Divan.TV - operator as an App


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Made in June 2014 by Andrey Kolodyuk

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Divan.TV - operator as an App

  1. 1. Operator as an App June 2014
  2. 2. TV Everywhere rollout: LIVE TV + VOD + CatchUp on any screen in every country. Smart TV Tablets Smartphone PC And even there
  3. 3. Divan.TV provides 200 Live TV channels & VOD-content for 300M Russian and Ukrainian speaking audience Worldwide. Company started at 2009 Divan.TV has developed proprietary OTT-middleware solution Divan.TV finished TV Everywhere rollout Registered 500K users for 1.5 years October 2012 -- commercial launch on Smart TV and access to the Ukrainian market December 2013 -- market entry in 200 countries ARPU -- 7$ is over 15% and growing monthly We compete with Pay TV providers and pirates
  4. 4. 1 selling partner 25 ISP with other partners selling DIVAN.TV bundled with Internet access service Between friends all is common… Especially – users 
  5. 5. Exclusive Global Selling Partners Divan.TV will be the first Russian language service on Google, coming in July Divan.TV is exclusively available Russian and Ukrainian service at all Viaway.com devices worldwide DIVAN.TV is exclusive Russian language service partner with
  6. 6. From competition to partnership Live TV More 200 TV-channels for now Except own VOD-library Divan.TV has integrated many more VOD-services are coming soon
  7. 7. How users watch: experience of Divan.TV 80% Smart TV
  8. 8. From OTT-technology to OTT-service OTT-technology itself doesn’t solve main users problems, such as interactive engagement. Divan.TV implemented interactive features for users, like: • Live TV, create personal profile on previous behavior • VOD based on personal profile and recommendations received by friends and other users; • Parental control: users are secured with full parental control over all content available on Divan.TV • Recommending TV-shows and movies to friends • voting • Commenting and chatting TV-shows, movies, sports, etc.; Pending: • Sharing of recording • Sending VoD movies as a gift between friends All these interactive opportunities in one service with Live broadcast ability
  9. 9. Innovation of Divan.TV: TV-Wall vs EPG Personal TV-wall based on your preferences and link to your FB and twitter wall 1) to much content: TV- channels and VOD 2) lack of time EPG doesn’t solve the main users problems:
  10. 10. All Divan.TV users can • See match predictions • Team rating • Do real time betting
  11. 11. Key challenges for operator as an App  What are the main killer app/ feature for OTT service?  How to promote new OTT services that engage customers?  How to compete with OTT prepaid service VS post pay cable subscription?  How to deal with TV & Internet bundle service. Compete or cooperate?  Is generations ‘not TV watchers’ are lost for pay TV industry?  How to compete with pirates?  And freemium AD supported OTT services
  12. 12. Stay in touch Andrey Kolodyuk Founder and CEO, Divan.TV ak@divan.tv a.kolodyuk.info aventurescapital.com ua.linkedin.com/in/andkol © Forbes