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Hristo Kolev "My Leadership Style"


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Hristo Kolev "My Leadership Style"

  1. 1. My Leadership Style Hristo Borislavov Kolev
  2. 2. I realized that there is no magicformula…it’s not the Coca-Cola case
  3. 3. …so I tried some of the quizzes…
  4. 4. … crap, I have toread the chapter…
  5. 5. Transformational Leadership adapted to my authenticity… …because I believe in people!People… have values Are social and family responsible Are moral devoted with what they are doing
  6. 6. Transformational Leadership adapted to my authenticity…what is that? I enjoy team work Prefer to set clear personal goals&responsabilities Fluent communication Feedback upside-down and vice versa Final result is responsibility of all the team Conversion of self interest and project interest on the long run HR and Communication are core fuctions/departments
  7. 7. …long run vision is the key…If you manage… that your team recognize you as a leader accept this long run interests conversion Credibility to change your style on the short run…  Task-Oriented  Autocratic
  8. 8. Sports and specifically football are a social phenomenon followed by millions big influence structuring and configuring the life of society over the worldFC Barcelona…
  9. 9. Guardiola actually he has more power that the actual president Sandro Rosell Knowledge He is an example of devotion Credibility Respect/Humidity/Humanity Carrier of all team’s values (he is Catalan, in the club from the age of 10) He never expects from people to do what they are not able of Authority Constant learning and improving Players must be carriers of the organizational values. 80% of Barcelona players are from the clubs youth team
  10. 10. “I can’t promise you titles not this year or next, I didn’t promise younothing one year ago as well, but what I do promise you iscompromise, devotion and effort. We will do things, andplay, consequently to our values - dominant and totalfootball, controlling the possession of the ball all the time. We don’tcare how is playing the rival, we do not have strategies to invalid theirplay, because if we posses the ball we are unstoppable. This is notmy obsession, it’s our long run strategy, that started 30 years ago withJohan Cruyff as a player”.
  11. 11. Josep Guardiola: 13/16