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  1. 1. BugzillaCSC301 - Introduction to Software Engineering Made By: Gerald Murray Komal Gandhi
  2. 2. What is Bugzilla?Bugzilla is a “defect tracking system” that allows individuals orgroups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in theirproduct effectively.It was developed using free open source tools and is itself free.Despite being free, Bugzilla has many features its expensivecounterparts lack.Currently in use by Mozilla, Gnome, Open Office, Apache,Eclipse, Red Hat, Nasa, AMD and many more! Gerald Murray
  3. 3. History of BugzillaWhen Mozilla first came online in 1998, one of the first productsthat was released was Bugzilla, an open source bug systemimplemented using freely available open source tools.Bugzilla was originally for use at Mozilla to replace the in-house system then in use at Netscape.Before Mozilla released it as open source, they decided to portBugzilla to Perl, with the hopes that more people would be ableto contribute to it, since Perl seemed to be a more popularlanguage. Bugzilla 2.0 was the result of that port to Perl, andthe first version released to the public via anonymous CVS.Since then a large number of projects, both commercial andfree have adapted it as their primary method of trackingsoftware defects. Gerald Murray
  4. 4. What does Bugzilla do?Track bugs and code changes.Communication with teammates.Submit and review patches.Manage quality assurance.“Bugzilla can help you get a handle on the softwaredevelopment process. Successful projects often are the resultof successful organization and communication. Bugzilla is apowerful tool that will help your team get organized andcommunicate effectively.” Gerald Murray
  5. 5. FeaturesAdvanced Search Capabilities- New users can use a simple Google-like search for bugswhile more advanced users can filter searched for very specificqueries.Email Notifications- Users can choose to be notified by email about any changesmade to any bugs in bugzilla.File/Modify Bugs By Email- Users can send Bugzilla an email that will create a new bug,or will modify an existing bug.Time Tracking- Users can display the time they think they will need to fix abug, time spent on a bug, and deadline to fix the bug. Gerald Murray
  6. 6. Features (continued)Strong Security- Bugzilla runs under Perls "taint" mode to prevent SQLInjection, and has a very careful system in place to preventCross-Site Scripting.Customization- Everything in Bugzilla is done using templates, from emails tothe user interface. These templates are written in HTML, CSS,and Java Script so they are easy to edit.Localization- Depending on the browser and language a user is connectingto Bugzilla from, they will be served in their language. This isgreat for global open source projects. Gerald Murray
  7. 7. An Example Bug Page Gerald Murray
  8. 8. A Bugs Life Gerald Murray
  9. 9. Additional InformationBugzilla official site : http://www.bugzilla.org/Mozillas Bugzilla : https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/Bugzilla Wiki: http://wiki.mozilla.org/BugzillaDocumentation: http://www.bugzilla.org/docs/ Gerald Murray
  10. 10. Thank You