role in society.DISCRIPTIONPolypropylene is lightweight thermoplastic polymer that provides raw material for manufacturingvarious textiles, containers, equipments, and components and is used in various industrial applicationsalso. In other words, it is a kind of thermoplastic resin that is hard and tough and also can be convertedinto fibers and moulded articles.Polypropylene is made from the polymerization of pure propylene gas at low temperature and pressure.This polymer is known for its unique features such as anti rusting, good insulator, low density, highlycrystalline, high resistance to fatigue and a high melting point. It is also known as a saturated polymer.Polypropylene is a type of plastic polymer that is mainly used in packaging and moulded articles. Thepolymer was discovered much after polyethylene but even though; it gained much importance and roseup to the level in context of popularity. Since it has been discovered, until now, it has made its mark intothe daily routine activities of the masses.The major uses in which polypropylene is required are flexible packaging, rigid packaging, automotiveparts, consumer products, fiber products and other industrial applications.Polypropylene is produced by polymerizing propylene gas or propylene monomers in the presence of acatalyst. In the year 2004, United States of America is the largest producer of the polymer with a totalproduction of around 8.4 million metric tons. The major companies indulged in the production includeExxon Mobil and Shell. Consumption of polypropylene is dominated by Asian continent with a share of
  8. 8. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDaround 40% in the total consumption figures of around 32.9 billions tons. Country wise, United States ofAmerica stands at top in the list of major polypropylene consumer countries. The following is the listrelating to the major plastic consuming countries of the world  United States of America  Germany  Japan  Singapore  Canada  Malaysia  Thailand  Indonesia  Vietnam  China  India  PakistanThe world market is growing at an average of 3% per year. The world trade in polypropylene has a samepattern as in the case of polyethylene. The major exporters of this polymer lie in the Southern Asian andthe Middle Eastern area and South Korea is one of the dominant players in the world market. The otherexporters include USA and the countries in the western European region.In woven sacks industry production takes places from using HDPE (hydro polyethylene) andPP(propylene)of plastic contents the cost incurred in producing both the raw materials aremore or less same but most of the companies are producing pp raw materials for its productionpurpose because its abundance availability in the market and number of suppliers are more.In India woven sacks industries are providing employment opportunities over 1 million people.However the industry is growing tremendously due to quality packaging capabilities thisindustry approximately contribute to GDP of the nation around 0.12%.
  9. 9. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD2.2: COMPANY PROFILETulsyan NEC Ltd is one of Indias leading manufacturers of Thermo Mechanically Treated(TMT) Bars. The company is engaged in the Manufacturing TMT bars, Synthetics WovenFabrics and Sacks. They have their manufacturing plant at Chennai (Ambatuur &Gummudipoondi) and Bangalore (Dodabalapur). Their products include TMT Bars, sponge,billets and ingots in the steel division and in synthetic division it includes PP Woven Sacks,FIBC and Woven Fabric. The company is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company. The Companyis the Flagship Company of the Tulsyan Group. The company is into manufacturing of ThermoMechanically Treated Bars. It is the first Licensed Rolling Mill in South India to produce TMTBars and obtain ISI 1786 and ISO certification. Tulsyan Steel is registered with the Bureau ofIndian Standards and each TMT Bar is accompanied by a BIS Test Certificate. Tulsyan NEC Ltdwas incorporated on April 11, 1947 as National Engineering Company Ltd in Kapurthala,Punjab. In July 7, 1947, the company received the certificate of commencement of business. Thecompany was established to manufacture CTD bars, MS Rounds and other finished steelproducts. In the year 1965, the re- rolling facilities at Kolkata was relocated to Chennai. In theyear 1986, the company was taken over by Tulsyan Group. In the year 1994, the companyestablished additional facility of 36000 MTPA to manufacture MS Ingots. In July 1994, thecompany entered the capital market with their maiden public issue and their equity shares we-re listed on the BSE. In the year 1996, the company received an award from the Government ofKarnataka for export performance. In June 1996, Tulsyan Synthetics Ltd was amalgamated withthe company. In August 1996, the name of the company was changed from National EngineeringCompany Ltd to Tulsyan NEC Ltd. In the year 2004, the company installed furnace having Billet
  10. 10. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDmanufacturing capacity of 72000 MTPA at Gummudipoondi. In the year 2005, they set up windmill at Devarkulam. In the year 2007, the company installed Rolling Mill at Gummudipoondihaving capacity of 150000 MTPA. In the year 2008, the company signed an MoU with PowerTrading Corporation and Suhaly Abdul Mohsin Al- Shouibi & Sons holding Co Ltd. In August2008, they entered into an MOU with Budhrani Group of Companies for setting up a jointventure company. In the year 2009, the company increased the Billet manufacturing capacity by72000 MTPA at Gummudipoondi. During the year 2009-10, the company completed theexpansion by increasing the Rolling Mill capacity by 150000 MTPA at Gummudipoondi. Also,they acquired Chitrakoot Steel & Power Pvt Ltd with sponge iron manufacturing capacity of36000 MT per annum. The companys shares were permitted to trade on National StockExchange of India Ltd with effect from November 05, 2009. The company is in the process ofsetting up setting up a captive power plant of 35 MW capacity in Gummudipoondi, Tamil Nadu. The company is one of the reputed manufacturers of Synthetic Woven Sacks/Fabric and isregularly supplying bags to all the major cement companies and many other reputedorganizations in India and also exporting the same on a regular basis.Manufacturing unit is having well equipped chemical and physical laboratory to monitor thequality of the product. Besides the sophisticated plant and machinery and the matching in-plantworking environment, organization is managed by a team of dedicated and well experiencedtechnocrats who believe in excellence of the productTulsyan NEC ltd is a leading supplier of Pp FIBC, Jumbo Bags, and Woven Sacks. TheOrganization is proud to be esteemed supplier of many customers around the world with theprimary goal to meet their clients requirement and establish mutually pleasant businessrelationships with them. The sacks are used to pack cement, food grains, sugar, seeds, brandedproducts, pulses, chemicals, resins etc. offer circular or flat fabric to be converted to sacks orbags at customers end or to use as over wrap for textile packing, upholstery, for carpet backing,
  11. 11. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDbaling and tarpaulins. The sacks, bags, fabrics can be supplied in any color, with printing of logoor packed products specifications.The Synthetics/Plastic division has recorded steady growth over the years. The Companyentered the export market during 1993-94 with an export turnover of Rs.2.41 lakhs during thefirst year, exports has steadily grown since then. The Company got an export award from theGovernment of Karnataka for its export performance for the year 1995-96.In course of time the company has extended its product range to include manufacture of FlexibleIntermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) and Wide Width Woven Fabric (WWWF)2.3: VISION STATEMENTTo be a global leader in Synthetic fabrics and delight the customer by creating products that offerunmatched superiority.2.4: MISSION STATEMENTOur mission is to become a benchmark organization in packaging industry. For this we areconstantly striving to develop our organization, enhance professional skills and upgradeinfrastructure system so as to be highly successful in the competitive environment of the newmillennium.2.5: Objectives of the CompanyThe objectives of the TULSYAN Company are as follows Profit Maximization Minimization of Waste 70%-80% Employment opportunity Employee Welfare
  12. 12. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD Creating social Responsibility Learning and development Family focus Hygienic factors2.6: Products PROFILE» Cement Bag» Fertilizer Bag» HDPE Sacks» HDPE Woven Sacks» HDPE and PP Woven Sacks» Jumbo Bags» Packaging Sacks» Polypropylene Woven Sack» Sandbags» Woven Bags» Woven Sacks» Woven Sacks BagsTULSYAN Company is producing wide variety of products to fulfill the requirements of thedifferent customers.HDPE and PP Woven sacks are now firmly established as a preferred means of bulk packagingmanually handled materials for storage and transport. Except where restricted by Governmentlegislation, user preference for woven sacks has been almost total. Of the alternate sackmaterials available, jute output is limited by a stagnant jute cultivation level as well as bysteadily increasing prices. Paper sacks have also been limited by the growing pressure againsttree-felling for pulp. It is therefore, inevitable that the woven sacks market will grow steadily asIndian industry expands.
  13. 13. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDFIBCs are more recent innovation on the international scene. The rising cost of manual handlingin developed countries has forced them to adopt more of automated techniques for bulk producthandling.In the case of bulk commodities with large volume handling requirements, tank cars for road orrail transport, bulk carriers for marine transport and silos and conveying systems for storage arewell established. Economics of scale play an important part in cost control. However at pointsof distribution of such commodities or where the commodity volumes are not so large andintermediate bulk handling system is required. This requires the availability of a safe,convenient and cost effective container for storage and handling. The FIBC has proved to be themost effective container to meet these needs.FIBCs have been standardized in size ranges from 200 kg to 4 tones depending on bulk densityand modes of transport and handling. Loss protection and safety aspects have a major bearing onthe FIBC design as do the lifting, transport, loading and unloading methods. Further thecommodity properties have a bearing on the container stability which also needs to be taken careof by proper design. The FIBC has, therefore, a much higher level of design engineering inputwhen compared to the conventional small woven sack, even though both use similar types offabric.Besides stronger and more reliable fabric quality the FIBC calls for properly designed liftingstraps, a body configuration with reinforcements to ensure stability during storage and handlingand suitable inlets and outlets for ease of loading or unloading and for protection against spillageor leakage.InfrastructureWoven Sacks manufacturing facility – Extruder, Looms, Stitching MachinesLiner manufacturing – Extruder and Cutting Machine
  14. 14. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDServing Thread or Stitching Yarn – Extruder, Twister and LoomWebbing – Extruder and LoomThe company is having well equipped chemical and physical laboratory to monitor the quality ofthe product. Besides the sophisticated plant and machinery, the company has a matching in-plantworking environment.Domestic Manufacturers GAIL. GE Plastics India. Haldia Petrochemicals. IPCL. Karnataka Petrosynthese Limited. NOCIL. Reliance. Supreme IndustriesInternational Manufacturers Exxon Mobil. Honam Petrochemicals. Hyndai Petrochemicals. Samsung. Shell. Dow Chemicals.Tulsyan Group of Companies  Established in 1938  Activities
  15. 15. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD  Iron and Steel Trading  Manufacturer of Tin Containers  Manufacturer of Cardboard Boxes  Manufacturers and Exporters of Leather Products  Manufacturer of Knitted Textile Gloves  Cold Storage Activities  Rice Processing Division  Tulsyan NEC Limited  Iron and Steel  Windmill  Technologies  Synthetic  Turnover  $ 180 Million  Tulsyan NEC Limited  Flagship Company of the Group  Turnover $ 60.00 MillionTulsyan NEC LTD  Divisions  Iron and Steel  Windmill  Technologies  Synthetic
  16. 16. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDIron and Steel Division  Activities  Manufacturing- CTD/TMT/CRS Steel Bars  Trading Turnover  $36.00 millionWindmill Division  Eight in Number- Power Generated is for self consumption for the Iron and Steel Division  Capacity 1800 KWATechnologies  Activities  Web Designing/Hosting  Medical Transcription at Chennai  30 Foreign Language Translation
  17. 17. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDCOMPETITORS PROFILEThere are 536 Companies who are in the same industry in India, some of the major Companies listed below with their brief manufacturing details. 1) Ispa Exim Pvt. Ltd.Manufacturers and exporters of HDPE sacks, polypropylene woven sacks, polypropylene wovenfabric, laminated fabrics, unlamented fabrics, laminated fabrics, tea bags, food packaging paperbags, valve bags, t-shirt bags, cement bags and printed bags. 2) PVN Plastics IndustriesEngaged in manufacturing of HDPE and PP woven sacks, woven polypropylene sacks, laminatedwoven fabrics, PP laminated gusseted bags, boxed bags, shopping bags, lumber cloth, sand bags,BOPP printed sandwich bags and wide with fabric. 3) Vivek And CompanyExports and manufactures woven sacks, woven sacks bags. Also deals in jute twine, jute yarn,jute soil saver, jute mesh, jute geo textiles, geo jute, jute sheets, sand bags, natural jute fiber sandbags, shopping bags and jute shopping bags. 4) Welpack Industries Ltd.Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of hdpe bags, hdpe t-shirt bags, hdpe vest carrier bags,hdpe shopping bags, hdpe carry bags, hdpe pick up bags, printed hdpe bags, plain hdpe bags,hdpe plastic bags and 20 micron hdpe bags.
  18. 18. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD 5) Lamifab IndustriesManufacturers and exporters of woven sacks, PE woven sacks, PP woven sacks, un laminatedwoven sacks, laminated woven sacks, PP laminated sacks, PP un laminated sacks, PE laminatedwoven sacks, PE un laminated woven sacks.2.8: Directors & Key Management Personnel:PROMOTOR DIRECTORS1) SHRI.L.K.TULSYAN2) SHRI.SANJAY TULSYANPROFESSIONAL DIRECTORS3) SHRI.SOUNDARARAJAN4) SHRI.P.T.RANGAMANI5) SHRI.A.P.VENKATESWARAN6) SHRI.S.RAMAKRISHNAN7) SHRI SANJAY AGARWALLA8) SHRI.V.KIRUBANANDANCHIEF EXECUTIVESShri Ram Babu - General Manager (Rolling Division)Shri Dinesh Goyal - General Manager (Ingot division)Mrs. Uma - DGM (F&A)Shri K.Anantheeswaran - Billet division)Shri A.P.Harish - President (Operation)Shri K.Chakraborthy - General Manager (Works)Shri Sandip Lahurawalla – General Manger ExportsShri J.M.Manohar - Manager ExportsShri Murari Lal Sharma - General Manager Raw materialsShri.V.Padmanaban – General Manager Marketing2.9: AWARDS AND ACHIVEMENTSExport HouseState Award For Excellence In Exports From Government Of Karnataka For The Period 1995 –1996
  19. 19. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDState Award For Excellence In Exports From Government Of Karnataka For The Period 1996 -2000AIFTMA Export Award 1997 – 1998All India Flat tape Manufacturers Association From National Association Of Plastics WovenSacks Manufacturer For Excellence In Exports For Medium /Large Scale Sector For The Year1997 - 1998AIFTMA Export Award 1998 – 1999 -IIExport Promotion Awards 2000 – 2001Large /Medium Scale – IIISO Certified In 2002Rated by Business Barons As One Among The 1st 500 Most Outstanding Companies In TheCountry For The Financial year 2002
  20. 20. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDOrganizational chart Managing Director Management Chief Executive Representative Officer General General HOD HOD Manager Manager HOD (Purchase HOD (Purchase Human Commercical HOD Assistant Accountant & Spare) of Material) Resource Maneger Purchase Su pervisor Superviser Assistant Assistant Assistant Officer Workers Workes Superviser Worker
  21. 21. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD Chapter3
  22. 22. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD3.1: PRODUCTION DEPARTMENTProduction is the conversion of raw materials into the end product by using processes, machines, men,tools, and so on. It is the process by which goods and services are created.As we study the overall organization we come know that the company is following the Pull Systemprocess of production.PULL SYSTEMIt is a system of production in which products are produced only as they are ordered by customers or toreplace those taken for use. Or a JIT system.5 P’S OF PRODUCTION MANAGEMENTProduction management is related with five p’s namely the product, plant, process, programs, andpeople. 1. Product:- In the TULSYAN NEC LTD product means woven sacks manufactured by using polypropylene and hydro poly ethylene and these are plastic raw materials. 2. Plant: The plant is broad concept which is used produce the product. The machineries used to manufacture the given product are called the plant.Manufacturing facilitiesThe company posses world-class manufacturing facilities for production of high qualityPolypropylene (PP) woven fabrics, woven sacks / bags. The machine at the companies facilityincorporate latest technology that provide great flexibility and cost saving in manufacturingprocess. The company’s manufacturing facilities include the following :
  23. 23. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD  Extruder  Cutting and stitching machine  Lamination plant  Woven bags sewing machine  Circular weaving machine  Hydraulic bailing press for HDPE/PP bagsExtruder:- The company has two advanced range ofextruder machines, which are based on latest European design technology to produce different kinds ofyarns in colours. Both the extruders are based on of Kolsite make produces finest quality of yarn alongwith environment friendly operations.Extruders (PP / HDPE Stretching Lines)Features: Very Fine Quality of Yarns. High Flexibility to produce different kind of coloured yarns. European design technology. Make: GCL&WINDSOR Capacity:1000 KG/HOUR Number of machines:3unitsCutting and Stitching machine: The company use latestmodel of cutting and stitching machines made by GCL. The new agemachine cuts, bottom folds and stitches the bags or sacks. Thecomplete processing is done just from the tubular fabric roll. Thesemachines can carry operations like counting, staking and conveying.Make: GCLType: cutting and stitching machine
  24. 24. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDCapacity: 3000bags/hrsLamination Plant “Touch Screen Type” Operation Panel & Synchronized System as Standard Equipment Line Speed: Max 120 meter/min Equipped Auto Roll Changing SystemWoven Bag Sewing MachineThe company has installed high speed, double needlewoven sewing machines specially designed by ArmStrong. The double needles of the machine provides along lasting stitch. These machine can efficiently stitchheavy weight material such as HDPE, PP, MultiwallPapers and other type of woven sacks. The bobblingstitching system of the sewing machine is designed toenhance the overall production efficiency.Can also use any type of cotton and synthetic yarnsFeatures : Electrically operated Easily convertible in single needle machine Easy adjustment of distance between the needles Fully automatic lubrication with oil recyclingNumber of machines : 20
  25. 25. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD Circular Weaving Machine The new generation circular weaving machine with six shuttle is designed to weave fabric suitable for a variety of applications like plastic granules/fertilizer/chemicals and smaller covering fabric/tarpaulin etc. Additionally, these machines have an option to produce Anti-slip fabric on special request. Features : Type : Circular weaving machine Make : GCL 6-shuttle: 80 looms Capacity : 200000 meter/dayHydraulic Bailing Press For HDPE/PP BagsThis is hydraulic bailing press which is used for pressing PP/HDPE bags to minimize the volumefor convenient packaging & transporting. These machines are designed for free shift operationand can produce different pressure as per therequirement.Features : Compact hydraulic block Overload protection valves Push button operation Preset bale height table auto stop Pressure regulator and gauge Emergency brake3. Process: - There are various processes involved in the Production activity.  Extrusion  Weaving
  26. 26. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD  Quality analysis  Fabric printing  Cutting  Stitching  Bailing4. Programs: - The programs include the activity concern with the company’s achievement to thestrategic goals of the company the retaining the talented employees the organization.Since company has started so many years ago it has expanded its business in overall India and itssupplying of goods and services according to the requirements of the customers .5. People: - People refers to the workers or employees working in the Organization. This company isproviding the employment mostly to the persons who are having the technical background such asEngineers, Diploma holder, ITI holders etc and occasionally it provides employment opportunity to thenon technical persons. It has efficient HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT to maintain and nurture thehuman relationship with in the organization..Product portfolio:-A customer focused, innovative and solution-driven company, it holds expertise in successfullymanufacturing and supplying high quality packaging products. The company is committed to providetheir clients a one stop packaging solution. The company uses only high grade raw materials such asHDPE/PP granules, LDPE/LLDPE granules, master batches and printing ink, for products which areprocured from reliable and trusted vendors. The products are used for the packing of different productssuch as cement, sand, polymer resins and agro products.The company offers the following: PP/HDPE Woven Sacks FIBC bags Polypropylene Asbestos Bags
  27. 27. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD Polypropylene Container Liners Polyethylene Liners Coated or Uncoated Bags Jumbo BagsManufacturing ProcessPP Woven sacks bags:- The company offers PP woven sacks that are available in a host offascinating colors, designs and sizes. These allow sufficient passage of air to the packed items and canalso be laminated for moisture proof packing of different items. These products ensure thephenomenon of ‘breathing’ space in packed grains.Salient features of PP woven bags:- Light weight and easy & cheap to transport Bright 2 / 3 / 4 color printing offer aggressive marketing prospects No problems in stacking. Can be gusseted to further improve stacking High Tensile strength and durability Cost effective in comparison to other alternative packing material No Seepages specially in poly lined or laminated bags Technical specifications for different areas it is usedFor Fertilizers: Size – Length 915 mm, Width 610 mm Open mouth Bottom stitched duly laminated with PP/LDPE inside Colour Milky White or others Printed with flexo printing as per IS - 9755 – 1985 for packing 50.0 kgs For Cements:
  28. 28. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD Size – Length 710 mm, Width 480mm with self closing valve, Weight 70-75 gms per bag Printed with flexo printing for packing 50.0 kgs as per IS - 11652 –1986For Sugar: Size – Length 900 mm, Width 590 mm Open Mouth Or Top Hemmed Bottom Stitched with inside separate loose liner bag of 25 micron thickness stitched at bottom and printed with flexo printing for packing 50 kgs Sugar Size – Length 630 mm, Width 480 mm Open Mouth Or Top Hemmed Bottom Stitched with inside separate loose Liner bag of 25 micron thickness stitched at bottom and printed with flexo printing for packing 25 kgs SugarFor Food Grains: Size – Length 1000 mm, Width 570 mm Open Mouth Or Top Hemmed Bottom Stitched with inside separate loose Liner bag of 25 micron thickness stitched at bottom OR without liner and printed with flexo printing for packing 50 kgs food grains. Size – Length 650 mm, Width 480 mm Open Mouth Or Top Hemmed Bottom Stitched with inside separate loose Liner bag of 25 micron thickness stitched at bottom OR without Liner and printed with flexo printing for packing 25 kgs food grains.For Fabrics: PP / HDPE woven circular fabrics are available in rolls of different colors / shades, width and other specifications as per the clients’ requirements.
  29. 29. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD They are put to direct uses or for conversion to Bags and Sacks at customers end. Following is the manufacturing process of PP woven sacks bagsThe process of manufacturing PP woven bags involves mixing raw materials starting with PP orHDPE pellets and other additives, extruding the raw materials into a yarn, weaving the yarn intoa fabric in a process similar to the weaving of textiles, laminating the fabric, cutting the fabricinto appropriate sizes for the bags, sewing the bags, printing onto the bags and finallypackaging the bags.a) Tape Extrusion:The raw material consisting of Raffia grade polypropylene and suitable master batch is fedthrough a plastic extruder fitted with a `T’ die. The extruded sheet is cooled and slit into smallwidth continuous tapes, which pass over a hot air oven during which the orientation of tapes takeplace. These tapes are stretched and annealed, to achieve the required denier rating.b) Fabric Weaving:These tapes are wound on cheese winders which are used on circular weaving looms to producecontinuous Circular fabric of the required lay flat width. The fabric produced is wound intorolls.
  30. 30. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDTHE CIRCULAR WEAVING MACHINEa) Sacks Production:The Woven fabric in roll form is unwounded and cut into required length units. One end offabric unit is folded at one of its corners such that after stitching a spout opening is formed. Theother side of the fabric unit is fully stitched to get a woven sack. These sacks are tested forstrength and dimensional requirements as per the buyer’s specification. The approved sacks areprinted as per buyer’s requirement. Then the sacks are piled, compressed in a baling press, baledand dispatched.b) Waste Recycling:The waste generated during the entire production process is converted into reusable chips usingan agglomerated.Manufacturing process of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container(FIBC)A Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container, FIBC , big bag, bulk bag, or Super Sack®[1] is astandardized container in large dimensions for storing and transporting dry, flowable products,for example sand, fertilizers , and granules of plastics.FIBCs are most often made of thick woven polyethylene or polypropylene, either coated oruncoated, and normally measure around 110 cm or 45-48 inches in diameter and varies in heightfrom 100 cm up to 200 cm or 35 to 80 inches. Its capacity is normally around 1000 kg or2000 lbs, but the larger units can store even more. The average bulk bag made to ship one metricton can weigh between 5-7 lbs.Transporting and loading is done on either pallets or by lifting it from the loops. Bags are made
  31. 31. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDwith either one, two or four lifting loops. The single loop bag is suitable for one man operation asthere is no need for a second man to put the loops on the loader hook. Emptying is made easy bya special opening in the bottom such as a discharge spout, of which there are several options, orby simply cutting it open.HistoryAlthough there is disagreement on exactly where FIBCs were first made and used, it is certainthat they have been employed for a variety of packaging purposes since the 1940s.These forerunners of the FIBC as we know it today were manufactured from PVC rubber andgenerally utilised within the rubber industry for the transportation of carbon black to be usedas a reinforcing agent in a variety of rubber products. One of the first known importers of thePVC containers into the United States is Robert Williamson, founder and CEO of B.A.G. Corp., in1969.These first PVC bags were imported from Japan as an efficient way to solve the loading andhandling problem faced by crop dusters.By the 1960s, with the development of polypropylene combined with advances in weaving, thebulk bags as we know them today came into being and were rapidly adopted by a wide varietyof oil and chemical companies to store and transport powdered and granular products.It was during the oil crisis of the mid 1970s that the FIBC really came into its own fortransporting huge quantities of cement to the Middle East from across Europe for the rapid expansion of the oil producing countries.At its zenith, upwards of 50,000 metric tons of cement was being shipped out on a weekly basisto feed the vast building programme. The Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association(FIBCA) was formed in 1983 by the companies that were manufacturing bulk bags at that time.
  32. 32. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDThe modern FIBC transports a growing figure of over ¼ billion tonnes of product each year andis used to handle, store and move products as varied as cereals to powdered chemicals andflour to animal feeds. With a capacity of up to 3m³ and load capability ranging from ½ a tonneto two tonnes FIBCs are highly cost effective, easily recyclable and ideal for virtually any free-flowing granule, powder, pellet or flake. FIBCs are also being developed to hold and filter fluidproducts.Processa)Tape Extrusion: The tapes are produced by extrusion of polypropylene with master batchusing a `T’ die. Orientation, stretching and annealing of the tapes are done to obtain the requireddenier rating. As the tapes are wider and thicker, in order to facilitate weaving, the tapes arefolded into three layers use a tape folding equipment or slit into fine fibers using a fibrillate toobtain compact fibrillated tape, which are wound on cheese winders. b)Fabric weaving:Using an eight shuttle circular loom, the folded or fibrillated tapes are woven into a circularwoven fabric of required lay flat width, which are wound into rolls. c) FIBC production:The circular woven fabric is cut into required length. The top and bottom covers are also wovenfabric which is slit opened to give open width fabric. The inlet and outlet spouts are smalltubular woven fabric. The handles are made out of knitted polypropylene fibers.All these elements are cut into the required size as per the design of FIBC and are stitchedtogether, to obtain the circular woven fabric it is cut into required length. The top and bottomcovers are also woven fabric which is slit opened to give open width fabric. The inlet and outletspouts are small tubular woven fabric. The handles are made out of knitted polypropylene fibers.All these elements are cut into the required size as per the design of FIBC and are stitchedtogether, to obtain the FIBC of required capacity and
  33. 33. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDSafety factor. An inner layer of HDPE blown film is also employed to avoid seepage. Thesingle use FIBCs employ less denier tapes than the multi-use FIBCs of corresponding capacity.d) FIBC Testing:The following tests are conducted on FIBCs i) Ultra-violet stability test of polypropylene fabric. ii) Tensile testing of FIBC fabric and handles. iii) Test for resistance to impact collusionThe test parameters are based upon the design and utility conditions of FIBCs.Printing & Packing: The quality approved FIBCs are printed as per customer’s requirementand baled using a baling press.Classification of FIBC Construction Lifting options Electrostatic properties Industries served Flood barriers use Construction:- U-Panel construction Circular/Tubular construction Baffle construction Four side panel construction Round construction Lifting options:- Cross corner lifting loops Corner lifting loops Four loops
  34. 34. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD Two loops Sling loops Full loops Electrostatic properties:- Type - A - no special electrostatic safety features Type - B - Made from plain (non-antistatic) polypropylene. Type B bags are not capable of generating propagating brush discharges. The wall of this FIBC exhibits a breakdown voltage of 4 kilovolts or less. Type - C - Conductive FIBC. Constructed from electrically conductive fabric, designed to control electrostatic charges by grounding. A standard fabric used contains conductive threads or tape. Type - D - Anti-static FIBCs, essentially refers to those bags which have anti-static or static dissipative properties without the requirement of grounding  Industries served:-  Chemicals  Fertilizers  Fiberglass  Food Products  Grains  Mining (Used to hold shotcrete)  Pharmaceuticals  Pigments  Plastics  Refractories  Rubber Additives  SeedPolypropylene ProductsThe company has engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying polythene and bags.These are manufactured using fine quality raw material obtained from trusted and reputedvendors across the nation. All the products that company manufactures are in accordance withindustrial standards and strictly follow the defined parameters.
  35. 35. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDThe company offer the following:Jumbo BagsThe company put forward high quality jumbo bags.Manufactured using high quality raw material that isprocured from trusted and reputed vendors across the nationthese possess features like wear &tear resistance, strengthand long life. These are in extensive demand in the marketand are widely appreciated by the clients due to its flexibleintermediate bulk containers that are custom tailored so as tosuit the individual requirements. Used for carrying bulkcargo in single package option, these are widelyacknowledged by the varied industries. Clients can availthese within stipulated time frame and at market leadingprices.Product Specifications of jumbo and FIBC bags Lifting: 4 Corner Loops/ Cross Loops / 2 Loop Water Proof: Pe Liner / Lamination Safe Working Load: 500 / 1000 / 1250 / 1500 Kgs Safety Factor: 5:1 / 6:1Trip :Single / Multi Trip Printing: Upto three colors on each side PP uncoated: Allows the content to breathe for long term storage of grains and food stuffs PP Coated: Extrusion coating prevents contamination and makes it dust proof PE Liner: Ensures protection against moisture and dust PP coated with dust proof seams: Prevents pilferage and leakage of fine powdered material, through the seams Sizes: Bases (cms) 90x90, 95x95, 100x100, Height (cms) 90,100,110,120,130,150,180 available in (u+2)pannel & circular body PP buffle bag , Q bag to prevail burging
  36. 36. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDPolypropylene Asbestos BagsThe company is engaged in offering Polypropylene AsbestosBags that are manufactured using high quality raw material thatis procured from trusted and reputed vendors across the nationthese possess features like wear &tear resistance, strength andlong life. The products are in high demand among the clientsdue to their various designs and excellent printings. Havingexpertise in manufacturing clear bags with great printability, thecompany also offer these at cost-efficient prices. Clients canavail these within stipulated time frame.Polypropylene Container LinersThe company put forward high quality polypropylene containerliners. These are made using high grade material such aspolyethylene or polypropylene. These dry bulk container linersare also known as shipping, sea bulk or sea land container linersand are stitched using coated or non-coated fabric. Known foreconomical value than the conventional blown film liners,these are supplied in bulk to cater to the requirements of ourclients spread across the globe and within the stipulated timeframe.Polyethylene LinersThe company is also engaged in offering Polypropylene Linersthat are manufactured using high quality raw material that isprocured from trusted and reputed vendors based across thenation these possess features like wear &tear resistance, strengthand long life. These are manufactured at a completely automaticunit packing system together with palletizing facility, which isavailable at the plant. These are in extensive demand in the
  37. 37. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDmarket and company offers these at cost-efficient prices. Clients can avail these within stipulatedtime frame.Coated or Uncoated BagsThe company also put forward high quality coated or uncoated bags that are manufactured usinghigh quality raw material that is procured from trusted and reputed vendors of the market. Thesepossess features like wear &tear resistance, strength and long life. Also, these are in extensivedemand in the market and are widely appreciated by the clients. Acknowledged as per theindustrial standards, the company offer these at cost-efficient prices. Clients can avail thesewithin stipulated time frame and can also customize these as per their needs and requirementsAdvantages of HDPE / PP Woven Sacks and BagsMoisture Proof :HDPE / PP Bags are inherently moisture repellent.Light Weight :HDPE / PP Bags being light weight, offers easy and cheap transportation.Printing :Bright 2 / 3 Color printing offers aggressive marketing prospects.Stack ability :No problems in stacking. Can be gusseted to further improve stacking.Strength :High Tensile strength and long life. No corrosion.Economical :Highly economical compared to other alternative packing material.Seepage :No Seepages specially in paper lined bags.
  38. 38. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDPROCESS FLOW CHART FOR WOVEN SACKS/FIBCRaw Material PP/HDPE + Master BatchExtrusionSheet DieCooling Water BathSitting UnitHot Air WovenStretching UnitAnnealing UnitTape Folding UnitCheese WindersQuality Control Testing
  39. 39. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDWeaving on LoomsFabric RollsFabric Cutting Fabric StitchingFabric Stitching Fabric LaminationQuality Control Testing Fabric WeldingPrinting Quality ControlBailing BailingDispatch DispatchFIBC’S & SMALL SACKS WIDE WIDTH FABRIC
  40. 40. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD
  41. 41. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD3.2 Purchase DepartmentThe most important aspect in any organization is flow of materials from outside the organizationto fulfill the requirements of the each department. This activity is taken care by the PURCHASEDEPARTMENT.Purchase department plays an important in the organization effectiveness and its productivity.Purchase department has to make timely order of the raw material for the uninterruptedproduction process, and the spare parts for the machines which helps in orderly replacement ofspares with the production moving.Objectives of the purchase department: A. To procure quality raw material at the least cost. B. To maintain sufficient stock at go downs. C. To preserve the stock at maximum care. D. To maintain safety stock level. E. Estimate the future fluctuation in prices of raw material arrangement of finance to fulfill the maximum stock level.The department is responsible for the following:  Domestic purchase  Imports  Trading of Raw Material  Dispatches to factories  Storage at godown  Excise obligation
  42. 42. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDHierarchy of purchase department Purchase Officer Store Store Officer assistant Helpers Helpers HelpersIN TULSYAN NEC LTD the purchase department may be split into twodivisions: Department of purchase of spare parts Department of purchase of raw materialPurchase of spare parts department:Purchase of the spare parts is maintained by the Bangalore branch itself. Here requirement of allthe machines spares and parts are looked by this department. Each production department headwill place orders that they require, Sometimes the department will assess the required spares andparts and place order in time or refill of the spare parts stock. Head of purchase department,
  43. 43. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDbased on the past records will identify the requirement. The stock of spares and parts aremaintained in the average stock level.The process of purchase of spares and parts are as follows:They will send an indent to the supplier of the spare parts including specification of the spareparts. Supply will be received approximately after certain days. LOCAL - 8 TO 10 DAYS OUTSIDE - 15 TO 20 DAYSProcess of Purchase of spare parts Good receipt cum inspection note (GRIN) Quality & quantity (Store check) Quality department checker (jobbers) Department head (GRIN sign) Accounts department (payment)This process chart gives you a clear picture how ordered spare parts will be received in the organization.
  44. 44. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDPROCESS OF PURCHASING OF RAW MATERIAL General manager(Raw material) Manager(Raw material) Executive Executive Go-down (Raw material) (Imports) inchargeResponsibilities & Authorities:Responsibility & Authorities of GM are covered in quality manual.Manager (RM)Responsibilities  Maintain inventory status.  Maintain subcontractor purchase and payment statement.  Verification of Excise Documents  Import material follow ups  Co-coordinating with factories for their requirements and their ensuring.  Timely deliveries.
  45. 45. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD Authorities: Authorizing excise documents. Releasing indents purchase order with approval of the GM. Dispatch order for salesResponsibilities Executive (Imports) o Preparation of import clearance documents. o Execute all import materials clearance formalities. o Bonding/De-bonding or import materials. o Clearance and transshipment of stores from the port of entry.Responsibilities of go down in-charge  Receipt of stores.  Proper storage & handling of materials.  Preservation and safety of material.  Issue of raw material as per the instructions from(RM).  Ensure proper loading.Major suppliers of the raw material  Reliance industries ltd  Indian petrochemical corporation ltd  Gas authority of India ltd  Haldia petrochemical ltd
  46. 46. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD
  47. 47. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDQUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENTThe company believe that quality is essential to the success of any business therefore companyhas adopted good quality practices and try to instill these practices into the organizations cultureand our product range. With the strict quality measures, the company has mastered the art ofproducing flawless products and are constantly incorporating innovations. Aspiring for the totalcustomer satisfaction, company lay stress on efficiency, quality and commitment. The mainobjective is to manufacture and supply the best quality product to the world with latest andadvanced technology. Company has commit to provide material quickly, flexibly and withservice tailored directly to the needs.The products are checked on the following quality parameters:FinishDurabilityResistance to waterStrengthQuality is desired attributes and characteristics in material, semi finished products and finisheditem it is a relative term and can be expressed based on end usage.In simple words quality is doing the right things at first time and every time.Quality is: Degree of performance Degree of preference. Degree of excellence Promises made to the customers Quality of design
  48. 48. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDThere are 8 dimensions of quality: i. Performance ii. Features iii. Reliability iv. Conformance v. Durability vi. Serviceability vii. Aesthetics viii. Perceived quality QUALITY POLICIES  We shall make value additions to our customers by providing world class products.  Meet to the full satisfaction of customers.  Quality by enhancing productivity and efficiency.  Being internationally competitive.  Achieve quality products with total support from all their employees.  Checking continuous improvement.  To listen openly to its customers.  To design the products they want first.  Produce the products cheaply not compromising with quality.  To offer excellence to your customer. To listen to empower and motivate your employeesIn TULSYAN NEC LTD each department head or supervisor especially in extrusion andweaving section, checks the tape quality, fabric strength which is needed to meet the demandsand requirements of the customers.
  49. 49. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDThey use a special machine to check the strength of the fabric after the weaving of sample, thenif any defects are found it will be informed to the departmental head or the concerned person incharge.Currently the company is looking towards covering their quality under various internationalmarket standards namely Srilanka, UK and middle east countries .The company is also gettingthe rebars certificate from CRM Beligum. The company has a Microsoft ERP solution whichwill further add quality system.Quality check machine
  50. 50. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD
  51. 51. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDINTRODUCTIONFinance is regarded as the lifeblood of the business enterprise. Financial management is veryimportant to any organization. Lack of this paralyses the activities of the firm. Hence, it isessential to have a sound financial system organized in an organization or enterprise. Everyorganization needs money and the management of it is very important in any financial system ofan organization. Tulsyan has very sound financial department and well trained and experiencedemployees to carry out the financial activities. Here every activity is carried out with utmostcareAccording to the Consolidated - Audited financial statement for the Year 2011, total netoperating revenues increased 46.28%, from INR 608.32 tens of millions to INR 889.88 tens ofmillions.Operating result decreased from INR 53.9 tens of millions to INR 53.58 tens of millions whichmeans -0.59% change. The net income of the period increased 6.89% reaching INR 11.02 tens ofmillions at the end of the period against INR 10.31 tens of millions last year.Return on equity (Net income/Total equity) went from 16.01% to 15.25%, the Return On Asset(Net income / Total Asset) went from 3.16% to 2.88% and the Net Profit Margin (NetIncome/Net Sales)went from 1.69% to 1.24% when compared to the same period last year.The Debt to Equity Ratio (Total Liabilities/Equity) was 529.15% compared to 507.13% theprevious year. Finally, the Current Ratio (Current Assets/Current Liabilities) went from 2.43 to2.18 when compared to the previous
  52. 52. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDObjectives:- The objectives of financial department are as under:-  To ensure that accounting records of various divisions are properly maintained.  To ensure that sales realization are properly accounted and remained the marketing section from time to time over the debtors portion in order to enable them to collect the dues.  The account section objective is also to see that regular payments of milk bill are made to milk producers on priority.  To see that the payments to creditors are made within stipulated time.  Account section has to provide management timely information about the financial position of the union and guide them as to viability of the proposals that come in the course of business activity.  The other objective of finance section is to keep the management / board appraised of monthly trading and P & L a/c figures.  To include timely submission of financial statements to auditors and ensure smooth audit is conducted and give audit reports to management.Functions:- The main functions of the financial department are as under:-  To manage cash.  To manage bills.  To manage transportation bills.  To manage pay bills.  To manage accounts.Working capital ratiosRatio Analysis can be defined as the study and interpretation of used relationships betweenvarious financial variables, by investors or lenders. It is a quantitative investment technique for
  53. 53. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDcomparing a companys financial performance to the market in general. A change in these ratioshelps to bring about a change in the way a company works. It helps to identify areas where themanagement needs to change.I would deal with some of the predominant ratios more relatively applicable in working capitalmanagement.Current ratioThis ratio establishes the relationship between current assets and current liabilities. the purposeof this ratio is to find out the extent of current assets available against each rupee of currentliability of the firmCurrent ratio=current assets/current liabilitiesCurrent assets include cash, marketable securities, debtors, inventories, prepaid expenses etc.Current liabilities includes creditors, bills payable, accrued expenses, short term bank loan,income tax liability and long term debt etc. year Current assets Current liability Current ratio 2009-2010 189.03 125.785 1.502 2010-2011 258.87 167.935 1.5414Interpretation: From the year 2009-10 the Current ratio has decreased but in the year 2010-11 theCurrent ratio has increased.Quick ratioThis ratio is called as acid test ratio or Quick ratio. It establishes the relationships between liquidassets are those which can be converted into cash without any loss or delay. all current assets,excepting stock and prepared expenses, are considered to be liquid assets. Liquid liabilities are
  54. 54. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDthose liabilities which are payable immediately. all current liabilities, excepting Bank overdraft,are considered to be liquid liabilities.Year quick assets quick liability Quick ratio2009-2010 108.115 125.785 0.859522010-2011 146.665 295.01 0.49715Interpretation: From the year 2009-2010the quick ratio has decreased but in the year 2010-2011thequick ratio has increasedREPORT OF THE DIRECTORS TO THE SHAREHOLDERSWe take pleasure in presenting the 64th Annual Report of the Companytogether with the Audited Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and Cash Flow Statement forthe year ended 31st March, 2011. FINANCIAL RESULTS Rupees in Lakhs 2010-2011 2009-2010 Profit before Depreciation and tax 2365.39 2258.48 Less: Depreciation 857.88 813.33Profit for the year before exceptional items 1507.51 1445.15 Less: Exceptional Items 126.9685.73 Profit for the year 1380.55 1359.42 Less: Provision for Current Tax 290.00 360.00Deferred Tax 156.22 150.17 Add: Surplus brought forward 3334.84 2698.85 Amount availablefor appropriation 4269.17 3548.10 Appropriations: Interim dividend 50.00 – Corporate Tax on
  55. 55. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDInterim Dividend 8.50 – Dividend 50.00 100.00 Corporate Tax on dividend 5.31 11.26 GeneralReserve 105.00 102.00 Balance carried forward 4050.16 3334.84 OPERATIONS ANDOUTLOOK During the year under review, Sales and other receipts grew 32.93% YOY to Rs. 84310.61 Lakhs. EBITDA grew by 4.73% YOY to Rs. 2365.39 Lakhsand PAT grew by 10.02% YOY to 934.33 Lakhs. Your directors expect agrowth of 35% in the top line for the FY 2012.As in the last year during the current year also there were drasticpower cuts consequently effecting our costs and also the production.Due to these power cuts we could not utilize our capacities in fullthus losing out on economies of large scale production. The 35 MWcaptive thermal power plant at Gummudipoondi is expected to commenceproduction from June 2012. During the current year your companyproposes to set up an additional captive Power Plant of 35 MW capacity, additional Inductionfurnaces of 4 numbers of 20T each for billet manufacturing with annual installed capacity of274000 MTPA this will be set up at the new site where the captive power plant of 35MW isunder implementation. The company is setting up a Wire Rod and Bundling machine with a coalgasifier at the existing rolling mill division in Gummudipoondi. DIVIDEND Your Companypaid interim dividend of 10% during January 2011. Your directors are now pleased torecommend a final dividend of 10% on the paid up capital of Rs. 5 Crore. This together with theinterim dividend aggregated to a record total dividend of 20% for the financial year ended 31stMarch 2011, on the paid up capital of Rs. 5 Crore. DIRECTORSShri V. Kirubanandan, Director of the Company, retires by rotation and
  56. 56. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDbeing eligible, offers himself for re-election.AUDITORSThe Auditors of the Company M/s. C.A. Patel & Patel, CharteredAccountants, Chennai, retire at the ensuing Annual General Meeting ofthe Company and are being eligible, offer themselves forre-appointment.Some of the accounting notes of the companyContigent liabilities:- All liabilities have been provided for in the accounts exceptliabilities of a contingent nature, which have been disclosed at theirestimated value in the Notes to the Accounts wherever practicable.Cash &cash equivalents:- Cash and cash equivalents in the cash flow statement comprise cash atbank and in hand and short-term investments with an original maturityof three months or less.Foreign exchange transaction:- All foreign currency transactions are recorded at the averageexchangerate prevailing during the transaction occur. Outstanding balance offoreign currency monetary items are reported using the period endrates.Segment reporting:-Segments have been identified in line with the Accounting Standard on
  57. 57. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDSegment Reporting (AS 17), taking into account the organizationalstructure as well as differential risk and returns of the segmentsTax & income:- Tax expenses for a year comprises of current tax and deferred tax.Current tax has measured at the amount expected to be paid to the taxauthority, after taking into consideration, the applicable deductionsand exemptions admissible under the provisions of the Income Tax Act,1961.Deferred tax reflects the impact of current year timing differencebetween taxable income and accounting income for the year and reversalof timing difference of earlier years. Deferred tax is measured basedon the tax rates and the tax laws enacted or substantively enacted atthe Balance Sheet date.Lease payments and receipts:- Lease payments have been made towards land at Chennai andamortised ona straight line basis during the period of lease. Lease payments have been made towards Hire Purchase of Vehicle. Details of secured loans:-Loans from Banks secured by exclusive charge on land, buildings and plant and machinery other than those specifically charged.Term Loan from Financial Institution is secured by assets purchasedunder the loan and are guaranteed by the Managing Director and twoDirectors of the Company.
  58. 58. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD
  59. 59. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDHierarchy of marketing department General manager Domestic Export market market Executive Executive satish maria Sales Sales SalesMarketing is a process of persuasive action which makes the buyers to buy the products and services atgiven price is called marketing.Marketing management is a process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion anddistribution of goods services and ideas to create exchanges with target groups that satisfy customers andorganizational objectives. Marketing management is a process involving analysis, planningimplementation and control that it covers goods, services and ideas that it rests on the notion of exchangeand the goal is to produce satisfaction for the parties involved.MARKETING MIX
  60. 60. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDMarketing refers to the four P’s:-  Product  Promotion  Pricing  PlacePromotionPromotion activity of the products produced by the TULSYAN NEC LTD is totally taken care by headoffice of the company which is situated at Vasanthnagar, Bangalore.Promotion of the products is looked after by the company’s marketing executives.PricingPricing is relying on the quality and quality ordered by the customers. When customer places bulk ordersfor the products and services, company will quote the low price for the orders or vice-versa. All thepricing quotation is fixed by the head office of TULSYAN NEC LTD. Only manufacturing process willbe done in the plant. The head office will receive the cost of each order placed by the customers. It willthen check the cost of the orders and then fix the price for the ordersPlacePlace refers to the space of finding the targeted customers of the produced goods and services. Mainlycompany will browse the customers via internet or through the directories, which contains informationabout the customers.MARKETING PROCESSThe marketing process followed at Tulsyan is  Analyzing market opportunities  Researching and selecting target markets and positioning the offer  Developing marketing strategy and plans  Planning marketing programs  Organizing implementing and controlling the marketing plans
  62. 62. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD PLANNING MARKETING PROGRAMS ORGANIZING IMPLEMENTING MARKETING EFFORTS CUSTOMERS PROFILEThere are nearly 51 overseas customers and few domestic customers. some of the majorcustomers are as follows:-Domestic customers  ACC CEMENT  RASHI GOLD  COROMANDEL  AMBUJA CEMENT  BIRLA SUPER  L & T CEMENT  ULTRATECH CEMENTJUMBO BAGS (FIBC)  VEDANTA (Lanjigarh)  INDIAN OIL  ENCORE
  64. 64. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD
  65. 65. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD HIERARCHY OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT HOD/HR manager Executive Executive Assistant House keeping Assistant supervisor supervisor supervisor House keeping supervisorIntroduction:Human resource is very important for the success of any organization. Human resourcemanagement is the wealth of an organization, which can help in achieving its goals. Humanresource management is concerned with the human being in an organization. It reflects a new outlook, which views organization manpower as its resource and assets.Meaning of Human resource management:-Human resource management is that process of management which develops and manages thehuman elements of enterprise. It is not only the management of skills but also the attitudes andaspiration of people. When individuals come to work place, they come with not only technicalskills, knowledge, experience, but also with personal feelings, desires, motives, attitudes, valuesetc.., So Human resource management means management of various aspects of Humanresource.
  66. 66. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDHRM is a management function that helps a manager to recruit, select, train and developmembers for an organization. It is mainly concerned with the people dimension in organization.Tulsyan company has nearly 1640 employees (including contract labours) as compared toprevious year and the industrial relations remained cordial during the year. To meet the ongoingchallenges in the market place employees are trained continuously to upgrade both theirknowledge and skills.CLASSIFICATION OF EMPLOYEES  Permanent employees  Casual employees  ApprenticeFUNCTIONS OF THE HR DEPARTMENT  Recruitment of candidates.  Selection of best suited and right persons.  Training and development of employees.  Framing of rules.  Creating a good working environment.  Motivating the employees to work up to their potentials.  Maximizing the performance of employees.  Maintenance of records.  Maintenance of industrial relations.  Employee service and benefitsMAINTENANCE OF SERVICE REGISTER PERSONAL FILESTulsyan maintains a service register of each employee maintaining all the service records and thebelow mentioned facts according to the HRD wing of the respective organization.
  67. 67. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD  Particulars of the employees.  Date of joining.  History of services.  Pay scale/ increment /advances.  Particulars of leave availed including leave encashment / maternity leave.  Particulars of record of rewards, praise, punishment or censure including suspensions  Place of position.  Name / age of family members for provide medical benefits.  Permanent residence address and present postal address.  Details of training program undergone. .HR PRACTICES OF TULSYAN NEC LTD  Provident fund and pension fund.  Gratuity.  Compensation for accidents.  Shift allowances.  Overtime allowances.  Death relief fund.  Provide loans through the banks.  Leave encashment such as all permanent employees as on the date of settlement will be given leave encashment in the form of following:-  Earned leave.  Casual leave.  Maternity leave.  Commuted or half day leave.
  68. 68. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDThe primary responsibilities of the human resource department is 1. MANPOWER PLANNINGAs an annual exercise, human resource department reviews the existing manpower plan for theyear from the entire department. On discussion and consultation with managing director, thesame shall be approved with changes if any. 2. RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONBased on the manpower plan and recruitment that follow due to resignation, termination,retirement, and transfer, concerned department heads shall give the manpower requisition alongwith job description according to which human resource department arrange for Recruitment ofpersonnel. The sourcing of manpower will be through advertisements, consultations, walk-in,and on-gate-advertisement or wanted lists on gates of the concerned departments of thecompany.
  69. 69. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD 3. INDUCTION AND PLACEMENTThe selected candidates will go through process of induction into the company’s system andprocedures. The induction and placement is given to the selected candidates by departmentalheads, 4. WAGES AND SALARY ADMINISTRATIONThe wages and salary as prescribed by the company’s rule will be disposed as follows.A. Confirmed staff : Last day of the month.B. Unconfirmed staff : Fifth day of the next month.C. Workman : Seventh day of the next month. 5. PERFORMANCE AND POTENTIAL EVALUATIONThe performance of the entire trainee will be evaluated once in three months.All other employee’s performance will be reviewed once in a year. On being found that theirperformance and potential to perform is up to the expectation of the, management, employeeswill be rewarded with normal increment, merit increment, lump sum payment and promotion.Those employees whose performance is below the management expectation will be givenconsulting in. In spite of such counseling, if the employees continue to perform belowexpectation his awards or rewards will be differed, postponed withheld depending on the degreeof his poor performance.
  70. 70. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD 6. PROMOTION, TRANSFER AND CAREER PLANNINGPromotion to higher posts to the employees is strictly and solely on merit basis and experience.Transfer is affected on need basis and career planning in envisaged. 7. DISCIPLINE AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONSThe company standing orders governs the employees and the industrial relations between themanagement and workman are cordial and harmonious. To maintain this sort relationshipbetween the employees and employer or labors and superiors,The company has conducted so many cultural programs, debate competition, issuingquestionnaire to the employees about the company’s working environment.It follows strict supervision on the workers absenteeism as well as find out the reasons for thesame and also tries to solve the problems of absenteeism. The company has maintained theabsence rate of the workers very effectively by discovering optimum solution for theabsenteeism and has decreased the rate of absence from 5% to 3%.TULSYAN Company is labor oriented and having a training and development programs atminimum level. The company has only few employees at plant who are having technical skills,and maximum number of labors having less or no technical background.EMPLOYEE WELFAREThe welfare measures at TULSYAN NEC LTD as follows. 1. Uniform: All the staff and labor members are provided with proper uniforms and shoes. The workmen are provided with two pairs of shirt and pants, two pairs of socks and a pair of leather shoes. The purpose behind this is to maintain discipline and remove the disparity with in the group of workers.
  71. 71. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD2. Canteen : In order to enable all its employees to have subsidiary food, management of TULSYAN NEC LTD has provided a canteen facility which well furnished and provides food by giving coupons to the workmen at RS 85 per week. There are separate canteens for male and female workmen.3. Soft drinks: The employees at staff level are allowed to enjoy soft drinks at wholesale price which is deducted from their salaries.4. Tea / coffee: The workmen and staff members are having the facility of getting tea and coffee at subsidized rate, served twice a day to all its employees of the organization.5. Loans to employees : All confirmed employees who have five years of completed service, will be given loan which is repayable in equal installments. Workmen also have the facility to procure the loan from company through Syndicate bank where company has most of the transactions.6. Salary advance: Employees on emergency are given salary advance which is fully deducted in the next month salary. It boosts the employee moral and builds the loyalty with the company.7. Insurance: personnel department is responsible for ensuring the property of the company towards fire policy, burglary, cash in transit and its employees towards workman’s compensation policy, group personnel accidents, insurance med claim, and fidelity insurance.8. Provident fund : As usual in all the companies provident fund in given to the employees by contributing half by the employer remaining is deducted from the salary or wages of the workmen and staff members of the company.
  72. 72. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD9. ESI Benefits: The company provides employee state insurance to the all the employees who worked more than 31 days in previous year.10. Parking avenues: The company has provided well roofed parking slots to the employees and workmen vehicles who usually come by bicycles and scooters. Shift timings of the organization:- Since it’s a production unit the company maintains 5 shifts out of them 3 are production shifts and 2 are general shifts, the following are production shift timings 7:00am-3:00pm 3:00pm-11:00pm 11:00pm-7:00am The following are the general shift timings 8:30am-5:00pm 10:00am-6:00pm
  73. 73. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD CHAPTER:4
  74. 74. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDSWOT ANALYSIS OF TULSYAN NEC LTD Strength The company has very good quality of fabric as well as quality control system. Continual improvement of their product by incorporating latest state of art technology that is printing and lamination departments. Strict compliance of quality ,timely delivery and quality management services. The company is providing better packaging solution to requirements of customers by quoting the pricing reasonably. Weakness The company has poor advertising strategies to increase their sales. The company is not ready to acquire bulk orders because of lack of investment. The utmost weakness of this company is lack of marketing, they believe that they are retaining most of their customers. Attrition rate is more. Opportunities New business alliance with clients abroad. It has the potential to diversify in to various related business like sugar bags, cement bags etc. The company easily combat with their domestic competitors because of their quality assurance and quality service. Flexibility in usage of product makes the company more attractive. Threats The entry of multi-national automation companies will have a greater impact on the growth of the company. Frequent power failure in the work place. Changes in government policies
  75. 75. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD CHAPTER:5
  76. 76. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD In Tulsyan nec ltd Finance and Marketing decisions are taken by the head office located @Bangalore. It has been providing employment opportunity not only for technical people and also also for non-technical people with minimum education qualification. It is providing good quality products and services to the society as well as to customers. It has well equipped plant to meet variation in the demand for instance TULSYAN NEC LTD has VI extruders to make the raw materials conversion. It has provided well furnished canteen facilities to all his workers. It has well supported co-ordinate employees to meet objectives and goals of the company also maintain industrial peace. It was founded that there are more number of unskilled labourers in the company. Training programmes for every new joiner is given. Online training (it is regularly given when there is change in orders, complaints and so on.) Skilled employees are sent outside the organization for seminars. Training is given to employees as per the international quality standard. The company having good relationship with vendors of raw material and clients There is a lack of management application by the management employees. The company utilization of resources in a systematic way. Store department undertakes both storage of goods and purchases. The employees of the company are helpful and co-operative. Company using safety security policy. The company maintaining good environmental and quality standards with awards for recognition.
  77. 77. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDCompanies overall analysis  Industry structure and developments:- The companies products are TMT bars ,sponge billets and ingots in the steel division and in synthetic division it is PP woven sacks, FIBC and woven fabrics. TMT bars are used in the construction sector and the plastic products cater to the packaging industries such as cement, fertilizers, food grains, sugar bag etc. PP granules is used for manufacturing of plastic packaging products. This raw material is available in abundance within the country and can be freely imported. Being in the commodity market the company is continuously making efforts for reducing the cost of production to sustain its margins.  Quality:- The company continues to strive to be an quality manufacturer in both steel and plastic division. Both the divisions are covered under ISO certificate from government agencies for their products. Currently the company is looking towards covering their quality under various international market standards namely Srilanka, UK, and middle east. The company is getting rebars certificate from CMR Beligum. The company has Microsoft ERP solution which will further add quality system. Risks &Concern:- Both the economy and industry are on growth trajectory increasing prices and availability of key input and raw material , delay in infrastructure development , availability of skilled manpower vitality in the global economy are the some of the major risks& concern. All these have an impact on operations of the company. The company is conscious of the risk involved and has put in place a mechanism for minimizing and mitigation.  Internal control system &their adequacy:- The company has proper and adequate system of internal controls commensurate with its size and nature of operations to provide reasonable assurance that’s all the assets are safeguarded , transactions are authorized , recorded properly and applicable statutes the code of conduct and corporate policies are duly complied with.  Future Outlook:- With various infrastructure facilities coming both in private & public sectors including nuclear power and water across the country. The management has huge demand for its products especially steel .The main raw material for the companies steel making is scrap/sponge iron and power.
  78. 78. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD Chapter6
  79. 79. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTDCONCLUSIONS:My stay at TULSYAN NEC LTD was indeed very beneficial to me as it was more of learningthan just working. I got very good co-operation from all the employees at TULSYAN NEC LTDCompany during my organizational study.The project study was successful in identifying the process and sub process existing in theorganization under study with reference to their inter functional implication and dependencies.The project study has also brought into light the working methodology of some key functions offinance, marketing, HRM. The organizational completeness is visible through the study. Thisstudy as ascertained that the organization is functioning successfully because of micro and macrolevel of management principles in practice. This study is also successful growing at with variousmanagement techniques that are visible in the organization under study by which new principlescan be derived for continuous improvements, survival and growth to achieve the desired level ofexcellence in the competitive scenario of industrial management.The high performance of Tulsyan NEC Limited is the effort of the management and the workerin the organization for its high growth and increased sales and with effective operationsmanagement.Every organization makes sure that its employees are satisfied and are happy working in theorganization. Every working person expects some benefits from its organization apart from thebasic salary paid to him for his work. An employee tends to be more satisfied from the additionalbenefits that he obtains from the organization. Tulsyan NEC Limited is one of thoseorganizations who provides excellent benefits to its employees and makes sure that its employeesare satisfied and contended working in the organization.
  80. 80. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD CHAPTER:7
  81. 81. An Organization study at TULSYAN NEC LTD Balance Sheet Mar 11 Mar 10 Mar 09 12mths 12 mths 12 mthsTotal Share Capital 5.00 5.00 5.00Equity Share Capital 5.00 5.00 5.00Share Application Money 0.00 0.00 0.00Preference Share Capital 0.00 0.00 0.00Reserves 65.50 57.16 49.78Revaluation Reserves 0.00 0.17 0.20Networth 70.50 62.33 54.98Secured Loans 243.15 203.08 162.24Unsecured Loans 24.60 20.70 12.98Total Debt 267.75 223.78 175.22Total Liabilities 338.25 286.11 230.20 Mar 11 Mar 10 Mar 09 12mths 12 mths 12 mthsGross Block 163.21 156.74 140.33Less: Accum. Depreciation 57.87 49.79 42.17Net Block 105.34 106.95 98.16Capital Work in Progress 41.14 0.15 4.83Investments 8.79 7.74 1.12Inventories 126.94 97.47 64.36Sundry Debtors 135.47 136.87 78.64Cash and Bank Balance 20.60 0.39 0.33Total Current Assets 283.01 234.73 143.33Loans and Advances 90.39 63.22 75.56Fixed Deposits 0.00 18.34 13.74Total CA, Loans & Advances 373.40 316.29 232.63Deffered Credit 0.00 0.00 0.00Current Liabilities 169.24 125.77 91.00Net Current Assets 182.56 171.26 126.09Total Assets 338.25 286.10 230.20