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Tingkatkan Keuntungan Investasi dengan RoboLending dari KoinWorks

RoboLending merupakan salah satu fitur teranyar yang dimiliki oleh KoinWorks. Dengan menggunakan fitur ini, Anda bisa memaksimalkan keuntungan investasi sehingga tujuan keuangan Anda di masa depat dapat tercapai.

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Tingkatkan Keuntungan Investasi dengan RoboLending dari KoinWorks

  1. 1. Robo Advisory - Automated Investment with Fixed Term Registered and supervised by:
  2. 2. Unconventional asset such as stocks, bonds and cash. Alternative investments usually have their own nature such as private equity, Online Lending, real estate, commodities and derivatives contracts. What are alternative investment? Asset Diversification Why should we put in alternative investment? Higher Yield
  3. 3. Complex nature, need more education, & has specific play style Some are riskier product What are the cons in alternative investment? Diversify How to counter cons in alternative investment? Trial & Error
  4. 4. Financial Technology company that aim to connect investors with the right borrowers to achieve better yield Registered and Regulated by Financial Authority Services (OJK) P2P Lending scheme has proven in several country such as US, China, England, India, Singapore, etc to serve as Alternative Investment Instrument What is KoinWorks?
  5. 5. Without taking Interest margin, each parties can get more benefits, Lower interest rates for Borrower, Higher yield for Lenders P2P Lending Scheme Bank Model: Fee + Interest Margin Bank as Intermediary = Lenders Borrowers Peer Lending Model: = Lenders Borrowers Fee
  6. 6. Team Benedicto Haryono (CEO & Co-Founder) Willy Arifin (Chairman & Co-Founder) Bernard Arifin (COO) Willy Wirawan (CTO) Jim Geovedi (IT Security, Machine Learning) Rika Saskia (Credit Policies) Khairil Anwar (Financial Literacy & Regulator Framework) Jonathan Bryan (CMO) Ivan Lutfi (Fraud & Operations) Rifan Kurnia (Data Scientist)
  7. 7. 2 Play style of KoinWorks Robo Assisted • Fixed Tenor • Lower Yield • 1 Time Purchase Manual Purchase • Flexible Tenor • Flexible Yield • Frequent Purchase
  8. 8. Automated and Predicted Yield RoboLending Scheme RoboLending Borrower A Borrower B Borrower C Borrower D Borrower E Borrower F Investor
  9. 9. Meet RoboLending Product details Automated investment through P2P Lending platform KoinWorks Tenor 3, 6, 12 Months locked Yield 9 – 14% p.a NETT Fee None
  10. 10. Category Deposit Stocks P2P Lending RoboLending Starting Funds High Medium Low Low Complexity Low High Medium Low Yield Low High High Medium Safety High Low Medium High Tenor Medium High Low Low Flexibility Low High Medium Medium Investment Comparison
  11. 11. Start small of your portfolios then grow in confidence Use technology in alternative investment to help reduce complexity RoboLending helps you to master P2P Lending in minutes! Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket
  12. 12. RoboLending Cashback Amount NETT Return Additional Cashback Amount 6 months (12%) 12 months (14%) 10,000,000 10,600,000 11,400,000 - 25,000,000 26,500,000 28,500,000 250,000 50,000,000 53,000,000 57,000,000 500,000 75,000,000 79,500,000 85,500,000 750,000 100,000,000 106,000,000 114,000,000 1,000,000 *Contact our Representative for more details