Kognitio overview jan 2013


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Kognitio overview jan 2013

  1. 1. Kognitio Analytical Platform Company Update December 2012
  2. 2. Kognitio Kognitio is focused on providing the premier high- performance analytical platform to power business insight around the world. •Privately held •Dev Labs in the UK  •Leadership  in US •~100 employees Core product: •MPP in‐memory  analytical platform •Built from the  ground‐up to satisfy  large and complex  analytics on big data  sets
  3. 3. WW Client Growth *Some clients NDA
  4. 4. Brand Streamlining – New Kognitio Product Hierarchy Console Kognitio v8 Software MDX Connector Admin Tools Analytical Processing Cube Designer Accelerator for Hadoop Excel Add-in Accelerator for … Analytical Appliance
  5. 5. Flexibility Engrained to our Business Model Public Cloud (SaaS) Private Cloud Software Appliance Partnerships Low costs, no CapEx Pre-built and configured Industry-standard x86 Commodity hardware ISVs: requirement, immediate Highest security for Linux servers per client preference specialized/industry provisioning sensititive data sets Rapid deployment and Bespoke formula of solutions Incur charged per hour Hosted in Tier-3 data implementation RAM data memory, Services: on demand (CPU core/ centers via specialized Typical license- server cores and disk implementation and hour) hosting providers maintenance contract specifications delivery Provided by Kognitio, ~ 48 hour provisioning for customers Profit = software Distributors: expanded hosted by Amazon Web Massively scalable license + hardware market coverage Services (AWS) margins - Flexible delivery model to meet client requirements - Partnership channel builds ecosystem and expands reach - Revenue model: - One-time charge: volume-based software licenses - Recurring revenue: maintenance and support
  6. 6. Analytical Platform Reference Architecture
  7. 7. In-memory Analytical Platform“pull very large amounts of data from existing data storage(persistence) systems into high speed computer memory” – can be existing traditional disk based data warehouse products, operational systems, Kognitio’s own disk subsystem or increasingly distributed parallel file systems such as Hadoop or cloud storage• Scale the power as required• Adaptable capacity – Scale up / down as when needed within server farm• Utilize local disk for near-line store of regularly used reference data or result sets
  8. 8. What is an “In-memory” Analytical Platform?• A database where all of the data of interest or specific portions of the data have been permanently pre-loaded into a computers random access memory (RAM).• Not a large cache – Data is held in structures that take advantage of the properties of RAM – NOT copies of frequently used disk blocks – The databases query optimiser knows at all times exactly which data is in memory and which is not
  9. 9. Speed & Scale from “True MPP”• Memory & CPU on an individual server = NOWHERE near enough for big data – Moore’s Law – The power of a processor doubles every two years – Data volumes – Double every year!!• The only way to keep up is to parallelise or scale-out • Combine the RAM of many individual servers Many • • many CPU cores spread across many CPUs, housed in • many individual computers (1 to 1000+) – Data is split across all the CPU cores – All database operations are parallelised with no points of serialisation – This is true MPP • Every CPU core in Every • Every server needs to efficiently involved in • Every query
  10. 10. V8 Enables the Analytical Platform ReferenceArchitecture External Functions Not Only SQL External TablesKognitio Storageas an External table Hadoop Connector Other Connectors
  11. 11. Not Only SQL: any language in-lineKognitio External Scripts – Run third party binaries or scripts embedded within SQL • Perl, Python, Java, R, SAS, etc. • One-to-many rows in, zero-to-many rows out, one to onecreate interpreter perlinterp command /usr/bin/perl sends csv receives csv ;select top 1000 words, count(*) This reads long comments from (external script using environment perlinterp text from customer enquiry receives (txt varchar(32000)) sends (words varchar(100)) table, in line perl converts script Sendofperl( long text into output while(<>) { stream of words (one word chomp(); per row), query selects top s/[,.!_]//g; foreach $c (split(/ /)) 1000 words by frequency { if($c =~ /^[a-zA-Z]+$/) { print "$cn”} } using standard SQL } )endofperl aggregation from (select comments from customer_enquiry))dtgroup by 1order by 2 desc;
  12. 12. Kognitio Hadoop ConnectorsHDFS Connector• Connector defines access to hdfs file system• External table accesses row-based data in hdfs• Dynamic access or “pin” data into memory• Complete hdfs file is loaded into memoryFilter Agent Connector• Connector uploads agent to Hadoop nodes• Query passes selections and relevant predicates to agent• Data filtering and projection takes place locally on each Hadoop node• Only data of interest in loaded into memory via parallel load streams
  13. 13. Innovative client solutions TiVo Research & Analytics 40 TBs of RAM that perform complex media analytics,  cross‐correlating data from over 22 sources with set‐top box data to allow  Software advertisers, networks and agencies  to analyze the ROI of creative campaigns  while they are still in flight, enabling self‐service reporting for business users The VivaKi Nerve Center provides social media and other analytics for  campaign  Public  monitoring and near real‐time advertising effectiveness.  This enables agencies in the  Cloud Publicis Global Network to provide deep‐dive analytics into TBs of data in seconds AIMIA provides self‐service customer loyalty analysis on over 24 billion transactions  that are live in‐memory full volumes of POS data.  Retailers, Customer Packaged Goods  Appliance companies and other service providers, provide merchandise managers with  “train‐of‐ thought” analysis to better target customers. Orbitz leverages Kognitio Cloud to take large volumes of complex data, ingested in real  Private  time from web channels, demographic and psychographic data, customer segmentation  Cloud and modeling scores and turn it into actionable intelligence, allowing them to think of new  ways of offering the right products and services to its current and prospective client base. PlaceIQ provdes actionable hyper‐local Mobile BI location intelligence.  They  leverage Kognitio to extracts intelligence from large amounts of place, social and  Public  mobile location‐based data to create hyper‐local, targetable audience profiles,  Cloud giving advertisers the power to connect with consumers at the right place, at the  right time, with the right message. 
  14. 14. Analytics on tens of billions of events intens of seconds with NO DBA Context for media analytics:  • In‐memory analytical database for Big Data • Correlate everything to everything • MPP + Linear Scalability • Predictable and ultra‐fast performanceChallenges • > 22 data sources– Expanding volumes of data • Commodity servers/equipment– Few opportunities for  summarization (demographics,  • Market‐available IT skills purchaser targets, etc.) • No solution re‐engineering– Data too large/complex for  traditional database systems– Need for simple administrationSolution Benefits Mars, Inc.: – Reports allow advertisers, networks and agencies  to analyze the  “By using TRA to improve media plans, creative and  relative strengths and weaknesses of different creative  flighting, Mars has achieved a portfolio increase in ROI  executions, and how such variables as program environment,  versus a year ago of 25% in one category and 35% in a  time slots, and pod position impact their ROI second category.”– Enables self‐service reporting for business users
  15. 15. Thank You! connect contact Michael Hiskey kognitio.com Vice President, Marketing & Business Development kognitio.tel michael.hiskey@kognitio.com +1.917.375.8196 kognitio.com/blog Paul Groom VP, Business Intelligence Paul.groom@kognitio.com twitter.com/kognitio John Coppins linkedin.com/companies/kognitio SVP, Kognitio Cloud john/.coppins@kognitio.com tinyurl.com/kognitio Steve Friedberg MMI Communications youtube.com/kognitio steve@mmicommunications.com